Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easy peasy green jeans

An easy peasy spring outfit...

...with my green jeans which I did not wear in waaaayyy too long. The last time was in THIS post.

How is your week going? Ready for the weekend? I am going to a weekend workshop once again this weekend. This time I will spend the weekend in a nice hotel and I get a free train ticket plus free food for the weekend. I got a really nice stipend for this workshop. This weekend is the first out of three and at the end I will (hopefully) be a professional in how to manage voluntary projects for a good cause. Can't wait to be there and learn a lot of new things and get to know new people :)

Enjoy the sunny weather and have a good weekend everyone!

Lots of love to you! And thanks for all you nice comments on my posts! They always mean a lot to me!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Blue Spring

Spring is here!

It was like 20° C the other day and the Sun was shining and it was just a perfect day. So we went to the neighboor-city and spend the day there, visiting the zoo, drinking coffee and watching the sunset at the river. 

It was so beautiful!

And I was finally able to wear some real spring clothes. I decided for this blouse that I wanted to wear for a long time (but could'nt because of bad weather). 

I hope you enjoy my first "real" Spring outfit :)

Oh yes, and I got my hair cut once again. 

Actually I would love to know - how do you like it better, short like that or slightly longer (as I have it usual?)

I really like it short, but a lot of people used to tell me that I look better when its a little longer. What do you think?

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures :)

Lots of love to you!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Sunday, Happy Skirt :)

I can't believe that already a week is gone since I posted something!

Now, I only work 20 hours a week so I feel like I have as much time as never before - but its so easy to do lots of wonderful things and suddenly the week is full of coffee-dates, cooking, planing, going for walks, doing sports etc. etc. 

Hence, no blog post for a week BUT I had probably the most beautiful week of the year so far! I am super super happy in my new job and I am so happy to have so much time to do all the things I love. I started running again, I am doing more yoga again, I have more time to try new things in the kitchen, I saw all of my friends (those who live in my city) and I still had time to read a book and to spend a lot of time with J. and to go and watch Dallas Byers Club in the cinema... :) 

Anyhow, my week was awesome and this is the only outfit I mananged to take pictures of :)

How do you like my skirt? I got it in January on Sales at H&M and I wear around once a week, because I love it so much. 
I think its so great for Winter, cause its made of a quite heavy fabric and I love the color combination of white, black, and blue cause those are the colors I wear most often. 
Now its getting warmer, so I can wear Tshirts underneath my cardigans instead of woolen sweaters or three pairs of long sleeves. It feels so good! 

Did Spring arrive where you live? I hope it did and you enjoyed a sunny Sunday, like I did it today :)  


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pink Sunday

Spring arrived really early in Germany this year...

... and I am enjoying this a lot! 
These last days I had lunch out in the sunshine every day and it was soooo nice! Also, I love not to wear my coat but to layer instead - like in this outift :)
How do you like this pink and purple mix?

How was your week ladies?  I am sorry you didn`t hear from me. I was busy quitting my boring job, starting my new job and doing lots of other things... and of course enjoying the good weather :)