Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fruits your skin love

Its time for a Winter DIY cosmestics special :) 

So in this post I decided to pull together a few of my favorite DIYs for Winter. As you know, I love organic and homemade skincare and I love to try new creations. I shared a few with you earlier, like here, here or here and I am really sorry that I took so long to share more with you!

Which fruits are good for your skin? Basically all fruits and veggies have nutritients which are good for your body and for your skin. Some of the ones which are especially great are avocado, bananas, coconut and mango

So here are a few ideas for masks and body scrubs with each of these:


Avocado is great for dry skin (and this is why I love DIYs with avocado in Winter!). The flesh is full of good fats and nutrients. In the skin there are lots of healthy oils too and even the avocado pit can be used!

Avocado pit body scrub:

Let the avocado pit dry for a day or two and grind it afterwards
Blend it together with some of the avocado flesh, almond milk, yoghurt or another skin-friendly liquid of your choice and apply to skin. 
Allow the body scrub to stay on your body (and face!) for some ten minutes so that the healthy oils can be absorbed by your skin, before washing it off. 

Avocado face mask:

Just blend honey and avocado flesh together and you will a have rich (and yummy) facemask which is perfect for Winter (I use it a lot these days!) 


Bananas have plenty B vitamins which are giving your skin energy and are calming irritated skin. It also prevents aging, reduces dryness and moisturizes. The vitamin E in the bananas fights free radical damage, bolsters the skin’s UV resistance and even prevents and reduces the appearance of wrinkles! How cool is that? I love bananas!

Banana face mask:

Banana and honey are just great together!
Okay, now this may sound boring since I just blend avocado or banana with honey but seriously, honey is so good for your skin because its super calming and great if you have some pimples or irritations. It contains antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties and soothes inflamed acne and skin inflammatory conditions. I just love the combination of something rich (avocado or banana) and honey! 

By the way, you can also try avocado, banana and honey all together! It works great too! The mask on the picture is banana, avocado and honey and I actually used it last night :)

And in case you want to fight pimples even more successfull, add a little bit of fresh lemon juice to your face masks! Or even add a little bit of Turmeric into your banana mask - it has high potent antibacterial properties and destroys bacteria even before pimples are formed! 


Coconut is loaded with essential fatty acids which protect against moisture loss. Plus it has antibacterial properties and can be used for skin infections and acne. 
You can use the oil or milk both on your skin and in your hair. 

Coconut oil for your hair 

The oil is great to repair damaged hair. You can just apply a little bit of coconut oil to your tips or your entire hair and let work for a few hours (you can even use it as an overnight treatment)

Coconut body scrub

Blend solid coconut oil with some sugar to get a nice and rich body scrub (you can add vanilla to it to get a nice smell :))

Coconut face mask

Surprise: You can blend the coconut oil with honey ;)! Add some mashed banana or avocado to get a nice and rich face mask.


Mango has so many vitamins... Vitamin A, all kinds of B vitamins, vitamin C and so many other great nutrients. Its THE vitamin boost for your skin and you should always keep a little bit aside for your beauty routine, when you buy a mango :) 

Mango face masks

For a rich face mask for Winter, you can blend some mango flesh with a little bit of coconut oil and some avocado flesh. 

Again, you can also just blend mango with honey to get some hydration and lots of vitamins for your skin. You will love it! No doubt about it!  

If you want an exfoliating face mask, you can just blend the mango with some oats. With this you can remove dead cells from your skin. Oats are actually great for oily skin so better do not use them if you have dry skin since they soak up excess sebum.

I guess you can tell from this post that you can basically just blend all of these four fruits together and you will get the PERFECT skin care for both face and body. Add some honey and your skin will be moistured, clean and glowing! 
You can leave all masks for some 10-20 minutes on your skin... but hey, its all natural so as long as you do not add lemon juice you can basically just leave your treatment for hours (or as long as you stay in the bath tub ;))

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your favorite Winter DIYs when it comes to skin care? I would love to know! 


  1. hi dear!! aww! i love these kind of tips! thanks a lot for the comment but unfortunately i cant find you among my followers on gfc..could you please try it again? thank you!:)


    1. sometimes gfc it doesn't work I don't know why..:(

  2. These all sound great, I've never tried making my own face mask before I always thought they'd be such a chore to make, but they sound really simple :) xx

  3. These are all such great recipes! I've been wanting to try Coconut oil in my hair since it's been so dry!

    <3 Shannon

  4. Ohh was für ein toller Post! :)
    Werde ich sicherlich bald mal was ausprobieren <3
    Bei mir läuft gerade eine Blogvorstellung. Vielleicht hast du ja Lust mitzumachen? :)
    Alles Liebe
    Julie <3


  5. So ein schöner Post!<3 Sehr hilfreich!

    Alles Liebe

  6. I absolutely love homemade skincare, i often make my own cometics from the things in my fridge:) I love coconut oil on my hair, actually all natural oils are so good for them, at the moment i have olive oil on my hair:P great, interesting post, i will use ur ideas, I also recommend honey for homemade cometics and for the oily skin I use some facials from fresh yeast:) have a nice day:)

  7. I want to try banana mask cus I love eating bananas :) I'm sure my skin loves it as much as my belly does :D :)

  8. Great post dear.love the tips.Will definetly try out some of this

  9. Cool, I should try this mask, thanks to share!

  10. Great mask :)


  11. I love to eat them all and have tried all except for the mango. Thanks for sharing this. Someone gave me a seaweed mud in a big jar, have you tried this kind of body/face mud before?



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