Friday, April 10, 2015

Vegan Nougat Cupcakes

Today I want to share my favorite cupcakes recipe with you...

... I made these vegan nougat cupcakes two weeks ago and they were soooo good - I am actually thinking about them almost every day since ;) 

These cupcakes are sweet, yummy and just sooo good - they have a piece of nugat in the middle as a small surprise and the topping is incredibly delicious :) 

They are actually pretty easy to make - even though I always find it hard to put the topping on top in a good-looking way (as you can see) but hey, its about the taste, right ;)? 

What you need:

For the topping:

400ml soymilk
40g starch
A little bit of vanilla
1/2 a teaspoon of carob gum
100g nougat
100g margarine
100 g icing sugar
A little bit of cocoa powder

For the dough:
250g flour
200g sugar
2 teaspoon natron
Dash of salt
60g cocoa powder
100ml oil
100ml soymilk
150g soy yoghurt
2 teaspoon white vinegar

How to do:

First the topping: First you will have to make a pudding by blending a small part of the soymilk with the starch, the vanilla and the carob gum. Heat the rest of the soymilk and add in the starch-mix. Bring to boil and then take from the hotplate and add the nugat to the pudding. Finally mix the margarin with the icing sugar and add slowly the pudding to the margarine-sugar mix, blend well and leave in the fridge for at least one hour.

For the dough: Just blend together all the ingredients one after the other and blend until you have a nice smooth dough. Then take your baking cups or your muffin baking form and fill the cups or forms HALF, then add a piece of nougat and fill up the cups or muffins. Like that you will have a sweet smooth nougat surprise in the middle of the cake :) 

Bake the cakes at 190°C for some 18 minutes. Then let cool down before adding the topping. 

This recipe is from the German cook book La Veganista Backt


  1. Hui, die sehen ja gut aus! :-)
    Wo bekommt man denn carob gum her? Ich hab hier Agartine, geht das auch?


  2. wow so tasty!

  3. Oh these look divine!! I have a soft spot for chocolate cupcakes! I've never tried vegan ones! But they look delicious!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  4. They look so yummy yummy yum, Larissa.

  5. Wow, they r lookin divine, I'm sure they were delicius:) I love homemade cupcakes, anythinh homemade actually:) So nice to hear U have ur mom around, I'm sure it's really precious since Ur pregnancy will be over soon:) There is such a beautiful weather in Polan too, its finally real spring, hugs!

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  7. thanks for shairing this with us,
    they looks so yummy.Am now hungry
    have a great weekend

  8. I'm dire they are delicious!!!

  9. hoaaaaa looks delicious, dear!
    I wish I could make it! My boyfie always tell me to stay away from kitchen, because I only make a mess. LOL.


  10. hi dear
    Oh interesting recipe
    Those cupcakes seem really tasty

  11. YUM! Love it.


  12. Looks delicious and easy to cook!
    Amazing post!

    Jordina ♡
    —> Fashion Blog: The Silver Feline

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