Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Week in Denmark

Today I want to share some pictures from Denmark with you...

... I spent last week on the island Langeland and had a wonderful relaxing time there. We went for loads of walks and I enjoyed the nature so much.
It was a very relaxing and a very peaceful vacation which I enjoyed a lot. The island of Langeland is a very quiet place. There are not many people, not many cars, not much noise and not much stress. It is the perfect place to calm down, to forget about all the sad things happening on this planet and to just enjoy family and nature. I will not write a lot but rather just show you a few pictures and let you make you own conclusions :)

These first few pictures are from Tranekär on Langeland

These ones are from when we went for a walk in the woods of Langeland... it was on one of the few sunny days we had during our stay :)

We also spent a lot of time at the beach and went for walks around there. The weather was cold but I enjoyed it anyway, put some cozy clothes on and loved to feel the cold wind on my face :) 

One day we went to the most northern point of Langeland, the small town of Lohals...we walked around the harbor, the beach and the woods in the area :)

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. My next small vacation is already booked and I cannot wait to go there... the landscape will be very different from the one on Langeland in Denmark, yet also very beautiful. I will let you know more in early June ;)

So far, have a great weekend ahead and a lovely time with whatever you are up to!
Sending much love!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Light Pink and Baby Blue

Since I am all light pink and baby blue today...

... I decided that at least the background for the pictures should be somehow rough... I do not want to look like a candy, you know ;)!? 

So about my look today. I changed my closet back from Winter items to Summer items and found these chino pants! Of course I had to put them on right away. I wore them on the blog last Summer here with a white top, so I wanted to wear them with another color this time. I thought baby blue would look cute. When I put on the baby blue shirt (from Hess Natur, an old one from my mother actually) and looked in the mirror, I saw some kind of candy with hair and glasses... so I decided to put the chunky cardigan from Free People on top to get some edge to the outfit. 

When we went out for a walk to enjoy this beautiful day today (and to take some pictures for my blog) I decided to go to the tram-graveyard for pictures. The background colors may not really fit the colors of the look but somehow I was looking for a rough background for this girly colored outfit. I think I will be back at the tram graveyard for more pictures in the coming weeks and months. Its really a great place for shootings :) 

How do you like the look? 

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!? I will tell you more about what I have been up to in my Thursday post :) 
So far, have a great week, enjoy the Spring weather wherever you are and be happy! 

Sending much love!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Favorite Smoothies for Spring

Its officially Spring!

Monday I shared my first Spring look and today I am celebrating Spring with a bunch of yummy and healthy smoothies!

I dont know about your farmers market but on mine all the fruits are starting to come back and there are loads and loads of greens too! Of course I enjoy all of this goodness in my daily smoothies. Here are a few new recipes that I have been enjoying lately:

Banana and Cantaloupe

Melons are coming back! Yeah for that! I love melons of all kind and I am so excited that they are coming back to the farmers markets aorund here!
One of my favorites smoothies both for Spring and Summer is baaananaaa with cantaloupe melon. I like to have a huge one with three ripe (spotty) bananas and two cantaloupe melons. Maca goes soooo well with both the flavor and the color of this smoothie! I like to add some Maca because it is so rich in vitamin B, vitamins C and E. Plus it provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids.I got my Maca powder from Greenic - you can find their super foods at various online shops

Wild Garlic, Fennel, Grapefruit and Lemon

Okay, now you may say something like "what??? Wild garlic in a smoothie???". Thats what I thought, but then I tried it and I figuered - its not bad at all! Wild garlic is in season right now and we have loads of it in the wood close to my house. So on my morning runs I make a little stop and pick some. I like to make pesto with it... and smoothie. Since the taste is rather strong I like to combine it with fruit strong in taste too, like grapefruit and lemon. The fennel somehoe tones down the smoothie and makes it taste even fresher. For a little extra I added some Matcha Fresh blend from Greenic - it has matcha, barley grass, wheat grass, lemon grass and lemon myrtle. So many antioxidants at once!

Celery, Dates and Apple

Celery is back in season and it goes so well with some fresh apples and some sweeeeeet dates :) I usually use two apples and two sticks of celery together with a handful of dates. 
To this smoothie I added some of th "slim" blend from Greenic. Not that I want to loose weight (I am already thinner than I was before pregnancy since the little one is drinking so much :)) but the blend is just the perfect superfood power blend: green coffee, topinambur, barley grass, turmeric, ginger, and some sunflower protein. Pure goodness!    

