Friday, September 25, 2015

Slow Living Conference - Goodies and new Friends

Let me share some of the awesome goodies from the Slow Living Conference with you...

... I posted about the conference in my before last post (here) so in case you do not know what the Slow Living Conference was about, feel free to check that out. 

Besides the awesome foods and drinks that we got during the conference, we were also invited to take a few goodies with us - and of course I thought its a great idea to share these with you. I took some smoothies, some tea and some dried fruit mix which are all organic and from companys absolutely worthy of support (thats why I am doing this post ;)). Since I really loved the smoothies and the dried fruits, I decided to share a little more about these products in an extra post sometime in the future and tell you a little more about the brands Voelkel and Keimling. For now, I will just shortly sum up what I got here :) 

First of all there is this chai tea from Shotimaa that I am drinking while I am writing this. Its spicy, its sweet, it gives me this feeling of coziness - its all a good chai tea needs to be. 
It this time of the year where I drink chai tea all day and it was like the day before the conference that I thought that I need to buy some chai tea to bear the greyer and colder weather - well I did not have too because someone thought the same thoughts I did ;)

Then there are these little juices from Voelkel. I actually know the brand since childhood because I used to drink their products at the time already. At the conference I tried their green smoothies (perfect!) and the juices from their "fair to go" series. They are all super healthy and super yummy! At home I also tried their "Vegan to go" drinks that I am going to share more about sometime soon :)

Finally, there are also the dried fruits from Keimling that I have been snacking on intensively every day since the conference ;)
Keimling is a great company for vegans and everyone who likes healthy food, super foods and even raw food supply. 

I am actually participating to receive the Keimling Food Blog Award and I invite all food blogs from Germany to participate too (deadline is September 30). I do not really think I have great chances to win since my blog is everything but a professional food blog - but I thought its fun to participate anyway and I may ask you sometime soon to vote for me :) 

Since Keimling has a whoooooole lot of intersting products and since its an awesome company anyway, I will share more about this company soon. 

Aren't these amazing goodies? I was thrilled - they were so 100% in accordance with my taste and my values and the moment I saw them I thought "oh wow, I have to share this on my blog". So this is what I did now and I hope you enjoyed :)

Sending much love and wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. That looks so healthy hun! Love it!


  2. Suc a nice and bright packaging, must be healthy for sure !!
    New post -
    would u like to follow each other on gfc?

    xo, kanchan

  3. Looks like great and healthy stuff, Larissa. You always take amazing pics, btw.

  4. Lovely, dear. Great. I really like it. I have new post also, and will be hape if you see also. Keep in touch, pls. Big kiss

  5. I would love to try those smoothies, I really like drinks like that, so healthy and delicious:) That conference was really a great event:) Have a loveley weekend, hugs:)))

  6. The smoothies to enjoy on-the-go look brilliant. I started drinking Innocent smoothies a couple of months ago and I've been addicted to them ever since haha - I hope these are just as tasty! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  7. These foods and drinks look really great, and seems to be really healthy products. I'm a huge fan of a healthy diet, you know. I can't call myself as a vegetarian, because I still eat cheese, yogurt, eggs and drinking milk, but I'm not eating meat and trying to avoid all the junk food.
    By the way, do you have an instagram page? You can find me as @svetuusvet. Would be great to stay in touch there.

  8. I've read the other post and it's so interesting! I'm vegetarian and I really like it. Have a lovely day <3

  9. This post seems amazing! Great variety of products! xx

  10. Ah ja, das sind immer die guten Seiten von Messen, Seminaren und Konferenzen - die Goodies! Und in deinem Fall ja auch echt tolle Sachen!


  11. Liebe Larissa,
    das kann ich mir vorstellen, dass Du begeistert warst über diese Goodies - offenbar sind das wirklich tolle Produkte! Ich muss gestehen, ich kannte bisher keine einzige der Marken, dank Dir weiß ich jetz mehr :)
    Eine schöne Woche für Euch!
    Liebe Grüße von Rena

  12. woaaaa nice pieces you got there!
    More conference, more goodies! Yaiiiyy :D


  13. I'm looking through your blog and can't help but notice that your images are so pretttyyy! Love it.


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