Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More adventures (Hiking trip)

The other day we went to this beautiful small lake in the mountains...

I really love to go hiking and this is one of reasons why I love this place here so much! There are small mountains all around the city and it takes only a few minutes to be in the middle of nowhere.  
On the other side of the border in West Virgina things are even getting better; there you can hike for days in a row and spend the nights in tensts. But then you need a car to go there, which I do not have. 
So I continue to go on 4-6 hours small hiking trips instead, which is also very nice :)

Its Wednesday already... in exactly three weeks I will leave this beautiful place. And in two weeks I will have to hand in all those papers that I need to write... BUT today I first gonna go to the film festival again and watch a serie of short films and then the movie "Nairobi Half Life". 
My papers have to wait :)

Happy Wednesday to all of you!


  1. Wunderschöne Eindrücke!


  2. love love your pictures. You look great. I agree let us pray for the world for whatever is happening right now everywhere. Thank you for your sweet thoughts in my recent post.


  3. What lovely pics!

  4. Beautiful photos of nature! Great to see your appreciation of it.


  5. Find ich super, dass du wandern gehst! Bei dem Wetter und der Umgebung sicherlich auch wunderschön!

    Liebe Grüße,

  6. lovely blog! SHall we follow let me know XSE

  7. Your pictures are stunning! That tree you're sitting on is too cool :)

  8. those pictures are beautiful, you must be having time of your life!


  9. oh wow, du hast aber einen wirklich interessanten außergewöhnlichen studiengang gewählt!! ich wünsche dir viel erfolg bei deiner MA thesis!! krass :>!! ich studiere architektur (klingt nun so lahm im gegensatz zu deinem ;> ) ich habe dementsprechend einen entwurf zu machen..bei mir geht es um ferienhäuser im Wasser (hier in deutschland) auf stelzen im passivhausstandard ;>! also 2 varianten entwerfen, durchplanen, berechnen, energieausweis erstellen und seiten an seiten darüber schreiben ;> wieso weshalb warum genau so ! :)
    und bei dir?
    liebe grüße

  10. I SEE HOW U HAVE FUN!!! great jajajaja

    kisses nice pics

  11. Thank your so much for your sweet comment, i always like to read it :)
    I really like this post, its so original and amazing too :) Great location!1
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  12. oh you are so lucky! you live in nature! I did lived in nature and then I moved In big city! I like picture where are you in tree! cool

  13. Larissa it looks like you had such a wonderful nature experience! I love all these photos I felt like I got ot go with you


  14. You look wayyy way adorable! LOVE it!
    I just wrote a new post! Would love to know what you think:D!



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