Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Its Summer time, its time for some Summer DIY beauty products!

So here is my favorite Summer body and face scrub with coconut, honey and melon (or pineapple)

All you need is some grated coconut, some coconut milk (or almond milk), some honey and if you want to add a little extra of vitamins and summer smell then some pineapple and/or melon

Pineapple is great for diy skin care because its so high in vitamin A and C, iron, calcium and potassium and it helps your skin to cleanse and shine.
Melon is great because of its high level of vitamin A, B and C which are giving your skin lots of energy and glow :) 
Finally, the coconut is full of good fats for your skin and the grated coconut makes a gentle scrub. 
I am adding honey into all of my diy beauty products because its moisten your skin and cleans it like nothing else!

So here we go: Just add some honey and coconut milk on to the coconut and either leave it like that OR crush some pineapple and/or melon (I used melon here) and add it to the body scrub. 

You can leave the scrub on your skin for a little while before washing it off again - it will make your skin smooth and soft and you will smell Summer all around you :) 

Have fun with this face and body scrub and let me know when you tried it! It would love to know if you like it as much as I do :)!

Lots of love to you out there!


  1. this Looks so good
    cool entry
    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:

  2. Wow this sounds amazing and yummy! :) Ps I would love to follow each other, following you via GFC

    <3 Shannon

  3. This seriously looks yummy if I did not scroll and read that is is actually a scrub. I am thinking macaroons now because of the coconuts.


  4. Hi Larissa, thanks for this fantastic idea, I love natural based products and this one seem simple enough for me to make, I will be trying it soon. Congrats on the wedding, so happy for you!!! I can imagine how much planning has to be done. All the best with it. I am not on Instagram but I am sure I can still view your photos? Thanks so much for your kind visit. Have a wonderful warm weekend!

  5. probably it's a good body scrub, but it would be a nice dessert as well:):):) I also love adding honey to such hand made stuff, it's really working, to my mind. I can share my version of such face scrub as well, I use honey, oatmeal and a little bit olive oil. It's a really great thing, skin loves it:)
    Happy weekend to you:)

  6. Hi dear!
    Mmm delicious!! And really orignal recipe


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