Friday, October 31, 2014

My Wedding Part IV - My Wedding Day Make-Up

I am a little exited since this is actually my first ever make-up post :)

The reason for this is that I am actually not that much into make-up. I wear mascara and rouge and thats basically it. Anyhow, for my wedding I have been wearing at least a little more so I thought I could share this with you. 

As a foundation I actually just used a BB cream. As a rouge I used my favorite rouge stick from alverde which I use basically every day. By the way, all the products I use are organic, cruelty free and mostly vegan. 
Most of them are from the German brand alverde which, as far as I know, you can only find in Germany. There are also a few products from Lavera, a brand you all know by now I guess (Ive been reviewing it a lot). 

Further, I used dark brown mascara, two kinds of lipstick (first the dark and then a little bit of the light one on top), black eye liner and a little bit of eye shadow in natural colors. 
I also used a concealer, trying to hide that I wasnt sleeping well the night before the ceremony ;)

I know this is less than many of you use on a normal work day, but for me it was just fine like this. As with my dress, I just wanted to be myself on my wedding day, not a princess and not a make up artist queen. This is why I kept it simple with both dress, hair and make up. 

By the way, the parfum I used that day, is the parfum my husband gave to me on our first year anniversary. I still have it since I use it only for special occasions and it was just so perfect to wear it on my wedding day. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I will have a friend from Berlin coming over and Saturday night I will celebrate our one-month anniversary as a married couple with my husband :)
Sending you lots of love beautiful people!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Getting my lips ready for Fall - Lavera Lip Balm

Fall is coming...

.. and with it all the typical skin problems such as dry skin and dry lips. I will share a few DIY face masks for Fall and Winter soon but for now I will share with you the Lip Care by Lavera. 

All Lavera products are vegan, organic and of course cruelty free. 
Find more on or

Their Lip Balm series consists of a total of five lip balms and here I want to present two of them. The Sweet Chai Tea balm and the Classic balm. Both are made with aloe vera and jojobo oil to keep your lips hydrated and soft. Jojobo oil is especially good in protecting your skin from cold winds or dry air.

The Classic Lipbalm is a neutral one which protects reliable. My husband actually uses it! 

The Sweet Chai Tea balm is the one I currently love the most. Its smell is just perfect for Fall and I love just to put it on and smell the cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper and cloves... 

I can totally recommend both of these lip balms or even any other of the Lavera lip care series. 
Check out their website for more information or to buy products online:

Have a wonderful day! 
Here the sun is shining and I will go out to get some Vitamin D now - I need to get my reservoirs filled up for Winter :-)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jeans in the Fall Sun

That day, when I took these pictures, Fall was presenting itself from its most beautiful side...

My husband and I went for a long bicycle tour that day and on the way back we took some pictures in the afternoon sun. We had fun playing with the light and the shadows and I actually like the contrasts in these pictures (light and dark). 

 Concerning my outfit, its nothing special. Its what I like best to wear on these days where its not really cold but not really warm either - jeans, boots, a shirt and a blazer or light jacket on top. I got this blazer in Columbus, Ohio, when I was there earlier this year. I like the casual shape of it, combined with the rather chic pinstripes. 

I hope you are all doing good and enjoying your week so far!? Here the weather is getting so bad and I actually spend most of my time inside, just leaving the house to go for grocery shopping or classes that I give. For now I am able to enjoy this cozy lifestyle but I am also looking forward to our honeymoon vacation coming up in mid November. I will of course tell you more about it soon and share plenty of pictures after we are back :)

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend so far!? 
I`ve been actually selling on a flea market yesterday which was a lot of fun even though I did not sell as much as I thought to. Today we checked out a new place for vegan breakfast in my city and we actually liked it. Maybe I will make a post about my favorite vegan breakfasts here in Leipzig some day :)
Anyway, enjoy the rest of you weekend to the fullest!
Sending you lots of love!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Wedding - Part III - The Party

Here are a few impressions from my wedding party...

