Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015 Beauty Favorites

Let me share my beauty favorites from 2015 with you...

... before I truely dive into the new year with my blog, I want to take a last look back. Today I want to share my favorite body care, skin care and make up from 2015 with you. I used all these products a lot throughout the year and I love all of them. They are all organic, natural and from great brands! 

So let me start with my favorites in body care

1. Burts Bees Sugar Scrub! Yummy! I love the smell, I love the way it makes my skin feel super soft and I love how it leaves some moisture and fat on my skin after using it. I got it as a gift for my birthday 2014 and I used it carefully during the year (I could need some new one actually... )
I wrote about it back here too 

2. Dr. Hauscka Rose Body Oil. Dr. Hauschka definetly is one of my favorite organic cosmetics brands! The body oil is really like the best I ever had! I used it for the first time more than ten years ago and every once in a while I am lucky to get one as a gift from my mother - and then I spoil myself with this luxury product :) 

3. Weleda Shower Gel. To be honest, I could not really choose which of the many awesome shower gels from weleda is my favorite - I LOVE the wild rose one, I LOVE the pomegranate one and I LOVE the sea buckthorn one. Since this is the one I am currently using, I put this one on the picture. 

4. Lavera Body Butter. Since I love the smell of macadamia nuts and since I love a fat and thick texture when it comes to body care, this body butter from Lavera had to be on my favorites list too. However, I used several aaaaaaaawesome body lotions throughout the year, many of them from Lavera!  

5. Korres Body Lotion. Wow! I got to know Korres at the really end of the year and baaaaam - I promise you that they will be on my favorites list for 2016 again! What a great brand! Why did I not know them before? Anyway, the Marrocain Rose body lotion and body butter are amazing! I love the texture, I love the smell and I love the design ;)

Here are my face care favorites:

 1. Annemarie Börlind Eye Cream. This one is my favorite from all of them. I used this eye cream a year or so ago when I visited my mother and since, I wanted to have it too. Its quite expensive though, so I never really wanted to spend 18 euro on an eye cream... well, lucky me that I got it for Christmas :) its my favorite eye cream ever! So rich, so good, so perfect! Really! 

2. Love me Green Face Cream and Face Mask. Love me Green is one of those super cool brands that I got to know in 2015 - and I am so happy about that! The regenerating day cream is one of my favorites as is the moisturising face mask. Wait. Actually I liked the regenerating face mask better. Or no. The moisturising one. Or maybe the rege... 
You get the idea ;)
I wrote about it back here, here and here too

3.  Lavera Beauty Balm. This one really saved me on those tired days when I had had a little bit of a hard night. I never use makeup but this cream really made me look good on bad days. Thanks for that Lavera!

4. Lavera Cleansing Milk. My favorite for my sensitive skin! It cleans well, makes my skin feel nourished rather than dry after using it and helps with small blemishes.

5. Dr. Hauscka Day Cream Rose. Body care or face care, no matter what, Dr. Hauschka simply is awesome! Try their products, then you know what I mean! You really can feel the quality of the products on your skin and when you listen carefully you can hear your skin saying "thank you!"

And now the last one: Make up

1. Benecos Eye Brow Pencil. Something that simple yet something that made me incredibly happy throughout the entire year! I LOVE this eyebrow pencil. Since I got it, not a single day passed without me using it (okay, thats not true, there were those days spent in PJ where I did not leave the house... and I did not use my eye brow pencil).  
I wrote about it back here too 

2. Benecos Blush Mallow Rose and Brush. I got these towards the end of the year when I was looking for a new blush. I was looking for a cream blush/blush stick but could'nt find one - so I tried this blush instead. What a find! I love the color and it really feels good on my skin and not dry at all (I usually prefer blush sticks because powder often makes my skin feel dry). It really is a great alternative to my blush stick!

3. Korres Blush Stick Peach. Talking about blush... towards the end of the year I got to know the Greec brand Korres and fell in love. Completely. And especially in this blush stick! It smells like vanilla, is super creamy, has the perfect color and well, is my new favorite I guess. 

