Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Black Belly

The other day, I covered my belly in this black dress...

...I actually have this dress since more than 7 years and still its one of my favorites! I got it from MANGO in those days. I am just amazed through how many phases of life it accompanies me; I bought it when I was with my second boyfriend, I wore it when I went for the first dates with my husband, I wore it when I lived in Paris and in Ohio, and now I wear it during pregnancy and it still fits so nicely! I love it :)

I was so happy to be able to take some pictures in the sunshine that day! My husband and I went for a long and beautiful walk and I enjoyed it so much to finally get some vitamin D and feel some sunlight on my skin. I am sooooo ready for Spring! 

How do you like this outfit? Next to the dress which is, as I said 7 years old and from Mango and I am wearing a H&M cardigan in here which is quite new and in my current favorite color - light pink :) The scarf is also an old one and I am sure you already saw it on my blog. 

And how do you like the color of my nail polish? I actually got in from this awesome organic brand called benecos. I am going to share more about the brand and their products in my next post. I actually had an eye on their products for quite some time now and I was really happy to finally try them now! 

If you are curious about the nail polish, you can check it out here or here. The color I am wearing in here in Wild Orchid :) 

Now, I hope guys had a good start into the week and I wish you some most wonderful days ahead! 
Sending you all much love and sunshine :)! 


  1. Black dresses are so great for many occassions, urs seems so comfy, I should buy something like that too:)
    And the nail polish is really lovely:) have a great day:))

  2. Beautifull this look, a beautifull pregnant girl!

  3. Gorgeous! Loving the black dress over your bump! You look adorable!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  4. I wish you & your baby good health. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. i think also grey sweater would look good :)


  6. Oh I love this outfit on you Larissa. It's totally chic and looks so comfy, too.

  7. You look wonderful, Rosa!
    This morning I had the same thought about the dress I was wearing! it has been with me for so loooong!
    I love this kind of purchase!!!
    I like your nail polish, I have to put a similar colour on my nails! ;)
    Have a nice evening my dear!

  8. Great photos, and nice outfit.

  9. Awww wow this dress has been through so much with you! How special is that!!! A dress with that much history is so sentimental - keep it forever and pass it on. It can be kind of like the sisterhood of traveling pants only in dress form :)


  10. Wow, you look so wonderful!


  11. I love when you have a garment that's been with you for so many years and phases of your life :) Looks like a super comfy outfit, I like the softness to it and the scarf with the subtle pattern. Very nice!

  12. Oh my gosh you look adorable! Love how you can see the belly through the dress :) Plus that dress is really nice!


  13. You look so happy :) This dress is great, Mango has a lot of nice products.
    Best wishes for you and your baby :)

  14. I love all of these colors together! So pretty!


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