... I cannot post so many pictures from that day because on most of the pictures there are other people and I hope you all understand that I keep their privacy privat :) 
Some of you also asked about pictures of my husband and me... well, he does not want to be presented on my blog and I totally understand and respect that. 

So here are some pictures of the decoration, the wedding cake (my husbands sister made it - even the roses and hearts on top are made by her! She spend an entire week in the kitchen to make this absolutely awesome cake all by her self!), some other cakes and one of me and my brides maides - they agreed to be published on my blog :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

My favorite colors for Fall...

What are your favorite colors for Fall?

Mine are burgundy red, dark blue and soft colors like beige and light pink. 
This outfit is a typically Fall outfit from me :)

I realized that even my nails are painted in one of favorite nail colors for Fall.. this blend of brown and violet which I really like in this season :)

By the way, I wanna say a huge THANK YOU to all your nice comments and congratulations on my wedding posts! I really enjoyed reading them and I just love how my community can take part in my wedding! There will be another wedding post coming up in the next days :)  

For now, its Sunday night and that means sofa, relaxing, hot chocolate and some blogging... I had a wonderful Sunday, having a long biycycle trip with my husband and spending a few hour laying in the sun at the lake, having sandwiches, grapes and reading a good book. I love it when Fall is sunny like today and you can spend time outside, enjoy the colors and the still warm temperatures. Since the weather is supposed to change into cold and grey from tomorrow on, I also took the opportunity this weekend to prepare two outfit post. 

Have a good one everyone! I hope you enjoyed your Sunday as much as I did! Let me know what you have been up to :)!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Wedding - Part II - the Day of the Ceremony

Here we go with the second part of the small "my wedding" series :) 

These pictures are all from the day of the ceremony... we divided our wedding into two - the day of the ceremony where we celebrated only with the close family and then a few days after the celebration day where we had huge party. For the day of the ceremony I did not wear any special dress but just my white and much loved lace dress from H&M.

The shoes of the bride and the groom

And the flower decoration in the registry office

On the pictures above you can see the transverse flute of my niece who played a song for us in the registry office and my husband and I exchanging the rings...

And here, my niece is giving me a congratulations hug and below - me walking to the nearby park with my much loved mum.
In the park then we had champagne and small snacks and we just enjoyed being together, celebrating our joy and love :)

Me with one of my beautiful bridesmaides and well yes, a picture of me having champagne... but actually, the champage in my hand is without alcohol, otherwise I would not have taken the whole bottle ;)

The happy bride and below the decoration on the car...

... that day really was special and wonderful. After the ceremony and after having champage in the park we went back and had cake and coffee and then we went for a beautiful walk in the afternoon sun. We have been so so lucky with the weather, since we had sunshine the entire day. 

For me it was the perfect wedding day and I would not have wished for anything better. 

I will share pictures from the celebrating day soon :) 

I hope you enjoyed this post!? What do you think about "simple" wedding ceremonies like this one? Do you need a huge dress for your ceremony or are you also okay with a simple one like I was wearing? 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Wedding - Part 1 - the Bridal Bouquet

YAY! Finally, I am back with lots and lots of posts from my wedding and a few other posts which are waiting for finally being published :)

My first wedding post is on my bridal bouquet, the most beautiful bridal bouquet I possible could have imagined. I just loved it and I still do. My husband (I love to say this - my husband) just has the perfect taste and just knows me really well, since it was him who chose the bouquet and gave it to me (this is how things are done in Germany - the groom buys the bouquet for the bride... is this the same in your coutry?)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this first wedding post... the next ones will follow for sure but I will make a few other posts in between them, since I have a few waiting in my pipeline ;) 

How do you like it? I think its perfect... I just love the mix of roses and wild flowers! What would your perfect bridal bouquet look like? Similar to this one or completly different?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! And sorry I've been gone for a while... this whole wedding-week did not leave much space for blogging or relaxing - but still we had the MOST wonderful time! I will tell you more soon :)