Monday, March 21, 2016

Hello Spring!

Yihaaaaaa for Spring!

This is my first official Spring look! The warm weather came last week and stayed for a few days. I took the opportunity to shoot this look and to show you my new sunglasses. I actually get all my glasses from Firmoo. I got a first pair some three years ago and I wear them ever since. I have one pair of sunglasses that I have been wearing for the past two years. This year I thought its time for a new one :)

Otherwise, I am wearing my second hand boyfriend jeans here, together with a shirt from Lands End. I am wearing the shirt quite a lot, but somehow it never made it on my blog before. Because of the floral print, I thougt its perfect for my first Spring look. Do you agree :)?  

Check out the golden tips of my shoes - arent they super fancy ;)? I really like them! I actually got these shoes from this second hand app that I am using - someone bought these booties, never wore them and sold them again for half the price. I love these kind of deals :)

I hope you all had a good weekend and an even better start into the new week!?
I went to see my father in northern Germany and explored a few pretty places around the Northern Sea Coast of Germany. By now I am actually in Denmark where I spend a week with my family in law. We have these really cute and cozy houses at the beach and even though the weather is bad, I just enjoy watching the waves all day long :) 

Sending much love to all of you!  


  1. Super cute and comfy look for Spring time! xx

  2. Nice and lovely look, sunshine is everything.

  3. I'm so happy spring has arrived! Your outfit is lovely and yes floral prints are perfect for a spring look!


  4. Dein Oberteil ist sehr hübsch. Ich mag diese Farben eh total gern und hab auch viel in der Richtung in meinem Kleiderschrank.
    Da kann der Frühling kommen!
    Ich hoffe er lässt sich bei uns auch etwas öfter blicken... hier ist schon teilweise noch sehr winterlich.

  5. Very cool photos! Flowers suit you!

  6. Oh very wonderful outfit
    I love it your top

  7. I love your pretty spring outfit! It got really warm here a few weeks ago and then back to cold. :( I am ready to say goodbye to winter !

  8. Perfect look for spring!


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