Monday, April 29, 2013

Another Monday, another Week

Happy Monday!

Before starting in this new week, I want to look back on the last week which was again soooo wonderful- thanks to my great friends :)

It was Laos- New Year, so my friend from Laos gave those bracelets to us and said good wishes while putting on the bracelets. Now I feel very protected ;)

Also, this week I went for a beautiful hiking trip... and as you can see now everything is green and beautiful around here. I almost forgot what Winter is like :)

Saturday night my friend from Laos also invited us for dinner and we had sticky rice. It is served in the container you can see below :) 
Did you ever have sticky rice? It is a special rice from Thailand and is prepared in this special kind of pot with some wickerwork on top. I was sooooo good! I really thought that I should move to Laos to eat this great food more often :)  


On this picture I look so super tired, because it was the same day I also went for the hiking trip and later to the pool. So I was outside walking and swimming the whole day and quite tired at night.

The rest of the week was filled with study work. Yesterday we spend 10 hours together, writing on our papers. Now there is only one exam left and then some proofreadings and then I am done :)

And of course- when you study so much, you need a break from time to time. So I watched Germany's Next Topmodel on Friday night, enjoying a great salad with it and just relaxing a little :)

It was an awesome week and now I am looking forward to the upcoming awesome week :)

Have great start in the week!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Happy Weekend- with lots of Dots! ;)

It's Saturday and the weather forecast says that from tomorrow on it will rain for the next seven days. That means that today I will spend the whole day outside :) I will go on a small hiking trip and later to a friend of mine who has a pool in the backyard. I'm not sure if the weather is warm enough to go actually for a swim in the pool, but it is definelty warm enough to get some sun next to the pool
I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!? Enjoy :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

More Spring Impressions from A. Ohio

These days I spend all my time walking around, looking at the beauty of Spring...

Yesterday was the first day since a long time that I was raining so I managed to spend some hours in the library and finish half of my papers. Now there are only 1 1/2 to go and then I'm DONE :) 

Today the Sun is shining again and I have only one class. I have to give a presentation which I am not looking forward too but after the presentation I will be free to spend the afternoon at the river and go to the cinema later tonight :)

Happy Day :) 

I guess this is my Yay- happy- Day pose ;) 

Have a Happy Day too!!! :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cherry Blossom

The river these days is very beautiful! 
There are cherry blossoms all over!

I went the other day with my friend for a walk alongside the river. Unfortunatly that day the sky was quite grey; the reason why the pictures are not so good. Still, I hope you get a little bit of the cherry blossom feeling :)

I hope your week is wonderful and full of nice little adventures :)!?  

I just booked a trip to the Niagara- Falls with two of my friends and I am soooo much looking forward to this! On the other hand I am afraid for the trip to arrive because two days after the trip I will fly back to Germany... so when we go to Niagara it means I will only have five days left :( 
I want the time to stop or to cancel my airplane tickets of at least to retard my departure date... but unfortunately all this is not possible because I also want to finish my studies this year, and if I want to do that I have to go back in two weeks to get started. 

Life is unfair sometimes, but still beautiful :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Week

 Since I love to look at weekly overviews by all of YOU, I thought I should just start making weekly overview myself :)

I used to make those month- overviews last year but somehow forgot about it, when I arrived in thr U.S.
Anyhow, this week was wonderful! It was International Week on our Campus and  we had a great street fair yesterday! 

I am posing with the flag of Laos because my most beloved friend here is from Laos :)

This week was not only International Week but also film festival week! So this week I spend more time in the cinema than usually in one month. I saw a bunch of great movies, especially great short film production and I enjoyed the film festival a lot!!!

When I was not on events from the International Week (they had a Talent show, the fair, an international dinner, an international ice-cream-day etc. etc. :)) I tried to spend as much time as possible outside, at the river...

And then, of course, I did also spend quite some time on my desk, working on my papers. I made some German Potatoe- soup to give myself some strenght and energy for all the papers I have to write :) 

How was your week? Happy Sunday to all of you! Enjoy!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Red/ Blue

Happy Friday!

Another great weekend is about to begin!
 Before going to an Internatioal Students Talentshow tonight (NO I will not participate ;)) I will only have to survive the presentation of my paper in front of my Prof. and my classmates... I am always afraid of presenting my own work. Its usually fine to present the work by others but my own is somehow different. I hope they will not totally dislike it, 'cause I do not want to start again from the beginning ;)

I wish you all a wonderful Friday and a good start in the weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More adventures (Hiking trip)

The other day we went to this beautiful small lake in the mountains...

I really love to go hiking and this is one of reasons why I love this place here so much! There are small mountains all around the city and it takes only a few minutes to be in the middle of nowhere.  
On the other side of the border in West Virgina things are even getting better; there you can hike for days in a row and spend the nights in tensts. But then you need a car to go there, which I do not have. 
So I continue to go on 4-6 hours small hiking trips instead, which is also very nice :)

Its Wednesday already... in exactly three weeks I will leave this beautiful place. And in two weeks I will have to hand in all those papers that I need to write... BUT today I first gonna go to the film festival again and watch a serie of short films and then the movie "Nairobi Half Life". 
My papers have to wait :)

Happy Wednesday to all of you!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Blue Flowers everywhere

Blue Flowers on my blouse and blue flowers everywhere... :) 

Happy start in the week everyone! I heard that spring is now also arriving in Germany so from now on it will no longer be so hard to think about going back home...
I have three weeks left in this lovely small town. Can't believe how fast the time is passing! I will ty not to think about it too much and just enjoy this week as much as all other weeks before this one :) The film festival will continue until Thursday and I will watch several movies every day. On Thursday I plan to watch four! I hope the weather will be a little worse by then, otherwise I will feel sorry about staying in the cinema for a whole day ;)


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jeans Dress

Believe it or not, this is my first jeans dress ever! 

It is super soft and it has those super cute polkadots and and and; and this is why I liked it ;) Usually I am not so much into jeans- stuff but this little dress changed my mind. 
Now, that spring is coming I can finally wear it! 

Happy weekend to all of you! Hope you have some nice plans!? Here, the film festival is starting this week and I am all exited about it. Today I will watch Chasing Ice and Pirogue, next week there are two more movies I want to watch and maybe some short films too. But then it may get too expensive too ;) 

Also, there are still all those papers to write... why does this semester have to finish in May? It is just not possible to study when the weather is like this ;)