Friday, August 28, 2015

Greetings from the North Sea Coast

The last weekend of my vacation I spent at the North Sea Coast...

... since this place is so beautiful, I thought to share some images with you.

In the area there are loads of dykes because of the floodings which happen from to time. On those dykes you will find herds of sheep which are tramping down the soil so that the dykes stay firm and solid. My husband and I enjoyed a beautiful walk with our baby on one of those dykes and I took lots of pictures of those cute sheeps walking around there :) 

We also went mudflat walking which was a lot of fun. Since there are ebb and flow at the North Sea the water is sometimes just gone for hours and you can walk around in the leftover mud. We saw children completly covered in mud, screaming and jumping around - they obviously had a lot of fun! Since we had the baby with us, we decided just to walk in the mud and not to dive in it ;)

In the past six weeks we travelled to a lot of different places in the northern part of Germany and we were thinking about where to move... this is a really difficult question since so many factors play a role in this decision. For now, we are going to stay in the city for a little longer, but in around two years we want to move to the countryside somewhere in northern Germany. I am already looking forward to it :)!

Have you every been to the North Sea? Have you done mudflat walking? I would love to know :)

Sending much love!


  1. Great post and what a lovely location.

  2. Oh my gosh!! I am actually obsessed with sheep and goats and any animals of that kind. You have no idea how long I just spent staring at all these excellent photos!! Such gems :) Also, "dyke" has a very different meaning for Americans so when I first started reading this my eyes were popping out of my head!!


  3. Very sweet and light photos!

  4. Liebe Larissa,
    ja, wir waren schon öfter an der Nordsee und es hat uns immer sehr gut gefallen. Allerdings musste ich bei Deinen Fotos jetzt gerade sehr schmunzeln, denn als wir vor vielen Jahren in Fedderwardersiel waren, hat unsere Tochter den kompletten Chip unserer Digitalkamera voll mit Bildern von Schafen auf dem Deich gemacht. Ihr haben sie so gut gefallen, wir keinen anderen Chip mehr dabei (irgendwie hat man das damals auch nicht so gemacht) und deswegen haben wir von diesem Urlaub praktisch nur Schaffotos, die mehr oder weniger aussehen, wie Deine hier :) Eine Wattwanderung ist natürlich immer gut, auch wenn man sich nicht mit Schlamm beschmiert ;) Bin gespannt, wo es Euch letztendlich hin verschlagen wird und freue mich, wenn Du uns hier auf dem Laufenden hältst.
    Liebe Grüße und eine tolles Wochenende für Euch von Rena

  5. wow its such a lovely place,looks very nice and quite too
    Great pictures

  6. Oi linda!
    Gostei muito de conhecer o seu blog, as fotos ficarão maravilhosas.
    Eu estou achando que ele é muito estiloso, tem uma visualização muito bonita e é cheio de informação útil.
    Dé uma passadinha no meu blog, você vai adora ele tanto quanto eu adorei o seu.
    Se gostar, me siga. Mas se você não gosta.......
    ME SIGA mesmo assim!!! rsrsrs

  7. Beautiful pics, Larissa, looks like a very quite and relaxing place.

  8. It'd be nice to live in the country. The sheep are so cute!

  9. Looks so beautiful! I've never been there but would like to visit.:)
    I'm following you now on Bloglovin and GFC. Would love if you do the same? xx

    Marianne // Picture Me

  10. The pictures are amazing, what a beautiful environment:) I have never tried mudflat walking, sounds fun! Hope you will find the prefect place for your family in the future:) Last week we went to the Baltic Sea with our family, it was great too, even though it was a bit windy the last day. Keep my fingers croosed for you to get the chance to test organic food for free like me - and btw on Friday I've received another great box, I wll show it next week on my blog:) Have a beautiful Sunday, hugs;)))

  11. I've never been there but i would love to visit! The photos with the sheeps are so cute!

  12. It looks beautiful! Sounds like you have made a good decision. Maybe when you move out in two years you'll have the best of both worlds.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  13. How beautiful! Such a peaceful pleace... I would like to be there right now.
    Hope you have a wonderful new week ahead of you!
    With love, Suzy ♥


  14. Wow so gorgeous! Looks so serene and relaxing! Love the cute sheep!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  15. Aww, these photos are incredible! Moving up to the countryside sounds wonderful, and I do hope that everything goes well for you. Happy Monday, Larissa!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  16. Hi my dear Rosa!!!
    what a wonderful place! it's so relaxing! :) :) :)
    How was your summer?
    tomorrow i'm gonna start working again :( it was so good being at home!
    Mr and I booked a flight to Berlin for the end of November from 26 to 29, I know it's far from Leipzeg.... :( let me know if you can arrive!

  17. Sorry dear. I promise the next giveaway is international. :(

    Ohn , so lovely place :D

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    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  18. Wow what a beautiful place! I don't think anything like this exists in the US. I would have the best time walking around and exploring this place. Great photos!


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