Monday, September 28, 2015

About Change

This is another post for my About Life column...

... today I want to write about change. I was inspired by various really nice people, by conversations, the slow living conference (I posted about it here) and also by my husband to write this post. 

I guess its not new to anyone out there that we change over time. We think differently when we grow older, we behave differently, we change our interests and hobbys, we change our style, we somehow change who we are all the time. Of course we are always the same persons and there are many things that do not change when it comes to our personality, our thoughts and our ideologies - but many do change. 

Since I started this blog (that was back in 2012!) I changed. When I started this blog I just left northern Germany and moved to Eastern Germany. Since I left my hometown, I did not have many friends in my new home in the beginning and when university started I found my friends solely at university. I found the most wonderful friends, thats for sure, but, since we got to know eachother from university, all we talked about was university related. I was studying African Politcs and Economics and my husband (boyfriend at the time) was studying European Politics and Economics and all my friends were from the same area, so all we talked about was politics! We had endless discussions about how to make this world a better place through the right policies, how to behave in society (very abstract though), which theories were bad and which teories were okay, etc. etc. it was great and I was very inspired, but I realized after some time that all of this was only one part of me - there was this other girl inside me that wanted to talk about fashion, about what to wear and where to shop and about cosmetics and make up and about food and all those topics that were thought to be "superficial". I could never have talked about these topics with my friends because I would have been afraid that they could think I am stupid and superficial. So I never talked about these things with anyone (except my poor husband who had to listen to me when I explained him why I was wearing this or that outfit this or that day ;)). And then - to be able to live this side of me - I started blogging. 

As I told you already in previous posts, I did not tell anyone (except my husband) about my blog since I thought it superficial and stupid to blog and to talk about clothes and food and those kind of things. And I just kept it going for years, not putting too much effort in it because I somehow thought that its stupid anyway (its not world politics so how can it not be stupid ;) ?). Then, when I finished university I was lost for a while and then I began to realize what I really love doing (I have been posting about this a little back here).

By now, I know that topics such a clothes, cosmetics and food - especially food actually - are just what I really like. This does not mean that world politics are no longer important to me, but they are no longer the sole topic I allow myself to show interst in. And this is now where I want to make my point - after I realized that I am not the girl that is 100% academic I ALLOWED myself to show interest in the area of interests I was hiding for a long time. Along with that actually went a huge change: the moment I allowed myself to show interest e.g. in clothes and I started talking more with other people about this interest, I began thinking about in which way I want to be related to this topic - and I took the decision to buy only organic, fair trade or second hand clothes (find out more about that here) because this is much more consistent with my ideologies and values. And when I began talking more about food, I realized that people do not think that I am stupid but that they find it intersting and I realized that its okay to be intersted in food (yes, this may sound stupid to some of you but coming from a family of academics it really is a big step to prefer talking about food than philosophy!) and so I realized that it is okay to change. And to be authentic. And to show what I like. And maybe even to talk about my blog sometime. Because sometimes it seems that it is not that stupid that I always thought it is. :) 

Now what again has this to do with change? Well, when I realized that its okay to talk about food, about general thoughts, about cosmetics and clothes, my first impulse was to create an entire new blog. Because I thought "okay, now I am okay with what I like and now I will make a really good blog with only organic fashion from the beginning and only pretty food images etc." and I really started planning a new blog. But then I stopped and I thought "hey, its okay to change and my readers are allowed to see this change!". And thats where I am now - I think its okay that I do not like some of my older posts wearing clothes I got from bad brands and even promoting these, but I will leave them there on my blog anyway because they show how I changed and my future posts will show how I change in the future and all of that is okay. 

My blog will certainly change again and again over time and I hope that I will be able to be more and more proud of it and maybe even tell more and more people about it. I may loose some readers over time and win others and I will loose some partners over time and win others. And somehow I feel like that I will not regret the losses and always be happy about the new additions :) 

Wow, in case you really read all of that - I love you ;)! Thank you for showing so much interest! 

I would love to know your thoughts on this! Are you proud of blogging? Are you proud of yourself? Are there parts of you you prefer to hide?

Sending much love!


