Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blue shorts

Happy Summer Day!

Finally Summer came back to  Germany and I spend a lot of time at the lake or in the various parks we have around here. I love these hot days! I am definetly a hot weather person. Somehow my body feels so much better when its hot :)

These lasts days have been really busy over here. I had a lot of friends coming over to my city, so I showed them around and spend time with them. At the same time I fell into a small life-crisis since I am somehow unhappy with my job and I do not really now where to go and what to do. Anyhow, the good weather helps me overcome those problems and gives me energy and strenght for whatever is to come. 

Do you have any recommendations for what to do when you do not really know where to go in life and what kind of work to do and those kind of questions? Any advices for me :) ?

Lots of love to all of you out there!


  1. Nice look, love it

  2. Siehste - und für mich ist alles über 26 Grad schon zuviel! Ich bin eine Mildtemperatur-Person...
    Süße Shorts hast da an!


  3. Hi Rosa!!!
    I have a looooot of answer to you!
    I learnt a lot last year when I was at home because I didn't find a I think that having a job is a very good thing (the one I have now looks good, but.... I say nothing it's better!) but I think that having a passion is important too!
    I now have a plan: I want to learn a job, while I coltivate my passion for photography, and....who knows where my future will take me? You have a blog that is good, you already have a good passion! :)

  4. I love this color combination!
    Moscow blogger by Marina Maximova

  5. I wish I had some advice for you. I've gone back and forth between dropping out of grad school and getting a real grown-up person job, but I've stuck with it and will probably continue to do so. If you have opportunities to do something else, I'd say go for it. But financial stability is probably the most important thing. That, and believing in your decision. Good luck!

  6. I don't know if I have any advice, but if I were you I would seriously think about it, what do I want, where are my interest, which job would fulfill me, I would look around, what jobs are available. I would try to learn what may be needed for the job I want, setting goals those kinda things. Hope that makes any sense to you I am not good explaining things, though. I like your casual outfit and your pretty smile. Lovely blog here btw! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  7. Te has cortado el pelo!!, me encanta la blusa en tonos azules. Saludos.

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  9. glad you have a nice summer days. I love summer too. It feels like we are not restricted with all the layers. Nice colors and pairing, love it.


  10. Hi sweety, hope you resolve the issue about your job, I know how that can feel, it happened to me once and what I did was ask the Human Resources department in my company to swop me to a different department and it worked out well, You look so pretty in your summery blue ensemble. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on my last post. Have a splendid weekend!

  11. You look so pretty. Love those shorts! I hope you figure out something with your job! Sams idea sounds like a good one!

    <3 Shannon

  12. Hi dear
    You look gorgeous
    The shorts are so cute, and love the top

  13. Perfect look!


  14. Sorry to hear that Larissa. I went through the same thing when I was working full time (before we moved) and decided to apply to a different department in my building because i was so miserable and that ended up working out so much better. I actually loved my job after I made the switch. Hope you find something you love real soon too :-)

    As always you look so chic and lovely in blue! The print on your top is perfect! xo Marisa


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