Spinach, Dates, and Blood Orange 

This one is my current morning smoothie - you can maybe tell from the pictures that the sun is just raising :) 
I really have this one almost every morning, sometimes I have normal oranges instead of blood oranges and sometimes I have grapefruit. And yeah, sometimes I have other greens too, depending on what my organic market sells. But these days its a lot of spinach, so I have a lot of spinach smoothies. I really love this smoothie. Its more than love actually, I am pretty much addicted to it. When I wake up in the morning its the first thing I am thinking about. I usually get up to make two jars and take them back to bed to have it there with my husband and the little one (its my favorite time of the day when the three of us are in bed, cuddling and drinking green smoothie :)). I always add either barley grass to this one or Moringa. Both are incredible superfoods. I know Moringa from my visits in Ghana where it grows like everywhere and I was really happy to learn that Greenic sells it here in Germany! 

By the way, now that fresh veggies are back on the market I also love to buy radishes, beets, carrots and cabbage turnip with the greens and use them in my smoothies! The greens do actually have so much more nutrients than the roots! So go ahead a put them into your blender :)!

By the way, I have been posting a little bit about Greenic back here when I showed you my favorite smoothies for Fall and Winter. I am using their superfoods for a few months now and I am really happy with them! I am really excited to be able to include the brand in the post about my favorite Spring smoothies as well. I actually rarely ever drink a smoothie without a superfood in it. I use barley grass every day (I wrote about barley grass back here) but I also like to try new super foods and to add different powdered fruits and greens into my smoothies. Greenic has this great variety which I love, plus they have some awesome blends! I also like to use dried chokeberry or dried goji berry powder but most often its either pure barley grass or Greenic

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Sending much love to you!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hello Spring!

Yihaaaaaa for Spring!

This is my first official Spring look! The warm weather came last week and stayed for a few days. I took the opportunity to shoot this look and to show you my new sunglasses. I actually get all my glasses from Firmoo. I got a first pair some three years ago and I wear them ever since. I have one pair of sunglasses that I have been wearing for the past two years. This year I thought its time for a new one :)

Otherwise, I am wearing my second hand boyfriend jeans here, together with a shirt from Lands End. I am wearing the shirt quite a lot, but somehow it never made it on my blog before. Because of the floral print, I thougt its perfect for my first Spring look. Do you agree :)?  

Check out the golden tips of my shoes - arent they super fancy ;)? I really like them! I actually got these shoes from this second hand app that I am using - someone bought these booties, never wore them and sold them again for half the price. I love these kind of deals :)

I hope you all had a good weekend and an even better start into the new week!?
I went to see my father in northern Germany and explored a few pretty places around the Northern Sea Coast of Germany. By now I am actually in Denmark where I spend a week with my family in law. We have these really cute and cozy houses at the beach and even though the weather is bad, I just enjoy watching the waves all day long :) 

Sending much love to all of you!  

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fair Squared Cosmetics

Now this is a brand!

Let me tell you about Fair Squared...

Fair Squared offers cosmetic and hygiene products made of fairly traded and natural ingredients to you! Worldwide their products were one of the first to be labelled with the well-known Fairtrade logo. 

But not only that - they are also organic, plus they are vegan, plus they are halal. Hello? How cool is that?

Fair Squared is an alternative trade organisation. They have fair dealings with producers from the world`s poorest countries and produce the final products here in Germany. I did not know about this brand until recently and I am sooo oexcited I discovered it (thank you Annemarie!).  

Their products vary from sun protection to condoms, over body lotions and lip balms. They really have a great amount of essentials of all kind! Make sure to check out their website:

So far I tried their Shea Body Butter which is made of Shea butter (obviously) and olive oil. It nurtures, hydrates and protects the skin, making it smooth, soft and glowing. I like body butter better than body lotions because I am just a fan of those thick and rich textures. This one comes in a huge pot which I find great - it will last for a while at least ;) it leaves my skin soft and smooth while absorbing quickly. That's definetly a plus. The smell is not my favorite though. It smells of lime which simply isnt my favorite smell (see below).

I also tried their Lime Showergel which is made for dry skin. There is also precious olive oil in there which has been used for centuries to moisturize and gently cleanse the skin. I am not a huge fan of lime when it comes to shower gel or body butter scents (I prefer cozy scents such as vanilla, honey or similar). When it comes to cosmetics, I am just not a lime girl, neither a lemon girl, actually, not a fruit girl at all ;) . However, I like the soap dispenser which makes it easy to use the shower gel and I also like the soft feeling it leaves on my skin. I guess both products with another smell would be perfect! I will definetly give it a try! 

Okay, so seriously - what a cool brand? I totally think we should all support them! 

