Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Floral Sweater

Now this is my last maternity look!

It has everything I love at the moment - light pink, floral prints and grey. The sweater is a new one which I actually bought for after pregnancy but then I could not wait wearing it and I was really happy to see that its fits on top of my belly :)

I hope you enjoy this last matenity look of mine. I will be back soon with new outfits... I guess from now on I will have to change my style in a way that makes it easy for me to breastfeed with whatever I am wearing. This is going to be a new challenge and I am looking forward to it. In case you have any tips or tricks or inspirations - please let me know!!!

I hope you are all doing good and I am sorry, I am not that active in the bloggersphere right now. I am sure you are all able to understand that I prepared some posts in advance to be able to spend quality time with my new born. As soon as we get a routine, I will be back for real :) 
Until then, I hope you keep coming around my blog :)


  1. xoxo Hi dear! Amazing stylish look!

  2. Hi my dear Rosa!!!!
    I'm sooooooo happy she's arrived!!!
    How are you two? I think I'm going to write you on instagram so I could have more info!!!!
    I'm so so so so happy you're fine!!!
    And I hope these first days went good!
    I send you a looot of love!

  3. Have you had your baby yet? I assumed you'd make an announcement and I haven't seen one yet. Either way, best wishes!

  4. You look so beautiful! Love the sweater.
    Hope you both are fine :)

  5. Der Pullover ist total süß,
    und steht dir und deinem Babybauch sehr gut :)

    Liebste Grüße ♥ MS
    Sparkle & Sand

  6. I love your floral pullover!! *-*
    Have a lovely day dear!

  7. Musst dich überhaupt nicht entschuldigen, du hast gerade Besseres zu tun! :-)
    Wahrscheinlich sind Blusen jetzt gut - schwupps, Knöpfe auf und Baby füttern! Haha!


  8. Thank you for your outfit!
    Love your outfit! the floral pattern is so lovely and cute!

    Jordina ♡
    —> Fashion Blog: The Silver Feline

  9. I love this sweater, it looks great! I'm assuming from this post that you have had your beautiful baby, so congratulations if you have, I hope you and baby are both well and look forward to hearing/seeing more :) xx

  10. You look gorgeous! So in love with the floral print sweater! So glad you're enjoying your time with your little one!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  11. in love with this look
    you look so beautiful.
    love that sweater

  12. Love the simple breezy look on you Larissa. Have you had your baby yet? However enjoy the time with the lil'one, it's precious. Lots of love and gentle hugs for the both of you.

  13. Liebe Larissa, allerliebste und allerherzlichste Glückwünsche! Ich freue mich so für Euch - und vor allem auch, dass alles offenbar gut gegangen ist. Von ganzem Herzen nur das Liebste und Beste für Eure Tochter, ich bin überzeugt davon, Du hast eine großartige Einstellung und beste Voraussetzungen dafür eine tolle Mutter zu sein <3 Und Dein letzer Look vor der Geburt gefällt mir auch wieder sehr, verstehe ich gut, dass Du den Pulli jetzt schon anziehen wolltest :)
    Alles Liebe von Rena

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  14. lovely lady, can't wait to see the little ones pic. Hope to see u back soon, and wish u luck for delivery :)

  15. Woow looking good!


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