Monday, November 2, 2015

September and October Purchases

Its time for my September and October Purchases...

... from September on I took the decision to change my behaviour as a consumer and to buy sustainable only - this means either sustainable organic brands or second hand. So today I will tell you a little bit about how things went so far. First of all, I want to say that I am very happy that I took this decision and I feel a lot better and a lot more in coherence with myself since! 

So how did it go? All in all I am doing pretty good - I bought one skirt from Hess Natur (see below) and a few second hand clothes. However, I also bought one shirt dress from H&M and I bought some sports wear from a normal sports wear brand. I have somehow an excuse for both: I was looking for a shirt dress to wear in Iran (where I am not allowed to wear my usual clothes) and I was not able to find one so a week before we left to Iran, I just ordered one from H&M because I really needed something to wear on arrival (while I was in Iran I was wearing my friends clothes - have you seen my Iran Outfit?). I feel bad about having ordered that dress but I really did not know what else to do.  About the sports wear - I really needed some rubber boots and I found these really cute ones and since I ordered them from a sportswear shop, I looked through the sales and could not resist buying a top and some socks. So these are my fails! Totally admit! I will be better in the next two months, I am sure. And I will become better and better with every month and in one year it will be the most normal thing ever to buy organic or fair trade only (hopefully) :)

Two jeans, second hand. They are H&M Boyfriend jeans. I paid 10 Euro for each of them and I wear them a lot. I wore the black one on the blog here and the blue one not yet on the blog, but I am having an outfit ready that I was wearing twice in the last two weeks and I want to put it on the blog soon :) 
(here I am cheating a little because with the two jeans I also bought a second hand blazer and a second hand sweater but I sold both of them again alread since I didnt like them anyway)

My much loved pencil skirt from Hess Natur, 100% wool, 100% perfect, I love it and wear it a lot! I wore it on the blog here and I am sure it will make it on the blog again several times this Winter, next Winter and even the Winter after next Winter ;)  
I paid 70 Euro (on sale!)

A running shirt and running socks. Not much to say about it, except that they are not second hand and not organic and not fair and I should not have bought them. They were on sale, I thought I need them and I paid 5 Euro for all of it. 

Rubber boots! I was looking for rubber boots in years, but either I found them ugly or they were too expensive. These ones were 13 Euro, they are actually riding equipment (I bought them from a sports shop in the horseback riding section) and a friend of mine has the same and she says that they are the best rubber boots she ever owned. I just got them a few days back and since we have super duper sunshine weather, I did not get to wear them yet. 

A handbag, second hand, originally from MANGO. I paid 20 euro and I use it a lot. Its really big and perfect for my own things plus the babys toys, diapers etc. ;) 

The H&M shirt dress I wrote about above. Not organic, not sustainable, not fair, nothing. But I really needed it for Iran! I wore it in Iran and I am sure I will get to wear it a lot back here in Germany too. Still, I feel bad about having bought it. I paid 20 euro. 

So these are my purchases. I did not do super bad nor super good. But I am okay with these two months, because I did better than ever before and thats already something! Its difficult to change habits from one day to the other and I am patient with myself - please be so too :) 

I spent a total of 148 euro 
(the items I bought and sold again are not included in here)  

All in all I actually find it easier than I thought to consume this way! I am thinking more about what I really need and I am searching for more specific things instead of just scrolling through the H&M sales.
I installed an app for second hand sales on my phone and when I feel like scrolling through clothes, I am looking through the second hand clothes on the app and it has the same relaxing effect on me as did the H&M sales site. However, from the second hand things I bought, I sold two (out of five) pieces again because I did not like them anyway, thats a bad rate, I think. I need to get better in this second hand shopping and I will :)! 

So, these were my purchases from September and October and from my first two months as a conscious consumer. What do you think about them? 

Sending much love and wishing you a great start in the new week!  


  1. Nice boots

    Perfect look

  2. Great bag! :)

  3. I think it sounds like you are doing well. You shouldn't beat yourself up. You are working to be mindful and make a change, and that is awesome. Unfortunately I love those boots! I've been looking for a pair like them and they are harder to find than you would think.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. I think you are doing very well! As you said, you are doing better than before, and that is really great! I love your skirt! I'm looking forward to the looks you will create with it. Have a nice week!


  5. wow, you're definitely doing well. I think I need to do same thing about my consume habit, especially on "sale" thing. LOL
    nice picks anyway!


  6. Such cool stuff and you have good taste :)

  7. that purse? LOVE! and love the blog too, girl! if you get the chance to check out mine (and maybe even follow? no pressure though!) i'd really appreciate it! :)

    have a great week!
    love, rach.
    So, hi.

  8. Oh very cute jeans darling
    Great purchases

  9. Die Tasche ist wunderschön und dann auch noch für so wenig Geld,
    ich sollte auch mal anfangen Second Hand zu shoppen :)

    Liebste Grüße ♥
    Mai von Sparkle & Sand

  10. Great post dear!

  11. Nice items, I love the bag!


  12. fun buys! I hate buying jeans, but every time I get a new pair I wonder why I dont buy them more because they are so fun!

  13. I love your choices!
    Happy week,

  14. You bought some really nice stuff, Larissa. Have a wonderful day, dear.

  15. These are such interesting purchases! Love your shopping attitude, that way you not only save money, but find really interesting items! So inspired by you!

  16. You have bought some great buys :)
    The boots are my favourite xox

  17. They are beautiful! You have very good taste! :)

  18. Aaaah, die Handtasche ist ja ein super Fund! So eine suche ich auch schon lange...hach!


  19. Great picks, I love the boots!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  20. I really like the bag and pencil skirt - nice choices! A while ago I bought few nice sweaters from second hands and few days ago I bought a lovely winter coat, 80 % made of wool - I bought it in one of those open air markets, so I think its not bad too:) I know exactly what you talkin about with your old and new apartment - when we were movin out I was really sad to leave, even though I was happy to have a new one. I even took pictures of the whole old apartment just as a thing to remember, cos we had so many beautiful moments there:) And our renovation is basically done, but on spring we are plannig to renovate the kitchen - for now on we decided to leave old furnitures and wait a bit, cos they are not so bad. Have a great evening and I wish you a lot of happiness in your new apartment!Hugs:)))


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