Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Welcome back Sunshine!

Now that I talked so much about that Fall is coming, the weather decided to get better at least a little and I am able to show you this cute dress before it will be too cold to wear it :)

I think soon I will post a first wedding-preparation-post... last weekend we slowly started handcrafting some decoration and these next days I will continue doing so. Lets see if I make enough beautiful things which are worth being posted on my blog ;) 

I hope you guys had a great start in the week!? I am pretty busy right now, preparing the wedding, trying to earn some money and getting lots of other things done.There is not that much time for blogging but I realized that it feels good from time to time to step out of everthing that needs to be done and to make a blog post or to prepare a blog post or think about which outfit I would like to share with you next :) 


  1. What a charming girl you are! You look so pretty there, just keep on smiling:) That tunic is so feminine and cosy at the same time:)
    By the way, the wedding-preparation-post sounds really interesting, can't wait to see your new updates:)
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  2. that dress is stunning
    great pairing dear

  3. That dress is adorable and I love it with the tights! Glad it warmed up a bit!

    <3 Shannon

  4. Yeees!!!!please share something about your wedding!!!
    I would love to see what you're doing! :)
    I like a lot your dress!! :)

  5. Wie hübsch du wieder aussiehst!
    Und, ja bitte! Ganz viele Hochzeits-Vorbereitungs-Posts, die liebe ich!


  6. Hi Larissa, what a fantastic dress! You seem to have so many cute new things I haven't seen before. Also, I can't wait to see some crafts from your wedding! If I'm reading your blog correctly, you were going to share your new direction in life? Did I miss it? Hope things are well!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  7. Oh Larissa, pretty pictures. The dress looks great on you. The prints too. very lovely.


  8. I just can imagine how busy your are with all the wedding things!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  9. This is a lovely little dress, I love how you've styled it :) xx

  10. ohhh the dress looks great on you, love the flowy-ness on it!

  11. Hi dear,

    That dress looks great on you :)
    I don’t know if you noticed, but I have a completely new website, check it out here: www.beneaththecoat.com
    and let me know what you think!
    Also, I am moving from Blogger so you can’t follow me through GFC anymore, but if you go to my new page you will see that you can follow the blog through:

    Looking forward seeing you on my blog again!

  12. yesss! here we are having the bets weather now!! don't come fall! jajajaja

    kisses you solo pretty!!!! muak

  13. Oh this dress is very lovely! Perfect on you!


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