Their slogan is "Its in your hands". I like this a lot! Its in your hands in what kind of world you want to live! You are free to choose every time you purchase something - do you want to live in a world where cruetly towards animals is the norm? Well go ahead and buy those hotdogs. Do you want to live in a world where its normal that textile workers are abused and even die because of horrible working conditions? Well go ahead and buy from all those bad brands. Do you want to live in a world where the environment is treated as if we had a second planet earth to move to when this one is destroyed? Well go ahead and buy all this junk. 
You do want to live in a world where animals, humans and the environment are treated with love and respect? Then be an example, make the first step. We all have a choice every day to make this world a better place - its in YOUR hands! 

Buying Fair Squared instead of Loreal or whatsoever is just one choice of the many you can make every single day :) 

I am wishing all of you a wonderful weekend ahead!
Sending muuuuuch love to all of you!   

Monday, March 14, 2016

Back to Blue

Grey and Blue still are my favorite colors...

... at least when it comes to what I wear.
Blush is another favorite of course - but those of you following my blog know that already ;) 

Aynway, so here we go with another verison of my grey pencil skirt from Hess Natur and my second had cardigan. I wore a somehow similar outfit back here with a pink detail instead of blue. The blue sweater is one that I bought back in 2011 at H&M. I wore it on the blog all the way back in 2012 (find the post here) - thats like four years ago! Wow! How time flies! I feel like I was such a child at the time. Anyway, back to my look. So I really hope that this is my last Winter outfit for until December this year - I am ready for Spring and I want to get the Spring vibes to my blog. However, its difficult though, as long as its 1 C outside. So I wore my hat for the pictures but decided to take my big coat and scarf off to not look tooooo much like a Winter-woman ;)

How do you like this look?

How was your Monday? Mine was full of SUNSHINE! Oh we did not have as nice weather as we had today in moooonths! I went for a long walk with the little one and after her midday nap we even went to a playground where she could explore a sandpit for the first time of her life. She had so much fun and so I had I watching her eating sand and playing around with it. 
I am so ready for Spring now!

Have an awesome week everyone! 
Sending much love!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Golden Milk (or Turmeric Latte)

So this is my current addiction...

... if you have not tried golden milk yet, you totally totally have to! 

Winter is almost over and here in Germany these days are like the last ones of Winter. Its still pretty cold, its freezing at night and getting ok warm during the day. However, this weather is still perfect to cuddle up in a blanket at night and to drink some warm and spicy golden milk. Oh I love it! 

So what is golden milk? Its a spicy "milk shake" or maybe more of a latte, made of black pepper, ginger, cinnamon and the magic ingredient - turmeric
Turmeric truely is a magic ingredient, it is shown to be anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antiseptic,analgesic, to boost immunity, to be anti-carcinogenic, to promote digestive health, to detoxify the liver, to help against high blood pressure, to support memory and brain function to lower triglycerides and the list goes on and on! 

Turmeric is basically what makes curry powder yellow. You can buy turmeric as a powder, or even better, fresh turmeric roots. I prefer the roots, but if you find it difficult to get hand on them, just go for the powder! 

When you add black pepper to turmeric it enhances its bioavailability by 1,000 times - this is why black pepper is a MUST in the golden milk (also it gives this special taste...hmmm..)

Can it get any healthier? Of course! Add some ginger! Like turmeric ginger has anti-Inflammatory effects, induces cell death in cancer cells and is an analgesic, so it helps with pain relief (Try to drink golden milk next time you have a head ache!).

To add some extra antioxidants, I always add a little bit of cinnamon too - I also just love the taste of cinnamon! 

Okay, so here is what you need to make my kind of golden milk (there are other recipes out there all slightly different):

Aprox. 1 Liter warm water
A handful of soaked cashews (soak them overnight or some 5-10 hours) 
A handful of dates
Half a little finger os ginger root
Half a little finger of turmeric root
Some black pepper
Some cinnamon

Put all together in a high speed blender and blend it all up until you have a smooth milk. 

If you do not have a high speed blender you can always use some store bought plant milk, like soy milk or almond milk and add some maple syrup for sweetness instead of using dates. You can also use ground ginger and ground turmeric. However, you get the most creamy, smooth and tasteful golden milk when you use fresh ingredients :)

Enjoy! And have a wonderful weekend!
Sending much love!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ankle Jeans

Ankle Jeans are such a bad trend for Winter...


