Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring with benecos natural cosmetics

Benecos natural cosmetics just launched a few new vegan products...

... and since I love benecos since I got to try them for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I am exited to present these new products to you :) 

About the brand benecos
For a long time, natural cosmetics had a colourless eco look, the product choice was limited and prices were generally high. No longer!
Because we offer you an alternative: benecos. Modern, natural cosmetics. benecos is stylish and modern. Urban and trendy. Elegant and fashionable.
With controlled natural cosmetics we put the shiny colours of the metropolis of this world in your make-up case!

benecos products are attractive, BDIH certified and their prices are irresistible.

You may remember the eyeshadow from my last benecos review!? Now next to the eyeshadow benecos launched a new eyebrow-designer and two new mascaras. All products are vegan and 100% organic and natural. You can check them out at where you can also find more information about the ingredients used by benecos. 

Here is a quote from the website:

Everything we put on our skin is absorbed by our body. For many substances used in conventional cosmetics, this may even be harmful to our health. That is why we should use cosmetics in which only ingredients are used that do not harm our body. We think this is only possible with substances that are just like the human body: natural.
Vegetal oils and waxes – like those used in benecos products – have a composition that is similar to skin fat and support the natural regulation processes of the skin through different active ingredients from within. They are harmless on the skin, contributing to the generation of a natural protective film, biodegradable and, finally, environmentally friendly and resource-saving.
BDIH-certified benecos products do not contain – guaranteed – any mineral oils or derivatives / silicones / parabens / synthetic emulsifiers or their derivatives (PEG/PEG derivatives) / synthetic colorants or aromatic substances. These substances have no place in natural cosmetics!

I am especially exited about the eyebrow-designer since I find it so hard to find an eyebrow-pencil with a color suiting my real eyebrow color. So up to now I just used a darker pencil and I always had to be careful not to use too much of it so that the color of my eyebrows is not getting too dark. Well now I do not have this problem any longer, since the eyebrow-designer does just have the perfect color for my light eyebrows. Love it!

I am also really happy about the vegan wonder natural mascara steel grey. I do not really like to use black mascara because its too "hard" for my skin and hair tone. Usually I use dark brown mascara and I always wanted to try a grey one. However, I could never find any one which was vegan and organic! What a lucky gal I am that I got to try the vegan wonder natural mascara steel grey.I like its color and the natural way it shapes and colores my eyelashes without making them look "painted" or simply unnatural. I have to say though that there are only 5,5ml in the mascara which I find is not that much (especially since there are 8ml or even 10ml in the other mascaras from benecos). I wonder if its more expensive to create a grey color instead of a black one or whats the reason for why it has the same price as the other mascaras, yet less content!?

About the quattro eyeshadow I already wrote something in my last review and my opinion did not change since - I still love the eyeshadow and I use it almost every day.

So here are my eyes and eyebrows, wearing the steel grey mascara, the eyeshadow and the eyebrow-designer.

How do you like this kind of natural make up? As most of you know, I do not like to wear much make up, however, I LOVE to wear a little, in a way that makes me look like I am not wearing anything. Modern but natural :)
Benecos and other organic brands are perfect for these kinds of looks and this is why I like them much more than all the other brands out there. Besides, I prefer to use vegan cosmetics and almost ALL the "big brands" out there are NOT vegan and they are all testing their products on animals. I am actually not willing to support that. This is why I am so happy and grateful that more and more companies emerge, using organic ingredients and renounce animal testing. I really want to support these kinds of brands and this is why I like to share these kinds of reviews with you! Its not because I get stuff for free that I write all these positive things about benecos but its because I really want this company, like other ones, to grow and flourish!

So feel free to spread the message and have a look at benecos on the net. 
Sending you all much love on this grey and rainy Sunday!


  1. What a great cosmetics, especially eyeshadows:) I have never tried anything from this brand, looks great:) potato pies soun delicius! my last post however, was about my homemade cheesy-onion buns, really yummy too:) And about the flat - yes, we decided to buy it, but there are still few things to do about it. I mean a lot of paper work and stuff like that, So we think we r going to move in maybe in June, Im very excited:) Have a lovely sunday afternoon, hugs:)))

  2. Your blog is adorable and these products look amazing! I guess I need to try them :) Followed you with GFC and hope you'll do the same

    Chic Dream Jar

  3. Lovely to know a brand that makes vegan products :)

  4. Hi sweetie
    Great post, it's good to know news :)
    Have a nice week

  5. look super amazing...thx for sharing honey...:-)

  6. To tell the truth I have never heard about vegan cosmetic products before. Sounds really amazing! I'm always in search of something 100% organic and natural, so I would really want to try this products out! What a lovely post turned out, I enjoyed a lot, indeed. Thank you for the review!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead, dear Larissa!

  7. I really like benecos products! I have body and face cream of this brand and I love them!! ^-^

  8. Loving these shades on you! So natural! I have never heard of this brand but I need to check it out!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  9. I would love to try this product! Seems so great :)


  10. Ich finde Naturkosmetik super!! :) Und bin auch schon dabei alles andere zu verbrauchen oder zu verschenken.. ;)
    lg aus M√ľnchen


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