Friday, July 10, 2015

About doing what you love

This is another post for my About Life column...

I have been thinking about all these people who do something which they do not really like. There are so many people out there who work in a certain area, who live a certain lifestyle or who are with a certain partner, just because they THINK it’s the right thing. They do not FEEL it though.
I have met a lot of people in whom I noticed that they are not 100% happy because at some point in life they took a decision just because they THOUGHT they have to make this decision, even though they did not really FEEL it. Since I talked to a lot to them (and about them), I also began reflecting increasingly about my own thoughts and feeelings. I asked myself constantly in the past months; what do I THINK is right to do and what do I FEEL is right to do. I have, like all of us, a certain background and I was raised with certain values of what is good and what is bad. In my family everyone went to university, so of course I did so too. I finished my Master’s degree and I began preparing my PHD before I noticed that maybe I only do this because I THINK that I have to do this. 

Then I stopped and I began reflecting on my feelings and my dreams. I was somehow lost for around a year, searching myself somewhere in all of the things going on in my head. Finally, I decided that it is okay to work in something where no academic degree is needed and I began to take nutrition classes (no university classes). This may seem like a small step for many of you but for me it was a really big one since I took the decision to turn my back on my academic career. 

The other day I thought about a moment in my life from when I was around 13 years old. That day I was wearing the outfit I got for my Confirmation and I was feeling really pretty in my long skirt and the blue blouse. So I said to my mother: "I cannot wait for the day where I can wear these kinds of clothes every day!" I had to think about this sentence because it suddenly became clear to me that I was always interested in fashion (from childhood on), even though I would never have told anyone (because fashion was expected to be something superficial and stupid). Because of what I THOUGHT is right to do, I always thought that it is a stupid and embarrasing thing to have a fashion and lifestyle blog but I opened it anyway, because I FELT that I would love it. So as you can guess, I was somehow inbetween all the time. 

Actually, almost none of my friends know about my blog which is really weird because it became such an important thing in my life and I really love blogging. So I guess it’s one thing to FEEL what you like to do in life and it’s another thing to actually stand behind it. I realize that the more I think about all of this, the more I am able to be okay with what I really love and to accept that I am not 100% the person I THOUGHT I have to be. I am still on a journey and I think we all are for our entire life. But the journey is so much easier when knowing that it is okay to do what you love and to accept your feelings.

Can you relate to any of this? What are your thoughts on this? Is there anything in your life you would love to do but for some reason you do not dare to? And what do you think we can do to fully stand behind the things we love, without thinking that they are wrong?

I am looking forward to read your thoughts!!!
Sending much love!


  1. I love this and so so true!! Sometimes I feel like the career I am I like but don't love but I still have to be thankful for everything that has been given!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  2. Being happy and following your heart is a sure way to find inner happiness. Most people fear doing that, so they live life being unhappy and missing out. Glad to see that you are finding your own path and living life on your own terms. Best wishes!

  3. Well I know about your blog ;-) and what you write in this post is absolutely true, I couldn't have put it better myself!

  4. Woww I totally agree with you! We all must feel what make us happy and follow our dreams! Really like this post and the pictures is lovely. Congratulations for this blog, my friends didn't know anything about my blog until I realized that this was my place and if they didn't understand they are not my friends so finally I shared it and nowadays I don't mind if people talk about my style, because is MINE. Thanks for this sweet post (sorry if my english is not the best) Kisses from

  5. Wow! Great photo :)

  6. I agree with you, I always ask myself these questions. I think if you are not happy where you are that taking a step back and start doing what you really love it is the best thing for you.


  7. Sometimes people feel this :)

  8. Interesting post! I really agree! :-)


  9. I can totally relate to all of this. Ironic, this is something I have been struggling with as well so the fact that I stumbled upon your blog is quite kismet. My dream is fashion, it still is. I worked in tech because that's what was expected. After 2 years of doing a job that I found to be "OK", I applied to Parsons. I got in. And I'm going. I'm going to make it happen for myself. I'm excited and terrified and have never felt more sure of myself in my entire life. I'm moving next month to NYC and I can't wait. The thing is, once you start to chase your dreams, and do what you really love, you start to notice how many people don't do it. Be it, their scared, they don't think it will work out, it's too expensive (lame excuse), etc etc. That's what separates the people that truly live from those that merely exist......

