Friday, September 5, 2014

Fall is coming...

Fall is coming here in Germany, no doubt about it...

...I've been hoping that Summer is just taking a break but now the color of trees are changing and the temperatures proove that Summer is over since a little while. Last night I spent the evening putting all my Winter clothes back into my closet and putting my shorts and Summer dresses underneath my bed. It was  sad somehow, but now I try to make the best out of Fall, starting with this grey and black dress which I also got from my last swap-party. As you may have noticed I pair everything with my light pink scarf these days. I just love the scarf and the color suits with everything! 

So here we go for a first Fall outfit :)

By the way, as most of you know, my sunglasses (which I love!) are from Firmoo -

They currently have 20% off all their glasses because of their five year anniversairy ... in case you need a new pair of glasses, I guess that now is the right time :)

Have a most beautiful Friday everyone!
Sending you lots of love!


  1. Yes, indeed... The autumn has arrived here in Finland, as well! I have yet to clean out my closets and bring out the warmer clothing. Even though I love the summer, my heart and sould belong to autumn so I always feel happy as the first crispy cool mornings arrive. :)

    You look lovely in that outfit! :)

  2. Nice bag!
    Still summer in Greece ;)

  3. Love your fall outfit!! The black tights with the brown boots look so cute and I love that scarf!

    <3 Shannon

  4. I'm a little sad to see Summer going but I'm looking forward to getting my cosy jumpers and boots out. Love your shoes! :) xx

  5. lovely outfit! great autum outfit! such a shame we have to pack away all of our summery clothes!

  6. Es herbstelt absolut, und ich freue mich so sehr darauf! Herbst ist viiiel besser als der schwitzige Sommer (wenn man mich fragt).
    Hübsch siehst du mal wieder aus!


  7. Love the look stunning
    Great sunnies

  8. Beautiful pictures once again. Oh I wish that summer stays longer where you are and here we complain about having a weather of 90 degrees. You look so chic !


  9. My absolute favourite season is on its way... The trees have already started to change colour, it's all a bit too exciting! I'm only looking forward to the hot chocolates and certainly not the shorter hours. You look wonderful! :) xo

  10. Lovely outfit! Love the shoes! :)

  11. Nice outfit. Superb glasses. Fall is a nice time of year when we turn our attention back to fashion. Summer is too hot for it.

  12. Nice look love hte shoes ;)

  13. I do love the way you wear that scarf, it looks super chic and adds the final touch to the whole outfit. You are always very neat in your dress. Besides, those snapshots are wonderfully done, that place is very picturesque, to my mind;)
    Have a fabulous time!

  14. Hi my dear Rosa!!!
    Oh....why is already fall? I need to wear some shorts for some more time!!!
    I like your dress!
    Hope you're having a great Sunday!!!

  15. Hi dear!
    Yeah, it seems so but you're also so stylish in fall
    Love the booties

  16. Great outfit. You look so nice :)

  17. Love that scarf! It looks so good with the dress :)


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