Thursday, September 26, 2013

I present... details from my flat :)

Now, since I talked forever about the fact that J. moved in and that we've been changing around things in the flat and everything... I think I finally  have to show you some pictures!

I am really happy about my muesli- bar (as we call it ;))

This pillow is made by hand by J. I got the fabric in Ghana and we also made curtains out of it. The Carlsberg Box is a really old one which J.'s parents got during the 70s when a Carlsberg factory somewhere in northern Germany was closing :)

Those are just a few details from the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom.

I am so happy about the fabric that I found for our chairs (the one you can see on this pictures there <---)

Hope you enjoyed those first impressions. Let me know what you think :)


  1. Hi Larissa!!!
    I really like your home!!
    And I laugh for how you call your muesli-bar!!! haahahahaha!!!
    Nice!I think it's wonderful coming home in a home like this!!!

  2. Everything looks so pretty! Wish my apartment looked like this, like an actual home, I love it!

  3. That fabric from Ghana is so gorgeous! I imagine the curtains to look very grand!!

    Simply Akshara

  4. Schöne Eindrücke - der Tellerhalter ist so super! Und den Agavendicksaft benutze ich auch immer! :-)


  5. It looks like you have a really nice flat! I like how you payed attention to the small details, they make everything more cozy! :)

  6. Your place looks fantastic! I love the way you put everything together! Every small detail is perfect!


  7. Aw, what a cozy little place! Really happy to hear that your are roosting together and enjoying decorating the flat and moving things around. It is so much fun moving in with your significant other and building a nest together :D Also, thank you so much for your incredibly kind and sweet comments on my last post. You are just too kind! I hope you enjoy your weekend, sweet Larissa! :)

    xo, Alyssa

  8. I love the whole setting, lends a very vintage feel to the place.. muesli bar is incredible..

  9. muesli- bar))) That's great! I love such healthy eating too) Thank You for sharing such a nice post!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  10. Very elegantly, tastefully set home! I love it.
    That cushion made of Ghana's fabric is so so beautiful!
    Do stop over my blog too sometime! :)

  11. I love love getting a peek into someone's house! Your new flat looks lovely Larissa! I love the fabric of the pillow and the chairs, your cute little teapot, and that box is awesome! Things are looking really good! Thanks for sharing.

    perfectly priya


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