Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter/ Holi/ Persian New Year

So many reasons to celebrate!

Today is Easter, but also the Indian Holi festival and the Persian New Year (actually, it was on March 21 but we just celebrate it this weekend)

So yesterday we celebrated the Persian New Year and this is what is was like :)

For the Persian New Year you need seven things starting with the letter S, because they will give you luck for the next year. So this is the table with the seven things!

Then we had really good persian food and after the dinner we' ve been dancing persian folk- dances until late at night. It was a lot of fun even though I will never be able to move to elegant as the Iranian woman ;)

Tonight it is the Indian Holi- Festival that we are going to celebrate. I will wear a beautiful green Sari and I am really looking forward to it! 

So be prepared to see me in a Sari in one of the following posts ;)

Happy Easter to all of you and a wonderful Sunday!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013


Do you know Anderson and Roe?

On Sunday my fiance and I went to a concert here on campus by this talented piano duo. I didn't know them before and I was really impressed! They are having such an emotial way of playnig the piano and I love their interpretatiosn of Carmen or even Radiohead. So if you ever come across them, I really recommend to you to listen to them :)

So, and this it what I was wearing that day :)

That day it was snowing really bad so this is why we took the pictures inside... however, I also wanted to put one here from me in the snow ;) 
I really hope this crazy weather will be over soon! Back in Germany many of my friends and family have to spend eastern in the snow and I am quite sorry for them. Here it is supposed to be very warm on sunday, but raining... let's see. 

Are you going to celebrate eastern with your family? My friends here in Ohio are mostly muslism or buddists so I don't think I will celebrate. My fiance and I are going to have a nice breakfast with some easter- candy, eggs and pancakes and then we will maybe make a skype- call to our families in Germany, but besides that there will not be any big celebration. 

Also, we will have to pack my fiance's suitcase on Easter- Sunday, as he is leaving on Monday :(  

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bricks in the rain

Did I mention that I love my new cardigan? 

I am wearing it all the time since I bought it at Nordstrom Rack in Manchester, Connecticut. 
It is from Free People and I got it super cheap and now I just wear it every day instead of my coat... it is still quite cold, but I start ignoring the cold and pretending its spring ;)

I hope your week is really wonderful!? For some reason, this week seems to be my lucky week! On Monday I got to know that I get a stipend (and I did not even remember I applied for it, as I did it a few days before I left for Ohio and everything was so exiting that I just forgot about it), then I got a free coffee from my favorite coffee shop, and then Monday night I spontaously got to know that one of my favorite academics ever came to my Uni to give a speech! So I met John Agnew Monday night and I was totally thrilled! I really love him! 
Then yesterday was just a super beautiful day, where I went for dinner with my fiance and then to the movies and then had a couple of beers (which I got 50% off... cause it's my lucky week!) with him and a friend... and today seems to be a wonderful day too! At least a got some good new this morning and I am now just so much in the "lucky week"- mood that I am just so sure that today will be great too :)

I hope you are having a great time too! Maybe this week is every one's lucky week :)!?!? 

So I guess this is my lucky-week smile :)

Have you watched "The House I live in"? Or "Into the Abyss?" 

The faculty of Law and Justice here at my Uni is currently having this free- movies series where they show cmovies which are critical about the U.S. law towards prisioners, drugs, the death penalty... so last week we watched "The House I live in" which I thought was quite good and then yesterday "Into the Abyss" which is acutally a movie by Werner Herzog (which you may know!?) 
Anyhow, when you are bored and want to watch something critical, I can recommend those movies:)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some more Roadtrip impressions

A very last post about my wonderful spring break trip...

We wanted to feel super American during our trip, so we went to those 'trashy' diner's almost every day. I think I had more burger during this one week than in my entire life before that trip ;) but it was great! We had such a great time, playing songs on the jukebox, eating burgers and having donuts and really bad gas-station coffee (it is really really bad but somehow we just loved it because of this feeling it give us...this "we are on the road" feeling). 

 On the first picture there is our breakfast in the motel which made us laugh too. Old and dry donuts and another bad coffee. We loved it ;) 

Before I left for the US my sister in law gave me this small guardian angel here. We took it on our trip and we both really think that I protected us sometimes. One night for example, we got into some really bad snowstorms and I was really afraid but then everything went well...

During our trip it was my fiance's birthday and we wanted to have a typically American breaktfast for his special day, so we went to Ihop. J. got his first American breakfast ever.
He loved it :)

However, after this crazy and awesome week, we did not eat any meat for two weeks (until yesterday when my friend cooked Laos- food for us and we could'nt resists :)) because somehow it was just too much ;)

 ...And then we drove back to Ohio... 
My fiance will leave next weekend and I am quite sad about it. However, I am so happy and thankful that I had this wonderful time with him here in the US, and this roadtrip is definetly one we will never ever forget :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Winter in Pink

Happy Spring- start! 

Yesterday was supposed to be the first day of spring... however, here the day started with another lovely snow storm! I have to admit that I am getting tired of it! Last year at the same time of the year I've been walking around in t-shirt and this year it's still three pairs of leggings on top of each other and woolen dresses and sweaters every day.

So here is another one of my beloved knit-dresses ;) 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Boston in the rain

During our Roadtrip we also went to Boston...

Boston is a really wonderful town which reminded me a lot of Europe. Some streets could also have been somewhere in England :) 
Unfortunately it was raining really bad the day we've been there, but we still managed to walk down the freedom trail and around the city. Then we went to Harvard where we had the world's best burger and a bunch of Dunkin Donuts as a small comfort and to be able to resist the weather ;)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Beautiful Old Lyme and Essex

During our roadtrip we also went to Old Lyme and Essex...

...two beautiful villages next to the Connecticut river and very close to the sea side. Old Lyme is an artists- village with lots of small galleries and an impressive arts school. Essex is mainly living from tourism as far as I could see :)
We really enjoyed both of those small villages and we walked around in the sunshine the whole day. Somehow we had the impression that people down there at the river were so much nicer than people anywhere else! We had a lot of really nice conversations and we've been surprised how many people wanted to have a chat with us :)

In Old Lyme they have the sweetest little chocolate store! 
We bought a lot of wonderful sweets as gifts for friends and of course for ourselves too :)