Friday, November 28, 2014

Collecting sea shells at Mahdia beach

Here comes another post with pictures from Tunesia...

...we had an hotel located DIRECTLY at the beach, like from our room we walked 1 1/2 minutes. It was quite perfect. Usually in the afternoon we went for walks at the beach and we were collecting lots of sea shells to build a mobile for our baby :)

So I guess this is my first official pregnancy look :) 
I loved the warm weather in Tunesia cause I could just wear easy dresses on top of my belly. This makes it soooo much easier! This easy white dress here is tied over the belly so that you get some shape even thoug the belly is big. I do not like those maternatiy clothes in which you just look like huge. I prefer to show some shape even though my belly is getting bigger and bigger every day. 
So for warm weather these cute dresses are just perfect. Since the pictures were taken in the late afternoon, I combined a cardigan and my favorite scarf with it. By the way, my sandals are still the ones I bought I Tanzania in 2010! I am so in love with them and I hope they will last forever :)

When we make the mobile out of the sea shells, I will defintely share the results with you! However, this the baby is supposed to arrive in April, we still have some time... and sooo many other things to prepare!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and HAPPY FRIDAY :) 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I guess I cannot hide it anymore...

So, here comes a small surprise...

... some of you may have thought, when looking at my last posts, that I gained some weight and that my belly is not that flat anymore. Well, its not because I changed my diet or because I had too much food! Its actually, because I am five month pregnant!

I know, I took a long time to tell you but I wanted to make sure that everything is okay with the baby before making it public. Today we had the "halftime" checkup where the entire little baby body was scanned through. Since everything is fine and the baby is healthy and happy, I thought, now its finally time to share these big news :) 

Of course, this is again changing my blog a little. In the coming month I have no choice, but to share pregnancy looks (I actually really like it and I am already looking forward to share my tips and tricks for chic and comfy looks during pregnancy). Also, I may share a few other pregnancy topics with you, whenever I find something important. This may be boring for some of you and interesting for others, and maybe a few new readers will come who are looking exactly for this information :)

Now I am pretty exited about your reactions on this post and I can't wait to read your comments :) 
And in case you are already a mommy and you now some great blogs which helped you during pregnancy and even after, please share them with me! I am always looking for inspiration and information :)

Thank you and have a great one!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Back from Tunesia...

I am back from my most wonderful Honeymoon...

... here are some first impressions from our morning spent on the back of a dromedary. 

It was my first time riding a dromedary and I really loved it! I had no idea how super relaxed it is. The movements of the animal seem to be so slow and easy and still they move quite fast. We had a great two hours ride that day.

Also next to the dromedary riding, our honey moon was close to perfect! We had a great hotel, good food and perfect weather (24-28° C every day) and we spent most of our time at the beach or by the pool. I went swimming every day and we went for nice walks at the beach. We also went to the town of Mahdia twice, to have some Tunesian tea and do a little bit of souvenir shopping. 

If ever you plan to visit Tunesia, I really recommend you to go in November - in our hotel there have only been 50 people! We basically had the entire hotel for us! It was so nice and quiet and just perfect for us. During the Summer season there are up to 800 persons in the hotel so you can imagine how much space we had with only 50 other people to share with. We had the BEST places at the beach, in the restaurant and at the pool every day because it was the end of the season. And still, the weather was hot and the sea was still warm enough to swim. Also when we went to the dromedary riding, it was only the two of us. During Summer there are up to 40 people, sharing dromedaries two by two. Lucky us! 

I have plenty of pictures to share with you and will try to take turns between Tunesia posts and other posts :)  
I hope you had a great week and I wish you a most relaxed and nice Sunday!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New column and life update

Hey you guys,

this post is going to be different from what you know so far. Some of you frequently asked me about more personal things about my life, about changes I've been making, about my philosphy of life and those kind of things. So I've been thinking for quite some time about including these topics into my blog and make the whole blog thing slightly more personal. Sorry for those of you who think that now I will finally show pictures of my husband - thats not the case ;-) No, what I have in mind is more about sharing some of my thoughts about life, about how to be happy, about how to love yourself and those kind of things. 

Since I finished my studies exactly a year ago, I changed my life completly, I went through different phases, some difficult ones and some happy ones, I stopped blogging for a while, I started again, I changed job three times and quit them all in the end. I learned more about myself, I reflected a lot about what I wanna do in life and what is important in general etc. etc.

Now, about this journey, going on since a year and not yet to be over, I will write from now on in the column "About life"

I hope you will enjoy it! And whenever there is anything you are more interested in please let me know so that I can include more of it :)!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Opening Event - VEGANZ - a vegan supermarket

Hey there!

