Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fair Squared Cosmetics

Now this is a brand!

Let me tell you about Fair Squared...

Fair Squared offers cosmetic and hygiene products made of fairly traded and natural ingredients to you! Worldwide their products were one of the first to be labelled with the well-known Fairtrade logo. 

But not only that - they are also organic, plus they are vegan, plus they are halal. Hello? How cool is that?

Fair Squared is an alternative trade organisation. They have fair dealings with producers from the world`s poorest countries and produce the final products here in Germany. I did not know about this brand until recently and I am sooo oexcited I discovered it (thank you Annemarie!).  

Their products vary from sun protection to condoms, over body lotions and lip balms. They really have a great amount of essentials of all kind! Make sure to check out their website:

So far I tried their Shea Body Butter which is made of Shea butter (obviously) and olive oil. It nurtures, hydrates and protects the skin, making it smooth, soft and glowing. I like body butter better than body lotions because I am just a fan of those thick and rich textures. This one comes in a huge pot which I find great - it will last for a while at least ;) it leaves my skin soft and smooth while absorbing quickly. That's definetly a plus. The smell is not my favorite though. It smells of lime which simply isnt my favorite smell (see below).

I also tried their Lime Showergel which is made for dry skin. There is also precious olive oil in there which has been used for centuries to moisturize and gently cleanse the skin. I am not a huge fan of lime when it comes to shower gel or body butter scents (I prefer cozy scents such as vanilla, honey or similar). When it comes to cosmetics, I am just not a lime girl, neither a lemon girl, actually, not a fruit girl at all ;) . However, I like the soap dispenser which makes it easy to use the shower gel and I also like the soft feeling it leaves on my skin. I guess both products with another smell would be perfect! I will definetly give it a try! 

Okay, so seriously - what a cool brand? I totally think we should all support them! 

Their slogan is "Its in your hands". I like this a lot! Its in your hands in what kind of world you want to live! You are free to choose every time you purchase something - do you want to live in a world where cruetly towards animals is the norm? Well go ahead and buy those hotdogs. Do you want to live in a world where its normal that textile workers are abused and even die because of horrible working conditions? Well go ahead and buy from all those bad brands. Do you want to live in a world where the environment is treated as if we had a second planet earth to move to when this one is destroyed? Well go ahead and buy all this junk. 
You do want to live in a world where animals, humans and the environment are treated with love and respect? Then be an example, make the first step. We all have a choice every day to make this world a better place - its in YOUR hands! 

Buying Fair Squared instead of Loreal or whatsoever is just one choice of the many you can make every single day :) 

I am wishing all of you a wonderful weekend ahead!
Sending muuuuuch love to all of you!   


  1. That sound really great :)

  2. Love your attitude, Larissa! You really make people think and make difference.

  3. would love to try this brand
    It sounds amazing

  4. I agree with you Larissa, trying new product is not bad thing especially when you are confident about its results =)

  5. Thanks a lot, my dear :d I think the same :D

    Ohn I didn't know this brand but the products seems to be amazing :)

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  6. What awesome products, great packaging too!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  7. I would love to try the shea butter , great review, hope you have lovely weekend.

  8. Sounds like good procucts. Happy Friday, Larissa.

  9. Beautiful products.

  10. I love cosmetics, co I love that post so much! What a great brand, it's the first time I see it though. I really like shea butter in my lotions and body butters, so I would love to try that:) I am also not a fan of a friut scents in my cosmetics - I prefer flower ones or vanilla, like you said, cozy ones:) You've asked about my wedding - its on the 9th of April:) Whgen it comes to makeup and hair, I will rely on my sister's and my mom help:) I mean I will do my make up with sis and the hair with my mom. Hmmm, I think it will not be a lot, but just enough for me:P But I like my make-up to be vivid and not so all natural, you will see on pics:) Today we've picked our menu for the wedding dinner, it will be so delicious:) Have a great weekend, hugs:)))

  11. What a nice items!!


  12. I never heard before about Fair Squared but their products look nice on these photos :)

  13. Ist mir auch völlig neu, die Marke! Bei dir lernt man immer was. :-)


  14. Good idea and I believe great products,

  15. never heart of this brand before but I really want to try it!

  16. Haven't heard about this, love the colourful packaging!

  17. Oh wow this is such an awesome brand. Gotta check out this later!

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    xo, Alyssa


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