Monday, February 8, 2016

High Waist Jeans and Winter Coat

I am totally able to understand why high waist jeans are so popular...

 ... I am totally not able to understand why I did not wear a high waist jeans on the blog so far! I mean they make long legs, they are cozy, they make your belly look flat, they are warm, you rarely need a belt. There are so many reasons for why to wear high waist jeans.

So here it is. Finally. A high waist jeans on my blog. The jeans  is second hand from Pull&Bear (btw, do you know this brand? I have no idea where its from and what kind of brand it is...), the sweater is second hand (I almost sold this one at the fleamarket last November but then, last second, decided to keep it anyway, and since I wear it like once a week) and the woolen coat is from when I lived in the US back in 2013. Oh yes. Finally a Winter coat on the blog! The weather these days is really made for stay-at-home mums. Or for unemployed. Or for students on break. Its simply a weather where you want to stay inside. And when you go outside to take advantage of two minutes of sunshine (we took the pictures here in those two minutes) then all you want to wear is a jeans, a sweater and a nice big coat to wrap around you. So thats what I did today :) 

How do you like this cozy look?  

So is the weather where you are also as grey and windy and rainy as it is here?  I think I  spend as much time as home as never before in my life these days/weeks. I work in my pyjamas, I cook in my pyjamas, I play with the little one in my pyjamas and every once in a while I take a shower, put some jeans on and go grocery shopping. I am a very lucky girl, cause my friends support my current lifestyle and come to my place in the afternoon, arriving here in big jackets and with wet faces from the rain. And I welcome them with hot turmeric latte and raw sugar free treats - being thankful for not having to go outside to spend time with them ;)

Thats how life looks like these days. I have to stay that I pretty much love it :) 
How is your life doing? 

Sending you LOADS of love!


  1. Nice coat<3

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  2. High-waisted pants are very flattering and you look great in these jeans. It can be nice to be indoors but after a while I suspect you'll itch to go outside.

  3. Hi Larissa! It's been a while! I'm still not totally in the swing of blogging since the New Year. I hope you and the little one are doing well (sounds like it! Glad you are staying cozy.) It is very gray and cold here in Nashville, we've even gotten some snow recently. I got some high-waisted jeans a couple years ago and LOVE them. They are so flattering and comfy to me!! You should also give some "mid-rise" jeans a try! You look great.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  4. beautiful look love the color the sweater

  5. Nice cozy look dear!! Love your jeans!

  6. I've just got my new violet coat - so happy with it)

  7. You look so confortable and chic! Nice choice!

    Kisses and have a nice day ❤

  8. I love high waisted jeans for all those reasons! These look great on you. Fun wash.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  9. You look fabulous! Loving the high waisted jeans on you and your sweater is so pretty!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  10. Nice jeans! I've just discovered that brand, seems quite nice!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Walking Freckle

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  11. Die Brille steht dir super super gut! :)

    ich mache gerade eine Weltreise und dokumentiere alles, schau doch mal vorbei, würde mich freuen.
    Fühl dich gedrückt, Laura :)

  12. I love these jeans, the fit and the wash love great! I live in high waist jeans, they are so flattering. I'm pretty sure that Pull & Bear are a Spanish brand that are owned by Zara, they have some lovely items and do remind me a little of Zara. The weather here is terrible too, I've tried doing so many outfit posts but the pictures have just been coming out awful due to the weather which is why there has been a lack of them on my blog recently :( Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I hope you're well :) Now off to catch up on the rest of your blog :) xx

  13. u look so smart,love the boots girl :)
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  14. I absolutely enjoyed this post dear!

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  15. high waisted jeans are my favorite! cool outfit!

  16. High waisted jeans have been my fav since discovering them last year! Love the color of ur sweater good u dint sell it!

  17. Super cute and comfy look. I really love the coat. xx

  18. Great look!:)

  19. I love this smart casual look! You look super chic every single time! I love simple and clean outfits, this one is perfect indeed!

  20. Thanks darling :D

    You look amazing with these coat :D So pretty!

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  21. Ein toller Look. Die Jeans lässt deine Beine wirklich seeeeehr lang aussehen. Ich bin recht klein und solche Schnitte sehen bei mir immer sehr seltsam aus... da lasse ich die Finger davon.

    Und das Wetter ist hier auch total seltsam. Hätten wir wenigstens Schnee... den haben wir schon immer mal wieder einen Tag oder ein paar wenige Tage lang, aber letztlich fühlt es sich momentan mehr nach April an. An manchen Tagen schüttet es wie verrückt, dann haben wir auf einmal Frühling und 15° und dann wieder Schnee. Das nervt schon ein wenig.

    Ich mag düstere Geschichten durchaus. Nicht immer, aber manchmal packt mich das schon. Grad weil das Szenario ja nicht ganz so realistisch ist, gefällt es mir, wenn man sich mit verschiedenen fanatischen Gruppierungen etc. auseinander setzt. Grad wenn das realistisch gemach ist, find eich das faszinierend. Auch erschreckend (natürlich!), aber spannend und ein klein wenig lehrreich.

  22. Adorable look! I really like your cot, very cute! Your sweater also looks very cozy!


  23. You look great as always, I love the jeans! I know Pull&Bear, I dont have a lot clothes from them, but my fiancee has a Pull&Bear hoodie and it's really good:) In here its a bit windy and sometimes it's rains, but the weather in general is not so bad. Today we have picked the restaurant, where we will eat our after wedding dinner, it's really nice and so close from the church and our apartment:)Have a nice afternoon, hugs:)))

  24. Your look is so cute! I really like your sweater and nice coat :)


  25. You look so great!


  26. cool coat!
    you always look so chic!

  27. love the high waist pants on you and your sweater is gorgeous <3

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  28. It is so fun to just relax and be. I adore your lifestyle. Yeah I definitely agree that high waist pants are keepers.

    Styleccentric Fashion | Current post >> New Chic Haul & Review | BLOGLOVIN

    xo, Alyssa

  29. u have some sassy legs out there mommy dear. Am glad that you finally wore high waist. Keep on experimenting now haha. I am never a fan of low rise jeans. The high waist ones, allows me to hide my fanny pouch after C -section. Somehow I got rid of all the fat, but that extra skin has found its best friend in high waisted jeans and pants.
    Happy Valentine's Day In advance.

  30. This certainly is a very cozy look. :) I am so glad high waist jeans are making a comeback, I was beginning to grow tired of my jeans nearly showing my bum every time I bent over!

  31. Nice photos and combine!


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