Friday, August 21, 2015

Dark Summer Look

I rarely wear dark colors in Summer...


...but the other day I felt like wearing this outfit. I bought the shirt last Winter on sale at H&M and I combined it with some black shorts from Vero Moda. Not much more to say about this look, except for the fact that I love how my earrings have the same color as the sequins on the shirt ;) 

Oh, and even though I decided no longer to buy cheap clothes, I still wear the ones I have, of course, and I am also still going to tell you here where I got the items I am wearing. Since most of them are old anyway, I think it doesnt matter because there is not really a "risk" that you run to some shop to buy them too ;) 
Like this, I feel like I am not really supporting the "bad brands" I am wearing.

Do you wear dark colors in Summer are or you like me - prefering to wear white and light colors, or if not, then bright colorful outfits :)?

Did you all have a good week? 

I did... it was the last week of my holidays here in northern Germany and I am ready to go back to my city. I do not really feel like it, because I really began to love living on the countryside in these past few weeks. I would like to move to the area, but for now we do not really have a budget for a cute little house somewhere in the nature. 
So maybe we should at least look for a place with a terrace or a large balcony in our city so that we can slightly closer to the feeling we had here in the past five weeks (oh my, they went sooo fast these SIX weeks of holiday...).

There is another holiday waiting for us in October so I should not complain and should not be sad but instead try to enjoy the weeks at home before we travel again :) 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  
Sending much love!


  1. As always you look really pretty, and I love your earings - you are right, they are perfect with your blouse:) About my organic products - lucky me, I got it for free, I cant even express you how happy I was, like a kid on Christmas day:P And I'm also negotiating with 3 other organic brands, so who knows, maybe I will get even more stuff like this:) It was a great week for me - cos of those blog "businesses'' and also, cos I got the job - I will be working in kindergarten next week:) Now I'm packing my stuff, cos we r going by the sea wih my fiancee family:) Have a lovely weekend and I wish you a cozy lil house in the countryside in the future:)

  2. Lovely summer look, nice for night. Great!

  3. The embellished top is so pretty, I actually do wear dark colours in summer. I wear pretty much all colours throughout the year, lol. /Madison
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  4. Your outfit as a whole is gorgeous, have a beautiful weekend dear! <3

  5. A cute little outfit indeed. Have a nice weekend!

  6. I tend to buy darks/neutrals, so I wear them all year. Love this look on you!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. Very pretty. I don't think about colors in relation to seasons. I'll wear anything at any time.

  8. Great summer look (not that England has been kind to us with sun this year). I'm so glad you wrote about being more conscious about where you buy your clothes. Currently trying to be aware too, still shop at charity shops though and I also have my old clothes ha!
    Love the look, I can't quite believe the 6 weeks holidays will come to an end so soon.

    Love, xo

  9. I didn't want to think about already ... What is certain is that the shops do not facilitate plus, where I live the time is never right so you might want to move prevented.

    Black is always a good idea in summer or in another season :D I really love your tee :D

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  10. Liebe Larissa,
    schwarz steht Dir aber auch sehr gut und ich finde es sogar gut, dass Du die Sachen trotz Deines Vorsatzes noch anziehst, denn damit hat der Kauf ja weiterhin Sinn. Mir fällt bei mir selber auf, dass meine Vorlieben für Farben mit den Jahreszeiten wechseln: Im Frühling mag ich alles gerne ganz besonders krachbunt, im Sommer gerne weiß, gerne gemischt mit blau und rot in allen Schattierungen, im Herbst kommen dann mehr die dunkleren Farben und auch mal schwarz dran, im Winter gerne auch Glitzer, aber nach Weihnachten geht dann wieder mein Hunger auf bunt los :) Mal schauen, ob das auch in diesem Jahr so bleibt. Ich wünsche Euch noch ein tolles Wochenende!
    Liebe Grüße von Rena

  11. Nice simple look :)


  12. Beautiful look^^

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  13. good post !

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  14. Nice look love the t-shirt.

  15. oh i also love to wear black in summer. i like your outfit!


    p.s. win a blogpresentation!

  16. Beautiful casual look and perfectly styled! Dark shades are my faves for every season. Nice combination, i love it!

  17. LOve the casual look, Larissa. Lucky you with another vacation just round the bend. enjoy, girl.

  18. Loving your shirt and the accessories are stunning.
    I usually wear pretty vibrant colors the second the sun shines :D


  19. I love this breezy summer look. I like what you said about what you're doing with your current cheap clothes. Most of mine are very old as well, and as much as I sometimes feel in a haste and want to purge them all, I suppose I will keep them around for now and just focus on buying new clothes from ethical sources.


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