Saturday, February 28, 2015

January and February Purchases

As annouced, here comes my first "my purchases" post...

... I want to make these posts to be able to analyze my purchases better, to learn more about the way I consume, to question what I consume and to figure out if I buy too much, the right pieces and those kind of things. I also want to analyze how much money I spend on clothing and shoes (and maybe on clothes I do not even wear!?) 

So here we go... in Janury and February 2015 I bought (or got) the following new clothes:

1. A poncho and a coat from Sheinside (for free) - I got both pieces around a week ago and wore both of them once so far.

2. Two oversized sweaters from the thrift shop (1 euro each = 2 euros) - I got both sweaters around four weeks ago and did not yet wear them!

3. A dress and an embedded t-shirt from H&M on sale (the dress for 10 euros, the t-shirt for 7euros) - I got both pieces around five weeks ago, I wore the dress twice and the t-shirt not even once so far...

4. From an online order in the H&M sale shop I got two turtleneck sweaters, an embedded t-shirt, a pair of pants (which is for after pregnancy...), a light pink cardigan and an embedded skirt (total 50 euros). I got all of this around three weeks ago and I wore everything (except for the pants) at least once, the sweaters both twice and the cardigan like once or twice a week.

5. A flower blazer from PROMOD which I bought on sale in early January (10 euros) - I did not wear it yet since its more a Spring and Summer piece...

6. A super comfy maternity jeans and some maternity leggings from the online thrift-shop for pregnant woman ( (12 euros for everything) - I got these some two weeks ago, I wore the jeans once and the leggings almost every day.

Total spending: 91euros

I forgot to take a picture of a maternity skirt and a blouse which I swapped on and, hence, did not pay for. I wore both pieces at least twice. 

Now, what do I think about my first purchases overview - first of all, I was afraid that I would have spend MUCH more money and I am somehow really relieved to see that I did not spend much at all (especially when looking at the amount of new clothes in my wardrobe). Then, I have to say that I did actually wear most of the things I bought at least once so far and I think this is quite good. I seem to have some problems with the embedded t-shirts but I think I will wear them more when the weather is getting better.
It was actually a lot of fun to make this post and I like to look back at my purchases. I am happy Kate inspired me to do this :) 

I wish you all a most wonderful weekend and lots of sunshine and fun! I have my cousin over for the weekend and we will be busy exploring the city and checking out all these delicious vegan places to eat (he is vegan too and there are not that many vegan places to eat where he lives). 


  1. These are all so gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Great purchases, I especially love the blue coat and the jumpers.

  3. I love the coats, n the jeweled tee. Have a similar piece with me too :) Hope u are keeping fine ?

  4. I love the flower blazer, so feminin:) Actually this weekend I didnt have my saturday spa, cos we had a litlle trip with my fiance, we went to Kruszwica, a small, medieval town with a great history:) It was really fun, have a great sunday and wonderful vegan meals, hugs:)))

  5. The floral print on the blazer is so pretty! I can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can wear our spring pieces!

  6. Hi sweetie!
    Great purchases, so chic
    Love the flowered blazer

  7. Great purchases. I am curious how this may work out. Not a bad idea, btw!

  8. Find ich eine tolle Idee!
    Ich weiß dann, wenn etwas ein guter Kauf war, wenn ich mir schon im Laden vorgestellt habe, wie ich das Teil kombinieren werde und es auch gleich am nächsten Tag anziehe!!


  9. Hey Larissa! Awesome clothing haul! It's been too long since I've done a nice shop like this! A little jelly! :)

    Thank you for advising me on organic cosmetics!! I'm definitely going to have a look out for your fav brands.
    If you ever do the vegan food lifestyle post please be sure to send me the link, I would LOVE to read it all in detail as I really am interested in it! xxxx

  10. Getting clothes cheap makes me really happy haha. Thrift stores are the best and you can find anything! Loving that floral dress from H&M, great clothing :)


  11. I always enjoy reading these posts on people's blogs! You are in a slightly different category because you MUST buy a few certain things to fit your belly! I think you did well though. I think you've seen on my blog that I'm trying to go the whole year without buying clothing, going well so far, though I've been slightly liberal with classifying things as "accessories" (I'm still allowed to buy accessories :)

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  12. love ypur white swetaer with vintage flowerssss loveee ♥♥♥


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