  1. Hola guapa, yo creo que uno nunca debe ocultar sus gustos o preferencias, y claro que te animo a que sigas con o que forma parte de tus intereses y gustos. En la vida hay muchos tipos de personas con diferentes gustos y aficiones. Lo más importante es ser fiel a ti misma.

  2. I enjoy blogging really much and I think every blogger should write on topics he want)

  3. Love this! I think we all change and with that comes some change in blogging! I definitely still enjoy it though! Your blog should be your outlet for expression!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  4. It's amazing how we all change and evolve. My blog has definitely changed too from it's 2010 personal roots. I too was a little afraid to tell people I blogged about fashion at first, but now I own it. It's a fun part of my life. I think it is important to realize it's not all my life though.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. Great post, Larissa! Candor is an attractive quality and it leads to insight.

    It is always good for us to broaden our interests. There is nothing shameful about traditionally female subjects even though I understand your apprehension about being publicly interested in them; it actually mirrors my own experience. Many believe it's wrong for me to care about clothing, food, etc. so my entrance into blogging had similar anxiety. But both of us have grown and benefitted from our blogs. Plus, as you suggest, one can see the whole world through these subjects, as you have been exploring. How clothes are made, how food is produced are vitally important issues with environmental, nutritional, social and economic consequences. So we don't leave our minds at the door when we learn about these things.

    Personal growth and continuing education are positive achievements. Keep going!

  6. It is great to change, always be happy with what you are doing :)


  7. Great post. It's amazing to change. ciao gloria


  8. You've touched such an interesting topic here! I also often find myself thinkink: how stupid and superficial it probably is to post your own pictures in different outfits, to talk about clothes and cosmetics, while indeed, there are much more serious things going on in the world. But the next thought is usually, well, it is OK! Because we need simple, plain and superficial things in our lives! We need to relax and have fun, and style and beauty are really harmless and nice way to do it! Rather than taking antidepressants, or drinking, or whatever!

  9. fabulous post, really interesting to read it! my blog as changed a lot since I started it...

  10. Wow, Larissa, it was very nice to read your thoughts about blogging and progression. For me, blogging has really opened up many opportunities and has helped me grow personally, and I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far, although I have much more on my mind for the future.Have a great week. <3 /Madison
    Back in the Kitchen

  11. Love the picture and love the look..


  12. Great post, Larissa and very well written. Why would you *create* an entire new blog, just because you changed, we all change or otherwise we would still live in caves, don't we. It's fine to grow out of one thing to grow into another thing, that's life, that's progress. Larissa never be ashamed of anything you did, it's part of you, it made you the person you are now, in a few years time you'll have changed again, being stronger even wiser. Now, am I proud to blog? Nah, why should I, it's for my personal fun, tho.

  13. Loved reading this post! I think change is good. As long as you are happy with what you are doing. I don't think our blog has gone through much change really, but it's only been less than a year so i'm sure it will go through plenty of change in the future.


  14. Beautiful post, as usual Larissa! Change is a hard topic. Often necessary, but almost always uncomfortable for at least some duration of time. I am proud of you for doing what you really enjoy doing, and that you took the time to really think about it. You are already legions ahead of others..


  15. Thanks darling :D

    I agree with your words. You write very well!! Change is always good and does well. Need is to relax and learn to consider as well.

    NEW DECOR POST | Modern Decor: Comfortable Place
    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  16. I love this post ♥

  17. this is such a nice theory. I am exactly like u. But its always better to change for good. My blog changed a lot since my first post. From writing, to evolving, I did that all too. This slow life campaign has taught me so much from ur blog . keep inspiring.

  18. Great post! I think that a change is alway good! ;)

  19. Lovely look and nice post

  20. We all change, as we grow as writers and people :) writing reflects that, and its awesome to be able to express yourself through this medium.

    xo, Haylee

  21. I had very similar feeling a couple years ago. I was studying science in school, and thought that I just focus solely on that and not waste time with silly artistic things. I would tell myself that I was NOT artistic in any way. But eventually I realized there is no sense in depriving yourself from things you like! Now I finally feel like I have found a good balance of dong what I enjoy. And I agree, your blog should be allowed to change along with you, after all, it's really a reflection of who you are!


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