... I mean who wants to be cold around their ankles? Well, I do not but still I found this pair of high waist ankle jeans second hand and wanted to wear it the day I got it in the mail. Which was yesterday. Unfortunatly yesterday it was like -2 C and I did not feel like walking around with bare ankles.Long story short; I just wore some tights underneath and I was super warm and comfy :)

I combined the new in second hand jeans with my striped tee from Lands End - it has these pretty embroideries along the neckline which makes it somehow special. I wore my really really old (like 2008 or so...) coat on top and my no-day-and-no-blogpost-without-these black boots. 

By now you may have noticed that the background of my outfit pictures looks the same every week since more than a month... well, we TRY to find the time to go to other places and there is a whole list of cool places where we wanna shoot my looks. But well, we seriously do not find the time! More on that further below... 

How do you like this look?

So why is my Monday post up on Tuesday? Because Monday was too busy. So here is the thing, my husband and I worked the last couple of month on building our own company. A huge step was made yesterday and we worked towards this milestone for the past ten days. We worked over the weekend, we worked the entire last week and we worked yesterday until 9pm. And now things calm down again and I am ready to prepare some blog posts for the coming weeks, to think about outfits and topics, and to clean the apartment ;)  

By the way, thanks a lot for your comments on my last post! It actually seems like it was my most visited post ever (like in the short time) so I guess I gonna make these kind of posts every now and then :) 

For now, much love to all of you wonderful people! You are precious! Never forget that :) 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

What I Eat in a Day (HighCarb LowFat Vegan)

Recently I got asked what I actually eat in a day...

... so I decided to show you :) 

I eat differently every day and every week, depending on the season, my mood, the time I have etc. so this really is only an example from THIS week. This week I am pretty pretty busy, I work a lot and did not have much time to cook. So there was no lasagna and not even a bolognese because it simply would take too long to prepare. 

So here we go with the morning... I usually start my day with some warm lemon water. I like to add some turmeric to it, some pepper and a little bit of maple syrup (it gets this really orange color because of the turmeric).

My second course in the morning is a green smoothie. Currently I am always making orange-kale-dates but sometimes I also feel like having some banans smoothie with aronia and greens or some orange-fennel smoothie. 

Then fiiiinally I am getting to the third course (I usually have like a 45 minutes break between the smoothie and the "real" breakfast) which is either muesli, semolina pudding or oatmeal. I like to add spices such a vanilla, cinnamon and cardamon to my oats and semolina, and I always have some ground flaxseeds with my breakfast (sooooo healthy!). Usually I do not add fruit to my oats or muesli because of better digestion, but sometimes I simply do not care about digestion and I just add diced apples and bananas :) 

Around four hours after breakfast I have lunch. Lunch is the "big meal" for me. I spend most time in the kitchen when I prepare lunch. However, as I wrote above, this week is a busy one, so the meals stayed simple. I had quiona with a stew of pointed cabbage, turnips and poatoes on one day and mashed poatoes (both white potatoes and sweet potatoes), green beans and some mushrooms with smoked tofu the other day.

In the afternoon I always need something sweet... this can either be a big banana-almond-date smoothie, or some golden milk (I will make a post about this, so I am not going to say too much about what this is right now ;)) or some sugar free soy yogurt with agave syrup and frozen beeeeeeries. Love it! 

For dinner we usually keep it very simple. We often have pasta for dinner. Like this week, we had whole wheat spagetti with a vegan "cheese" sauce (made with potatoe, carrots and nutrional yeast) and alfalfa sprouts. But often we also simply eat bread with veggies. We often bake our own bread, sometimes we buy it in our organic market and sometimes I get lucky a receive some alkaline bread from Alvito made from buckwheat, sweet potatoe and potatoe. There are herbs inside which makes it very tasty! You can find more alkaline products on the website from Alvito. If you want to know more about the acid-base balance and why I prefer to eat more alkaline foods, feel free to check out this post of mine.

So the other day we had bread with a homemade kidney bean spread and some alfalfa sprouts. I usually prefer to make my own spread or to eat avocado with bread, because the store-bought ones are always loaded with oil.

Now finally, when the little one is in bed and I am sitting on the sofa, writing a blog post about what I eat in a day, I like to snack on some dates and sliced apples. And to have some tea :) 
Sometimes I also have other snacks at night, like sugar free brownies (currently there are some black bean brownies waiting for me in the kitchen...) or banana nice cream or some hot chocolate (sweeteend with agave syrup).  

Well, thats it. Thats an example of what I eat in a day... I think I eat around 3000 kalories a day, but I never count so I am really not sure. Anyway, I just enjoy and always try to eat as much as I can - because the more I eat, the more nutrients I get ;) 

Did you find this post intersting? I could make one like this every once in a while, if you like!? Do you eat similar things or completly different? I would love to know!

Sending much love!