Sunday, February 8, 2015

How to make your own (vegan and healthy) NUTELLA!

Today I want to share with you a recipe for a vegan healthy version of NUTELLA!

I like to eat sweet from time to time, who does not? However, as most of you know, I do not like to eat processed foods, refinded sugar and those kind of things. But I was really craving for some nutella the other day. So... I just made my own one, vegan, healthy and really good! 

You need:

200 gramm hazelnuts
Margarine or vegetable oil (how much depends on your taste)
Cocoa (how much depends on your taste)
Sweetener of your choice (refined sugar, agave syrup, raw cane sugar...)
Just a tiny little bit of salt

To do:

roast the hazelnuts in the oven for some 5-7 minutes 

Put them into your food processor and crush until you have a hazelnut paste. Add the other ingredients and continue mixing until you have a creamy consistency. Add as much of the other ingredients as you like - when you add more margarine or oil it will be fatter and also smoother (but less healthy), you can use the sweetener of your choice to make it healthier or less healthy (I used agave syrup) and as much cocoa as you like. 

You will need a really strong food processor for this recipe. In case you dont have one, I think that you can just buy a hazelnut paste from the shop and mix it with the other ingredients. I did not try this but I am pretty sure that it works fine too ... it will be more expensive however.

Yummy yummy yummy! Enjoy :)


  1. Von Kaufland gibt es einen Zartbitteraufstrich, der auch super schmeckt! Nicht ganz so bitter wie der von Alnatura...
    Hab das Selbermachen auch schonmal probiert, ist aber nix geworden (war ein anderes Rezept) - da muss ich deins mal ausprobieren!


  2. Hi dear
    Mmm so tasty, and best of all, healthy, I take note :)

  3. OMMMMG!!! Looks sooooo yummy!!! And delicious and healthy!!! LOVVVVVE!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  4. Wow, what a great recipe! looks yummy:) On my shopping I bought my favourite shampoo and few additioanl hair products, some shoer gels and body lotions and a mascara:) And I have also visited my fav antiquarian bookshop - I got amazing books for such a low pirices - I always buy there my fav XIX century novels:)) hope U had and amazing weekend too, have a great day:)

  5. Never knew it was this simple! Yum. Will have to try this out someday :) Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  6. Thats sooo great! Didn't know that. But its such a great idea to make it yourself!
    Thx for sharing honey! My boy will love that!

    I would be sooo happy if we will follow each other and stay in touch, honey! Follow4follow? :D
    xoxo Colli // tobeyoutiful

  7. This are so yummm.

  8. Oh this is awesome :D

  9. Yum! This looks amazing and fluffy! Might have to give it a try!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  10. it looks more that just good :)

    thanks for comment!

    I follow you via bloglovin, hope you can follow me too :)

  11. That looks so good! I haven't had Nutella in so long and now I wish I had some with me.

  12. really, this is just awesome . I can't wait to try this now w/o the preservatives. My daughter would love it.

    1. Haha, yup, I am mommy too!,, she is 8 now . Thanks for asking :)


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