4. Dr. Hauscka Volume Mascara. I tried quite a few mascaras in 2015, always looking for the perfect one. I have to say that I still didn't find the perfect one (when I laugh tears - which happens often - all those organic mascaras tend to make me look like having a black eye... :() but as long as it is dry, not snowing, and I am not crying, this one from Dr. Hauschka is really good I think ;)
I wrote about it back here too 

5.  Lavera Lip Stick Sweet Bramble. My lip stick of the year! Love it! The color looks darker than it does on the lips, I was wearing it quite a lot on the blog actually. Always makes me look slightly more elegant, I think ;)

6. Alverde Concealer.  This one, next to the Beauty Balm and the Blush, saved me on those days where I looked tired and exhausted. Thanks for that Alverde! I really like it because it has this cooling liquid on the one side and the soft rose colored concealer on the other side. Great product!

Wow, those were a lot of products! Do you know and of them? Do you use any of them? Are maybe some of them in your favorites list too :)? I would love to know!

Have a great rest of the week and a wonderful weekendend ahead! I will be back on Monday with my first outfit post of 2016 ;)

Sending much love!


  1. love it

    Fashion & Makeup

  2. i see some beautiful blushes
    Keep In Touch

  3. Loved your selections of favorites, they're some brands that I haven't tried yet but they look amazing!

  4. Ich habe gerade das alterra Gesichtsöl mit Wildrose für mich entdeckt, wirklich ganz fantastisch!


  5. heya !! Happy New Year. Most of these brands are only available in sephora, except Burt bees, and I swear by that for all winter season.I use mostly kiehl's concealer. Have u tried that too ?

  6. So many great products darling!! *-*
    I have to try that lips scrub!

  7. All these products sound so nice! I really need to upgrade to a nice body scrub and body wash. What I use now are pretty cheaply produced so they leave my skin really dry and itchy afterward. That can't be good! I will have to definitely check out some of the brands you mentioned.

  8. Wow, I love cosmetics, so I love this post! Actually I'm really into natural cosmetics especially when it comes to hair and body care and I always read the ingredients on the package to make sure they are right. Unfortunately a lot of natural brands are quite expensive, but I often look for something silimilar with a better price:) I havent tried most of your products, but my latest favourite cosmetic is a rose water. I also want to try an orange one. You have asked about beans - actually I really like them and we are tryin to eat more and more of them, tomorrow I'm making white bean spread for sanwiches:)I also like mung beans, chickpeas, fava beans and basically any bean:P They are so healthy:)Now I'm going to work out a bit:) Have a nice evening, hugs:)))

  9. I heard a lot of good comments about Dr Hauschka products but never used! I 'll try it very soon.
    Thanks for sharing your experience :)
    xo, Silvy

  10. Some great stuff, Larissa. Love the benecos blush, beautiful color.

  11. Great items Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  12. Liebe Larissa, danke, dass Du Dir die Mühe gemacht hast, Deine Beauty-Favoriten genau zu beschreiben. Denn ich weiß, was die Maßstäbe sind, für die Produkte, die Du verwendest und dass ich entsprechend die von Dir hier vorgestellten Produkte guten Gewissens verwenden kann. Besonders interessiert mich im Moment aus gegebenen Anlass die Annemarie Börlind Eye Cream :) Schönes Wochenende für Euch!
    xx Rena
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  13. I haven't tried any of these and a number I am not familiar with the brand so it was great to hear your thoughts.

  14. Amazing products dear! Haven't tried out any of those but i would love to :)

  15. Great faves! I don't think of tried any of them, tbh, but they sound lovely.


  16. Have tried Korres and it's great for skincare! Would love to try the others!

  17. I actually haven't heard of them but they sound good! xx

  18. Burt´s Bees und Korres sind auch zwei Marken, die ich super lieb gewonnen habe ♥ Sehr hochwertige Produkte, die immer toll riechen!
    Liebst, Melina


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