Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some more Roadtrip impressions

A very last post about my wonderful spring break trip...

We wanted to feel super American during our trip, so we went to those 'trashy' diner's almost every day. I think I had more burger during this one week than in my entire life before that trip ;) but it was great! We had such a great time, playing songs on the jukebox, eating burgers and having donuts and really bad gas-station coffee (it is really really bad but somehow we just loved it because of this feeling it give us...this "we are on the road" feeling). 

 On the first picture there is our breakfast in the motel which made us laugh too. Old and dry donuts and another bad coffee. We loved it ;) 

Before I left for the US my sister in law gave me this small guardian angel here. We took it on our trip and we both really think that I protected us sometimes. One night for example, we got into some really bad snowstorms and I was really afraid but then everything went well...

During our trip it was my fiance's birthday and we wanted to have a typically American breaktfast for his special day, so we went to Ihop. J. got his first American breakfast ever.
He loved it :)

However, after this crazy and awesome week, we did not eat any meat for two weeks (until yesterday when my friend cooked Laos- food for us and we could'nt resists :)) because somehow it was just too much ;)

 ...And then we drove back to Ohio... 
My fiance will leave next weekend and I am quite sad about it. However, I am so happy and thankful that I had this wonderful time with him here in the US, and this roadtrip is definetly one we will never ever forget :)


  1. Lovely pics, all this food looks delicious!

  2. these pics make me hungryyyyyy!!

  3. happy b day to your fiance!!! love american breakfast,.my boyfriend is from NY and we have american breakfast every sunday jajajaja lovee it


  4. awww~ you always leave the sweetest comments ^^ I'm also glad you seem to be enjoying AMerica. When is your wedding btw? How long did you and your fiance date for? How did you guys meet? How did he propose? Sorry if i'm being nosy, but i love hearing stories about cute couples ^^


  5. Great pictures! I want a burger too!

    Monica Harmony’s blog

  6. Tolle Roadtrip-Bilder, solche Diner gibt es ja überall! In Kanada haben wir uns auch viel davon ernährt, aber man hält es nicht lange durch...zu fettig für meinen Geschmack!


  7. I am so happy you and your fiance had such a nice, good ole' American Road trip! I totally understand your feeling about the bad coffee but still liking it, because its more about the whole experience! Happy belated birthday to your fellow :)
    xo Hannah

  8. Very nice food pics! I wish we had a diner where I live... And the dougnuts just look so yummy ;)


  9. awwww~ suuuuch an adorable story!! loooove cute proposal stories~

  10. road nice. delicious fotos :D

    shall we follow each other?


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