Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ankle Jeans

Ankle Jeans are such a bad trend for Winter...


... I mean who wants to be cold around their ankles? Well, I do not but still I found this pair of high waist ankle jeans second hand and wanted to wear it the day I got it in the mail. Which was yesterday. Unfortunatly yesterday it was like -2 C and I did not feel like walking around with bare ankles.Long story short; I just wore some tights underneath and I was super warm and comfy :)

I combined the new in second hand jeans with my striped tee from Lands End - it has these pretty embroideries along the neckline which makes it somehow special. I wore my really really old (like 2008 or so...) coat on top and my no-day-and-no-blogpost-without-these black boots. 

By now you may have noticed that the background of my outfit pictures looks the same every week since more than a month... well, we TRY to find the time to go to other places and there is a whole list of cool places where we wanna shoot my looks. But well, we seriously do not find the time! More on that further below... 

How do you like this look?

So why is my Monday post up on Tuesday? Because Monday was too busy. So here is the thing, my husband and I worked the last couple of month on building our own company. A huge step was made yesterday and we worked towards this milestone for the past ten days. We worked over the weekend, we worked the entire last week and we worked yesterday until 9pm. And now things calm down again and I am ready to prepare some blog posts for the coming weeks, to think about outfits and topics, and to clean the apartment ;)  

By the way, thanks a lot for your comments on my last post! It actually seems like it was my most visited post ever (like in the short time) so I guess I gonna make these kind of posts every now and then :) 

For now, much love to all of you wonderful people! You are precious! Never forget that :) 


  1. Love your outfit! Those jeans are amazing!!


  2. My ankles are the first part of my bother that gets really cold during the winter and may be because they are so skinny , i really like your high waist ankle jeans here , Lovely pictures and you look great.


  3. Super chic and casual styling! <3

    / Alix N @ www.acommonobsession.com

  4. Your post was worth reading, Amazing pictures. Keep up the good work.
    Kanwalikram's Blog

  5. Cool jeans! http://www.bauchlefashion.com

  6. Ohh that's so exciting about you and your husband's company! I don't mind ankle jeans too much in the summer but in the winter, man are they chilly! And for some reason I am having such a hard time finding any jeans that go down past my ankle.

  7. You look so fabulous! Love these jeans paired with the booties!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  8. Ohn, you are always so nice :D Thanks :D

    You look superb. I really love this kind of minimal looks :D

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    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  9. Oh, you rock that jeans! It looks really good on you. Nice look! :-)


  10. The jeans look really good on, they fit really well! I love ankle grazer jeans as well, but definitely not great for the winter!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  11. Love the black coat and your boots. very stylish outfit. xoxo


  12. Love the black coat and your boots. very stylish outfit. xoxo


  13. So true! I wanted to wear converse yesterday but knew my ankles would be too cold!

    Laura x

  14. Great idea to put tights underneath. You know I love stripes too. So cute! Congrats on your big step towards the business.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  15. Wow, so great to hear you are building a family company, congtratulations!Keep my fingers croosed for your success:) And of course I love the look, cos I adore jeans in general, you look great! I havent heard about that ankle jeans trend though, but I'm not a big fashion follower:P Guess what, I've got my wedding dress already and I really look great in it! What a relief, it's beautiful:) This week we also went shopping for my fiancee's wedding look, we bought everything: shoes, shirt, tie and a suit:) Have w wonderful week, hugs:)))

  16. You look adorable doll, I really like the rolled up denim. Also congrats so exciting!! :D All the best!


  17. Ein wirklich cooler und lässiger Look!
    Allerdings: ich bin eine Frostbeule. Daher bin ich im Winter eher immer auf der wärmeren Seite mit meinen Klamotten und nicht ganz so schick unterwegs... ;)

    Leider übernimmt das Scannen keiner für mich. Die haben alle schon erkannt wie langweilig das ist. Da muss ich selbst durch...
    Keine Ahnung woran das mit meinen Haaren liegt! Ich beschwere mich sicherlich nicht, immerhin hab ich recht feine Haare. Aber ich hoffe die neuen Haare bleiben mir erhalten! Bei Schwangeren wachsen die Haare ja oftmals auch wie verrückt, fallen nur leider danach wieder aus... das wäre gemein. ;)
    Geht mir genauso. Mit Instagram kann ich auch viel zu viel Zeit verbringen... obwohl ich sonst gar nicht so viel am Handy hänge, aber Instagram ist eine Sucht....
    Snapchat finde ich schon sehr lustig, aber es kommt immer darauf an. Zum Beispiel nervt es mich total, dass grad große Blogger nur noch Päckchen auspacken. Da merkt man auch schon richtig, dass die ersten Sponsoren total auf Snapchat abfahren. Gibt wenige wirklich lustige Accounts. Aber man kann da schon kreativ und witzig alltägliches festhalten und erzählen.
    Meine Oma will sicherlich auch ein bisschen ihre Enkelinnen stalken. Die folgt sowohl mir als auch meiner Schwester und den beiden Cousinen. ;)

  18. Love the long coat + stripes!!
    XO Christine

  19. Sehr toller Look, die Jeans steht dir wunderbar!

    Liebe Grüße
    Jimena von littlethingcalledlove.de

  20. I wear tights under jeans too when it's cold!!! Love the stripes and the pictures are great!!

  21. Das mit der Strumpfhose drunter ist ne super Idee! Hab nämlich auch eine 7/8 und kann die gerade nicht anziehen...


  22. Super cute and comfy look. Have a great weekend! xx

  23. They look good but yeah too cold... :/

  24. And as always you look ridiculously amazing! The area looks so beautiful and one can see how happy you must have been! Gorgeous photos, the colors and textures are so dreamy ! I fell in love how you combined perfectly all these pieces . Waiting for your next post <3


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