Sunday, July 12, 2015

May and June Purchases

Another post for the "my purchases" series...

As you may have seen in my other my purchases posts, I am doing these posts to analyze what I shopped, how much money I actually spend on clothes, if I bought things that maybe I do not wear that much, if I buy too much in general etc. etc. its just a critical analysis of my shopping behavior.

So... in May I did not shop at all! Hurray! I was so busy with my new born baby and all the guests my baby was having that there was no stime for shopping. Hurray hurray. But then - June came and I had a lot of time, laying on the sofa with the little one and looking through online shops while she was sleeping on my chest. So this led to a little bit of exaggeration....

I made a first order at H&M (I was attracted by all these pieces on sale. Like always ;)) and I purchased my much much loved black boots, a skirt, a dress, a long sleeve blouse and two short sleeves blouses. I have been wearing the dress and the boots, the skirt, and the long sleeve blouse on the blog. I was wearing the two short sleeve blosues too, several times even, but somehow they did not make it on my blog yet. I spent 104 Euro on the entire order (40 euro for the boots on sale, 20 euro for the dress and around 10 euro for each of the other pieces)

After this H&M order I thought I better do not shop at all anymore... but then I went to the thrift shop where they had this crazy "everything for 2 euro" sale! How could I resists? 
I could not! So I bought a light coat, a kind-of blazer, a blouse, a pair of jeans and a silk blouse which I forgot to capture for the picutre, but which already made it on my blog here. I was also wearing the jeans and the blazer on my blog and also off my blog (quite often actually) and the pink coat became one of my favorites too. I did not yet wear the blouse. Maybe it was a bad pick, I am not sure yet. Anyway, 5 pieces 10 euro. I guess thats what is called a good deal!

Now, I really thought that enough shopping was done. But... I am a registered member on this website where they sell stuff from different brands for less. I rarely check the site but at some point I must have checked a box saying that I want to be reminded whenever MANGO is on sale. Well, at least I received an email telling me that MANGO was on sale and that I better go and check out the offers. I had no choice, basically, I had to take a look... and I had to order two blouses, two shirts some shorts. I really needed some pink shirts, and I really wanted the pretty blouses and the awesome shorts. So yes, another 52 euro were gone for this one. The package just arrived a few days ago (the shipping always takes around a month...) so I did not get the chance to put any outfits with these pretty pieces on the blog yet. But I have been wearing one of the pink shirts yesterday and we took some pictures so it will probably be in my next post :)

Okay, so after this one, I decided that it REALLY was enough! So many new pieces already. I had to go through my closet, talk to the second hand shop and sell some old pieces of mine to make space for all the new-ins. So it really was enough. I was convinced that I will not buy more... until my husband asked me to order some new swimming shorts and light sweaters for Summer at H&M for him (I love doing shopping for him so thats why...). Well, long story short, its always better to order more (since shipping costs stay the same), so a grey pencil skirt (I was looking for one like this for soooo long!), an oversized blouse and two shorts entered my closet. I love all of these pieces so much that I do not even feel guilty about spending even more money (46 euro for these four pieces, blouse and skirt on sale!). The shorts already made it on blog. I was also wearing the skirt the other day and I wanted to take some pictures but somehow it did not work out. But I am sure it will make it on my blog soon, like the blouse which I love love love! 

So the bad news is: I spent 212 euro on clothes in only one month (since I did not shop anything in May) which is above my average and which is pretty much for me.

The good news is: I really really REALLY love every single of these pieces sooooo much (with the exception of the black blouse from the second hand shop which was 2 euro only) and I cannot feel guilty of having spend so much money because the joy over the new-ins definetly predominates!

Do you also tend to shop a lot more in the beginning of Summer than in any other time of the year? I happens to me every year :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and I wanted to shout out a huge THANK YOU for all the thoughtful, understanding and confirming comments on my last post! They made me incredibly happy and I am so so grateful for you guys!

Sending much love!


  1. Der Midseason Sale hat mich die letzten Wochen auch extrem zum Shoppen animiert, das ist immer gar nicht so gut fürs Portemonnaie :D Aber die Sachen die du gekauft hast sehen auf den ersten Blick schonmal sehr schön aus!

    Liebste Grüße ♥ MS
    Sparkle & Sand

  2. These are all so gorgeous!
    Have a great week! xx

  3. Awesome post! Kisses!

  4. I think I shop more in the beginning of winter than any other month, or at least when cabin fever sets in. I'm now starting to think that it's less about the money than it is how I *feel* about the pieces. You got some great items, but the best part is how you feel about them!

  5. looks so comfy and nice!

  6. Really like it <3


  7. Great oieces, but love the skirt in last photo.

  8. Wow! You did good! I can't wait to see your new looks!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  9. These are great items, I really like those last shorts they are so cute and I sure you will style them great :)


  10. The pieces are stunning
    The shorts are so beautiful

  11. H&M is so hard to resist sometimes! I love all these pieces you picked out, they're all so lovely. I seem to buy of clothing at the beginning of each season, probably out of excitement for a wardrobe change along with the weather.

  12. Woww I love all your new clothes!! I think it is not a lot of money if you use to buy just every now and then, and you buy really useful items. I really like your shorts, shirts in basic colors, coats and boots! Thanks for your sweet comment and I'm glad to give my opininion here in your blog whenever I can. Kisses from

  13. oh wow, those are really great picks my darling! I love all of these items :) xoxo

  14. gorgeous clothes
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    I wish you an happy day

  15. You're welcome dear. Thank you for all the support you have given throughout this time. Just know that I always read and carefully all your posts and I love.

    Also I've done a little shopping. Love the stripes shirt :D

    Get Some Inspiration With My New Post <3
    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  16. Glad you found so many items you love!

  17. Wow, great pieces, especially I love those ones on a third pic:) 2 euro sale seems so great, I love sales like this cos I dont like to pay a lot for my clothes:) And some time ago I forgot to answer your question about the drink on my blog - it wasnt watermelon, but raspberry lemonade, very tasty too:) Have a lovely day, hugs:)))

  18. I really destroyed my no shopping rule this month too! Those Summer sales can really get the best of you. I'm still happy because I've shopped less this year than ever! Also sometime soon (this weekend maybe?) I want to clean out my closet, hopefully sell some things to a shop, and make room for only the new items I love!

    Like you said, if this is all stuff you love, had been looking for, and have been wearing a lot- no harm done! Looks like some really nice purchases. Can't wait to see the outfits on the blog!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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