Sunday, November 17, 2013

Black is Back

Yesterday I've been wearing an all-black outfit for the first time in a loooong time...

We took the pictures  in this cool place with all those pictures on the wall, which we found when wandering around a neighboorhood we don't visit frequently. This is another of the many reasons for why I love my city so much - you just walk around and suddenly you find these kind of places, where there a pictures hanging around in public, or where you find a small gallery in the middle of nowhere, or similar. 

Last night then we went to the movies and watched Exit Marrakesh. Have you watched that movie? Its nice and we discussed the different topics which came up in the movie until late last night. I love to go to the cinema and discuss the movie I watched afterwards for hours and hours until every message is clear :)

How did you spend your weekend so far?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I love layering...

Especially in fall and spring I really lover the layering look...

I know, usually I don't post details such as my nail color but this time I was so happy about my new brown nail polish which seems to be so perfect for fall that I had to take a detailed picture of it :)

Also, I am still so happy about those earrings that I found in summer-sale. In the beginning I thought I will never wear them cause usually I only wear golden earrings but then I started to love them and now I wear them every second day :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

At the Seaside

I'm at my mother's place at the moment, taking care of her dog and going for walks at the beach :)

As you can tell from the pictures, its rather windy around here. Its also getting cold and I start wearing several sweaters on top of each other (I don`t want to wear big coats yet... it would make me feel like winter).

I like to be at the beach when its windy and cold but I also miss the warm sunshine...

I bought lots of autumn-teas to heat me up from the inside and I realized that I consume already MUCH more ginger than I did during the months of summer where I didn`t need to much heat from the inside...

What are you doing these days to stay warm without getting out the really big winter clothes?

I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend and having a good time :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Alfalfa Sprouts and homemade Sandwich Spreads...

Since I don|t eat dairy products any longer, I like to experience with homemade sandwich spreads...

...and I have to say that I do not miss cheese at all!

Last week I put some alfala seeds into our mini- garden and I had them yesterday for the first time! I love them! Its so easy to make them and so yummy and super healthy! I can definetly recommend alfalfa sprouts :)

I made sooo many sandwich spreads these days but here I want to present my two favorite ones: 

1. Pumpkin with sunflower seeds, garlic, some honey and herbs (just cook the pumpkin normally and blend with the other ingredients) 

2. Tofu with apple, sunflower seeds and curry (just take normal tofu put it into the blender, grind some apple and add it, add sunflower seeds and curry, pepper and salt) 

Go ahead and try :) 
I am so happy about my new dairy-free life and all those easy peasy low-cost sandwich spreads :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vegan Brunch

Yesterday we had a house warming brunch...

Since I eat no dairy products since a little while, I made it become a vegan brunch (except for some cheese for those who like cheese... :))

I made a sweet millet gruel with apple, cinnamon and cardamon, nut-cake and chocolate- cake and different small nut balls with cranberries, plums and dates inside, on the sweet side of the table :) 

On the salty side of the table I had several homemade sandwich spreads (made out of lentils, pumpkin, tofu, sunflower seeds, avocado...), different kinds of homemade bread (with herbs and nuts...), a potatoe salad and and some cheese for those who don't want to eat vegan (actually no one touched the cheese :)) 

The brunch was really nice, I had a lot of friends coming over, some even from other cities what I really appreciated!

Everyone seemed to love the food and that made me of course really happy.  I think it was a perfect house warming brunch and I had a good time preparing food and eating it together with my friends :)

Now its time to get out of the kitchen and back to the laptop, finally finsihing my thesis :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Checkered Blazer

After showing you a striped blazer, I thought I also have to show you a checkered one ...

Blazer and light jackets are the one thing I am a little addicted too when it comes to fashion. Whenever I go to flea markets or thriftshops; I look for blazers, whenever there is a sale somewhere; I look for blazers, and whenever I don't know what to wear its pants, shirt and blazer :) 

This one is from my nextdoor thriftshop and I found it just a few days ago... I think its so perfect for fall! What do you think?

Today is the Day of German Unity, a holiday. The sun is shining, I have some friends coming over for vegan chocolate cake and coffee later today and I wish all of you a wonderful day too :)!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back from our anniversairy trip :)

I am back from my small pre-honeymoon...

We went to the beautiful city of Görlitz. Görlitz is partly in Germany and partly in Poland. Its a really beautiful city and you can just walk from Poland to Germany over a small bridge. We stayed in a hotel on the Polish side and spend two days in Germany and one in Poland, exploring both parts of the city.


This is our hotel. We had a room with our own little terrace and we spent our afternoons sitting there, enjoying the late-September-sun, planning our wedding, and reading out loud for each other :) It was perfect little trip we had!

I hope you all had a wonderfull weekend!? Thank you so much for all the really nice comments on my last post! I was so happy to find them Today, when I came back home! THANK YOU!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Striped Blazer

I found this striped blazer on a flea market this Summer...

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend! 
I will go a small honeymoon with J. It's our four- year anniversairy and we always go for small three-days trips for our anniversairies. Last year we went to the Alpes (Remember?) and J. organized the trip. This year it's my turn to organize and he doesn't know where we are going... you will get to know next week :)