So today I want to share with you my impressions from the opening event of VEGANZ. Veganz is actually the first European supermarket chain which is vegan only. Actually, are they vegan only supermarket chains in the US??? I would love to know! 
Anyway, there are few Veganz markets all around Germany and I've been waiting for the opening here in Leipzig for more than a year now (they were supposed to open last year but then things went chaotic and it took another year). Friday and Saturday I've been there to try out loooots and looots of yummy foods, to grab a few samples and of course to check out the store. 

Before showing you all the things I really love about Veganz, I also have a point of criticism. Actually, I do not see the point in all these "alternatives" to meat and stuff. You can spend hundreds of euro on alternatives to meet, cheese, even fish and seafood. For me, being vegan does not have much to do with these really expensive processed foods. I like the concept of clean eating which is basically that you do not eat any processed foods and that you make everything yourself. In the Veganz supermarket you can find a looooot of expensive processed foods which are not healthy at all, even though they are vegan. But hey, I guess thats how the business works, you need to please everyone to make money, also those people who love to eat processed and unhealthy foods.

Now, here are the things I loved:

Looooots of dried fruits and nuts - and even unpacked! So you can save plastic and just buy as much as you like :)

Plenty of really good books! All the classics, such as the China Study and Peace Food, but also a lot of funny designed cook books and books about how to start of being vegan :) 

Colorful and yummy sandwich spreads. Yes, usually I make my own sandwich spreads but I love to get some inspriration by the ready made ones! 
Oh by the way, most products in the Veganz are organic, like all these spreads. Many are fairtrade too! A few products are not organic, mainly when it comes to alternatives to cheese and meat.

What I found really awesome are these installations. You can actually buy your vegan milk and your fresh orange juice in the quantities you like. You do not have to buy a whole liter of soy milk when you just need half of it and you can reuse the small bottles where you can fill in your product. Like that its easy to taste different kinds of milk without buying too much and its much more eco friendly! I actually tried millet milk for the first time on Friday and I really liked it!

Finally, Veganz has the best selection of cereal bars are raw energy bars I've ever seen! I just love there colorful packages and I really like that there are more and more raw alternatives on the market now.

And then, we've been trying sooo many foods and drinks! I did not take too many pictures of them because the place way really awfully crowded and it was difficult to take picture while some twenty people tried to grab a piece of vegan pizza before it was all gone. But at least I was able to take a picture of these two yummy things: A chia seed pudding with mango purree (SO good!) and an avocado based chocolate pudding! 
We also had lentils salad, buckwheat salad, potatoe salad and lots of different samples of ice cream, chcolate, cocoa, coffee etc. etc.

All in the all, we had two really nice afternoons and I am definetly going back to Veganz. Its not going to be my first choice for my grocery shopping since all I need are veggies, fruits, and some pasta from time to time. But for special treats or special occasions (or to buy for example whole wheat lasagna plates...) its just great to know that there is a shop where you do not have to read through the ingredients every time you want to buy someting - because here you know that everything is 100% vegan :) 

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend so far and I wish you all a most wonderful Sunday! 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sparkling Skirt...

Since the Sun was shining, I thought I better take advantage of it to wear my sparkling skirt :) 

I got this skirt recently from H&M and totally fell in love with it. The blazer is an old and all time favorite one which I also got from H&M a few years ago. Unfortunatly, on the pictures you cannot really see that my black shirt is made from lace and that it is pretty cute. Its from C&A which may be a Germany-only store... I do not even know. My black ballerinas are also hard to spot on the pictures, I actually think it looks like I am wearing socks. But hey, I am not :)!

How is your week going so far? Mine is busy but today I have the morning off so I can take it easy, blog a little and enjoy some spicy Fall tea. I actually spent most of the week in different doctors offices, not because I am sick, but because I somehow always manage to put all my check-up appointments in the same week. 

I am slightly exited about tomorrow, because there is this vegan supermarket which will open in my city. Between two work appoinments, I will be able to attend the opening celebration and hopefully get a few free samples and tasters :) Lets see, if its worth it, I will share with you some impressions from that event. 

In any case, I wish you a wonderful rest of the week!   

Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall Flowers

I am just completly into flowers...

... I loved flowers during Summer on skirts, pants and shorts and I love them now in Fall on blouses and even cardigans. 
This cute blouse here is from atmosphere and I thrifted it last weekend. I just love it! I could probably wear it every day of the week right now :)
By the way, I think you already guessed that this pair of jeans from Lewis and this cardigan from Bottega are two of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I have been wearing them quite often on my blog in different combinations because I just love both of them.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!? 
I spent a lot of time outside, enjoying the sunshine. Saturday night my husband and I went out for dinner to celebrate our one-month anniversairy as a married couple and we just found the most delicious vegan restaurant here in Leipzig. We had a great evening together. 
Now, the new week started off busy but good... today we got our travel documents for our honeymoon! I can`t wait to fly to Tunesia next Friday! 

Have a perfect start in the week, stay happy and healthy and take care of yourself :)