Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pencil Skirt

Remember my last "my purchases" post?

If not you can find it here :) 

In this post I have been showing the pencil skirt and the blouse that I am wearing here. I have been wearing both pieces a looooot. Like at least once a week. They both turned out to be some of my new absolutely favorites and I love to combine the skirt with all different kinds of blouses and the white blouse with all different kind of skirts and pants. 

Here is a combination that I have been wearing a couple of times before I took some pictures for the blog the other day. How do you like it?

The oversized kimono that I am wearing here wih the MANGO short sleeve blouse and the H&M pencil skirt, is a new-in that I bought a couple of weeks ago on sale. 

By the way, I am still thinking a lot about consumerism and the way I consume. I posted a few thoughts on the topic here and I decided that I want to share a little more of my thoughts. This is why I am going to review the movie "The True Cost" for you. I am also thinking about reviewing the movie "cowspiracy" which is another favorite documentary of mine. Cowspiracy had a great influence on me when I went vegan and it convinced me that veganism is the only sustainable way of eating. Now The True Cost may change my behaviour as a consumer when it comes to clothes and since this is a huge topic on my blog I think its important to share my thoughts with you :) 

Anyway, for today, I want to stay positive and keep away from the brutal truth. But its absolutely clear that I cannot continue like that...

Sending you all much love!


  1. This outfit looks so comfy but chic at the same time! I really like it :)


  2. totally love your semi formal style outfit

  3. Aw this is one of my favorite skirt model . Looks classy, stylish and elegant. Perfect for any occasion! You styled it perfectly! Great look!

  4. Isn't it great when we find clothes we love that we can wear over and over? I resist the disposable society we've become. Look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on consumerism.

  5. You look so classy. Love the skirt! Have a great day!

  6. I love that skirt and these photos are so amazing!! *-*
    Great place dear!

  7. this outfit seems to be so cozy, beautiful...
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  8. Love this simple & elegant look. The skirt is just perfect!
    Fashion Panache Blog


  9. Cool look! Have a nice day :)

    I follow you!
    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts!

  10. Liebe Larissa,
    das finde ich so klasse, dass Du den gleichen Rock hast wie ich und ihn auch so gerne magst! Denn dieser Rock ist auch einer meiner Lieblingsröcke, auch wenn ich mit genau diesem Rock das kleine Malheur erlebt habe, dass die Naht am Schlitz aufgegangen ist :) Das ganze Outfit steht Dir einfach hervorragend und ich finde es außerordentlich gelungen.
    Über mein Konsumverhalten denke ich auch sehr oft nach ... und finde es einfach klasse, wie Du Dich damit auseinandersetzt!
    Liebe Grüße von Rena

  11. yaynesss for this kind of professionalism outfit! :D
    you do look professional and attracting in a good way!


  12. I watched one documentary Toxic Clothing and it made me so sad. Sometimes I feel like there is so little we can do! I wear a lot of vintage clothes and I don't shop that much, but I don't think that the answers are as simple as that. There are so many problems, it is hard to know what to do. Many people boycott brads from China, while in fact practically all of the European and Western clothes is produced there. It is the USA (for instance Disney) and European (for instance H&M) brands that have the higest percentage of toxic chemicals in their clothes! So, I don't think the answer is as simple as boycotting developing countries especially when they are actually just a victim of western consumerism.

    I do like that pencil skirt. This is a very elegant and classy outfit!

  13. I'm glad you were able to find some pieces you love, and want to wear again and again! Looks like they were worthwhile pieces. Great skirt!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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