Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 to 2016 - looking back and looking ahead

It is the very end of the year...

... and it is the time of the year where we like to think back of what happend in the past year and we like to make plans for the new year. I have quite a few plans for 2016, more than usual when it comes to the end of the year, actually. I have some blog related plans and some personal plans. And I have a lot to look back to.

2015 - looking back on my life

In 2015 my life changed more than in any other year before - I became a mother. A huge step which felt so normal and natural to me. My daily life changed, my status in society changed, my role in the household changed and yet I embraced all of these changes and I was nothing but grateful for my little daughter during this entire year. 

The birth of my daughter was definetly the biggest happening in 2015 but loads of other small thoughts, moments, conversations and inspirations made this year so special to me. I learned a lot about me in 2015, I learned a lot about how I want to live my life. I actually think now, at the end of the year, that I understand and know myself better than ever before. This makes me feel good with myself because I can see now that I live in accordence with my beliefs, my ideologies and my personality. I feel good. I feel better than ever actually. I am happy at the end of the year, even very happy. Full of gratitude and without any regrets. Its been a while since I felt like this on New Years Eve!
 2015 - looking back on my blog

In 2015 loads of things changed  on my blog. I finally dared to change my blog in a way that made it more personal and brought it back closer to my values and ideologies - I decided to cooperate with sustainable companies only, not to make posts for cheap clothes anymore, to share more about my personal thoughts on life, to make my blog more personal in general and to be more critically with myself and my behaviour as a consumer, not only in real life, but also, and especially on the blog. 

I critically reviewd all the clothes I bought during the year in my My Purchases column, I wrote a few posts in my About Life column, I wrote about my Pregnancy, and I wrote more about brands I really love and which I love to support. I am happy with my blogger year of 2015 but still, there are a few things that I still want to change...

Lisbon January 2015

 2016 - looking ahead to my blog

I have a few plans for my blog for 2016. Of course I want to continue to cooperate only with sustainable brands and I want to show you even more "good" brands in the coming year. I also want to continue with the My Purchases posts because they are really helpful for me to critically analyse my shopping behaviour. Furthermore, I plan to post slightly more on healthy food. You will not see a single recipe containing refined sugar or white flour on my blog in 2016 and you will be able to read slightly more on why to eat in a certain way. Since I am a nutritionist now, I think its okay to share a little bit more of nutrion advices :) 

Also - I plan to go down to two posts a week! Since I am usually blogging at night or early in the morning I would have a night per week more to read books, watch movies, or write letters, and a morning more to go running. So there will be fewer posts on the blog but more quality time in my life :) 

 2016 - looking ahead to my life 

I have quite a few plans for 2016 when it comes to my life in general. 

Here is the first one:
I will not eat any refined sugars and no white flour for the entire year of 2016! Bam! This is mainly because I want to get my acid/base ratio into balance (its not bad since I am already eating a healthy vegan diet, but I am not yet where I want to be). I am totally looking forward to this small challenge. I will share with you how things go every few months or so and I will share even more healthy recipes with you :) 

But now to a more emotional level. I plan to accept myself the way I am every day, every minute, every second. I love myself and I want to be able to feel the love I have for myself every single day. I do no longer want to blame myself for things others feel disturbed about. I did this for a long time but I understand now that when someone feels disturbed by my way of living, it is mainly because the other is not happy with his/her way of living. So my goal for 2016 is to simply be ME every moment and not to be afraid what others think of me when I am being me :) 

I also want to want to take the responsibility for my relationships with others. When a relationship that is important to me does not go well, it is not the others fault but it may also be my fault. So I want to take responsibility for every relationship that is important to be and make it be a good one. On the other hand, I want to let go with relationships that are draining energy from me and are trying to "keep me small" if you know what I mean!? 

