Saturday, April 26, 2014

Off on Holiday...

Sweet readers and followers and friends,

in the next three weeks I will be mostly absent. I will try to post one or two posts to keep you updated on where I am and how things are going, but I will be pretty busy enjoying my vacation most of the time ;)

Right now, I am again on a seminar where I learn how to manage projects for a good cause professionally and right after the seminar`s end, I will take a flight to the other side of the ocean... so thats tomorrow. I am super exited!

This picture was taken this morning here where I have the seminar. Its a really beautiful region and I enjoyed a early morning walk today. 

Please don`t forget me in the meantime! I am looking forward to post a lot of posts from my three weeks vacation and to look through your blogs and all the posts I missed.

Have a wonderful time!
Lots of love to all of you!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Easter Weekend

How was your Easter Weekend?

Mine was full of sunshine, beautiful moments with family and friends and some nice Easter surprises...

My fiances parents made us search our Easter presents in the garden - like we did when we were little. It was a lot of fun! 

In my opinion there are two important things to do on Easter Sunday in Germany. The first one is to have a huge breakfast with some Easter decoration on the table :) 
The second one is the traditional Easter-walk. You see soooo many families being out for walks at the beach or in the woods on Easter Sunday. We did of course also go for a long and beautiful walk :) 

So how was your Easter weekend? I hope you enjoyed as much as I did :)
By the way, on my instagram feed you will find some pictures of the beautiful small town where part of my family is living! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Red Shorts at the Lake

Today I want to show you my new sunglasses and my red shorts at the lake...

... I got the sunglasses from firmoo and they are actually my first pair of prescription sunglasses. Earlier, I used to wear contact lenses and normal sunglasses but now that I got used to wear glasses, I also wanted a pair of prescription sunglasses. 

The pictures were taken last weekend we J. and I went for a cycling tour to a nearby lake. That day it was super windy and a little cold (I think you can tell from looking at the pictures).

How do you like my new firmoo sunglasses? I am quite happy with them. The  bow above the nose (how do you call that?) is not fitting perfectly, so I was afraid that I may be uncomfortable after a while, but for the few hours I wore the glasses so far, I did not have any problems.

I chose them because I like the fact that the frame is really slim and like that I will not have a sort of white stripe in my face when getting a tan with my glasses on. You know this "white stripe" problem :)???


Monday, April 14, 2014

Vegan Brunch #2

Here comes the promised post about our vegan brunch from last Saturday...

We made three breads, three cakes, a bunch of sandwich spreads, a soup, different styled oatmeal and we had some fruits and different juices and tea and coffee. 

I will not share all the recipes as its a little too much, but at least the ones from the sandwich spreads (they are also easiest to copy)... 
if there are other recipes you would like to know more about, just feel free to ask :) 

We  had thee breads, one made with spelt and onions inside, one with hazelnuts and hazelnut-flour (if you can call the leftover from making nut-milk for flour... I think you can ;)) and one made out of a sourdough with different kernels.

Concerning the sandwich spreads, I made two different pestos. I made a wild garlic pesto with cashnew nuts, a little bit of lemon juice, olive oil and salt (we actually have A LOT of wild garlic around here and I love making pesto out of it). 

The second pesto was a basil pesto and I made it the same way as the wild garlic pesto. You really jsut need to mix together the ingredients (greens, nuts, oil, salt and lemon juice) until you like the consistency. Its the easiest thing to do when you have shredding machine... :)

The second sandwich spread I want to share with you is one made out of potatoe, carots and onion. You have to boil the potatoes and carrots until they are really soft, OR you shred the potatoes and carotts into really small pieces and you fry them until they are really soft. This is how I did it cause I like the taste better, when the things are fried instead of boiled. Also fry the onion and then mix everything together until to have a nice consistency. I added different green herbs (basil, majoram, thyme etc. etc.) and sweet pepper powder, pepper and salt and some nutmeg to it. 

The next two are made out of rice cakes. You know those dry boring rice cakes that taste like nothing (I think...)? You just crush them until there are no longer cakes but milions of small pieces. Then you add some hot veggie broth and let it soak for some ten minutes. You can then add whatever you like - I made one with onions, tomatoe-paste, caraway and nutmeg and the other one with a bunch of green herbs, a little bit of tomatoe paste and some fresh basil.

Since the shredded ricewaffles are soaking up the taste of the herbs and spices, the sandwich spread tastes best when letting it soak for around a day. 

My favorite one is this simple, super easy tomatoe butter. 
I just love tomatoe butter! You just need vegan butter, tomatoe paste and garlic and then the herbs and spices you like. I usually use majoram, thym, basil, sweet pepper, hot pepper, black pepper and salt. 
Just mix it all together and enjoy ;) 

Somehow I didnt manange to take pictures of the soup or the oatmeal, cause they were in the kitchen whereas everything else was in the living room. I made a really yummy veggie soup with chickpeas, leeks, carrot, onion and potatoes. 

For the oatmeals I made one with apples, cinnamon and millet and one simple with only oats and some cinnamon. I also had dried fruit to add to the oatmeals. Since it was in the kitchen too, I didn't manage to make pictures of it.

Then we also had cakes... 

my favorite chocolate cake which I make at least once a month!

A super yummy banana bread with hazelnut flour and three ultra ripe bananas.

And a carott cake with cinnamon and lots of shredded carrots inside :) 

Finally, we also had homemade almond and hazelnut milk :)

So, I hope you liked this little overview of my last vegan brunch :)
We actually enjoyed it once again so much that we decided to make this a regular event... can't wait for the next one :)

Have an awesome start in the week lovely reader and follower!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Pants

Happy Friday!

Have a good start into your weekend with some flowery pants here and hopefully some sunshine, whereever you are :)

I am having a vegan brunch at my place tomorrow and can't wait to show you all the sandwich spreads, breads and cakes that I am preparing for the brunch! So be ready for the next post which will be full of recipes :)

For today, here is one of my recent Spring outfits (btw, I dont know why I am so crazy about this filter, recently...)

Enjoy your weekend lovely readers and followers!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Market Day (Jewellery from FRNCK)

Hello beautiful people!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and had a sunny good start in the new week!? 

I had a good start in the new week but I could use a second weekend, actually. I was selling jewellery on a market this weekend so there was not really any time to relax and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather. A friend of mine is a jewellery designer and she came to my city to sell her jewellery...

I am wearing her jewellery on the picture here... I have a necklace and a pair of earrings which she gave me for my birthday last year. I wore the necklace in this post ...

It was fun selling her jewellery on the market, even though it was pretty exhausting too. I am very happy that things go so well for my friend and her jewellery and I highly recommend you to have a look at her website:

Go ahead and check out her website: 

or the etsy shop: 

and support my friend and her beautiful jewellery :)

Lots of love to you out there!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Early Morning Walk

Good morning!

These pictures are from last weekend, where I've been on a workshop in the Rheinland-area. Its an aera of Germany I actually did not know before and I really loved it around there. Before the workshop began in the morning, I went for a really nice walk in the beautiful nature around the hotel where we were staying...

I hope you enjoyed these early morning impressions :)

I am somehow badly busy these days - after the weekend workshop (which was awesome!) I took a flight to Paris for small business trip and came home last night. The business trip was really nice too - after work we went to Versailles and enjoyed the beauty of this small town. I post a few instagrams from the trip so if you are following me on instagram, you can get an impression of the town of Versailles :)

For now, I am wishing you a wonderful day and loooooots of sunshine and spring flowers :)