There are of course also loads of travel plans, work plans, what-to-do plans for 2016 but these are not as imortant to me as are those more spritual plans I have. I could write a lot more but I think that I managed to put down what is most important to me. The rest can wait and you will see it anyway on my blog as I will post about my travels, my business, my outfits, my food, any my life :) 

Iran October 2015

I am looking forward to 2016, to life in general and to everything that is going to happen here on the blog! 
Thanks for having been with me in 2015!  
I am looking forward to see you all in 2016 and to stay in touch, keep inspiring and getting inspired and exchanging news  :) 

Happy New Year to all of you! 
Sending loads of love for 2016!


  1. Wie schön - es tut gut zu hören, wie glücklich und zufrieden du mit deinem Leben bist. Danach streben wir schließlich alle!

    Kommt gut ins neue Jahr!

  2. Happy New Year, dear)) Wish all your dream and plans come true!

  3. Great post about the past and the future! Good luck with everything and Happy 2016!
    Have an amazing day,

  4. Ein richtig schöner Post :) Es ist toll, dass du so glücklich in deinem Leben bist. Und deine Pläne für 2016 um das Leben noch besser zu machen, hören sich super an. Ich hab meinen Schrank auch schon ein wenig umsortiert und nun Roh-Vollrohrzucker und Roggenmehl bei mir ein Zuhause gegeben ;)
    Ich wünsche dir ein gutes Gelingen für deine Vorsätze und ein wundervolles Jahr 2016!
    Liebste Grüße

  5. Blessings and congratulations on becoming a mother. You have some solid plans for 2016, I hope you hold true to them all and be kind to yourself if you do not.

    Just browsing through blogspotville and thought I’d stop in to wish you a happy new year.
    May you have more triumphs than trials
    More joy than sorrow
    More support than judgement
    More Inspiration than discouragement
    More resources and access than obstacles
    and may you know through it all
    That you are blessed and a blessing (by D.S.B.S.Rhapsody)


  6. I am so happy to have started following your blog this year! I love the way you inspire healthy eating, sustainable shopping, and finding happiness from the inside out. It sounds like 2015 was wonderful year for you, and I hope that 2016 holds even more great things!

  7. Happy new year my dear Rosa!!!!
    I think you had a great great year!!!
    Your resolutions for 2016 are really wonderful, I really wish you realized them!!!
    I send you a huge hug!
    Say hello to Nila too!!!:)

  8. So well written, especially about relationships with others and self-acceptance. Actually this year I also thought about those stuff, and as far I think Im better with loving myself and I really fell good, I still have to work on relationships with others. As you said - those ones, who are draining your energy, they are not worth it. But when a person deserves it, when its a good person at heart, I think I should accept people more, despite some barriers or totally different opinions on life. I mean I used to create some distance and from some time I try to be more open and understanding for others, I also try not to judge cos its a very bad habit I think. And as you said I will try to look for the fault in myself rather than others. And another thing - we want to be more active with my fiance, start to work out and eat more and more fruits, vegetables and super food in general:) Have a wonderful New Year, all the best to you and your family, hugs:)))

  9. Happiest of new years to you my lovely friend!! I have missed your blog. I had to take some time off from blogging but now I am back. This post was an excellent one to read. You are such an inspiring, humble and courageous woman. I love that you plan to love yourself more, accept yourself, take more time for yourself and that you place your spiritual travel plans over physically traveling. You have such an incredible world view and I can't wait to read more about it. Much love from NYC :)


  10. Sounds like it was such a great year! Becoming a mother and learning more about yourself are huge. Looks like you have a great 2016 ahead too.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  11. Great resolutions darling and such a hard challenge but I think you will win and reach every point of your list!
    Happy Sunday!

  12. Great post. Good luck with your goals, Larissa. Happy 2016!!

  13. Oh sweetie my best wishes and blessings for you darling!

  14. I've always wanted to go to lisbon, happy new year!


  15. Such a lovely post! wish you a very happy new year :)

  16. So ein schöner Blogpost! Frohes neues jahr und herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Mama-sein ♥

  17. Absolutely great! Happy 2016!

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