    I'm blogging about similar things, check it out and let me know what you think:

    XO K

  10. This looks awesome) I adore your posts!

  11. Very well written, Larissa, I suppose we all feel the same, reflecting, thinking, struggling. Making the right decision is not always easy, well I guess it's never easy, tho. Happy Friday.

  12. So first of all, I like how you changed the layout of the blog! thumb up!
    And yes, you're soooo right!
    I'm not following what I really wanna do in my life. I have a job (functional analyst, something with IT) that I really don't like, but I have a dream, and I'm going to do everything for make it true! :) (I would love to be a photographer...)
    I think time will help me! :)
    have a nice weekend my dear!

  13. Very interesting post, I for one still don't know if the course that I took was for me or I just didn't know what to pick, I've made decision that I actually didn't fight for what I believe in, I always seem to scared to speak out my voice, but I guess I'm very lucky to have understanding parents that believe in me. I'm still very far from knowing whom I'am. Love the post made me reflect about myself <3

    Capturing Life Memoirs |

  14. This is so, so true, Larissa. The hardest thing to do is veer away from what we're told to do and, instead, follow our own instincts. Society pushes us to conform and deviating from that takes courage -- but is ultimately more rewarding. Like you, most of my family and friends don't know about my blog because it reveals a side of myself they don't see. Exploring that inner self nurtures my soul.

  15. Great post my dear Larissa, I totally agree with you. It is really hard to do what you love, because most of the time people don't understand... But it feels so good when you get the chance to just be yourself :) actually most of my family and friends know about my blog, because I told everybody ahah xoxo

  16. Liebe Larissa,
    oh, das kommt mir alles durchaus sehr vertraut vor, was Du hier schreibst! Ich habe in meinem Leben auch einige, in den Augen von anderen eher unpopuläre Entscheidungen getroffen, und Wege eingeschlagen :) Mode hat mich wie Dich auch schon immer interessiert und von meinem Blog erzähle ich nur meiner Familie und sehr engen Freunden, manch andere haben ihn trotzdem entdeckt ... weswegen ich mich zur rechten Zeit frage, inwieweit ich irgendwann völlig dazu stehe. Bei Dir habe ich auf jeden Fall, dass Gefühl Du bist absolut auf dem richtigen Weg und ich wünsche Dir von ganzem Herzen weiterhin soviel Glück und Erfolg!
    xx Rena

  17. I came to Espinho and I'm staying here for 10 days. Espinho is in the North of Portugal.
    I will try to make the most of it. I've had no vacation for years and this year I had the opportunity, I decided to come. I felt that I really needed .
    Hope all is well with you! <3

    I couldn't agree more with the text. Do what you really love may not be easy but, when we did it, it's like if we had won a victory.

    Today's post is special ... And dedicated to all you:D
    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  18. Great post Larissa, I'm so happy for you that u have found your own path, cos just like you I met a lot of people who are doing something, just because they think they should. And what is really sad, sometimes those people realy dont see, that they are doing something for others, not for themselves - especially when it comes to relationships. When I was sttudying on the university I was also thinkin about PHD, but then I realized that I really dont see any point in that, it just wasnt for me. And you shouldnt be ashamed in front of your friends about this blog - I mean I totally understand you, cos sometimes I'm also embarassed to show someone my blog, but to be honest your post are very smart and so... warm, I dont know, I just like your style of writing, you write like a friend to friends:) I just want to say that I'm sure your real friends will love yoiur blog, cos you treat fashion in a really smart and cool way:) About your question - unfortunatley there is a bit cold in {Poland , so we cant go to the lake, but we were shopping for our new apartment - we bought doors and floors and we also chose colors for our walls:) Have a great day, hugs:)))

  19. being happy and honest to yourself (and heart!) are the most important thing I guess.
    new blog layout, no? :D
    it's been a while since y last stop anyway :D
    aanndd, well I can survive without kitchen utensils is because I almost buy my meal outside. But I have two plates, two bowls, two glass :D


  20. To tell the truth, I'm scared to live like that. To follow rules which other people make, to do a job which I don't really like, to communicate with someone just because these people are useful. Sometimes it takes all life to figure out who we really are, but what is really important is to be thankful for all what life gives us and learn all lessons which it teaches to us. All I want to say that there is a special path for each of us, everybody is different and what is good thing for one is wrong for others.
    To the point, I wish you lots of luck with your plans and hopefully you will reach all your aims asap:)

    note: You were asking me about my job, it's not secret at all of course. I'm working during all summer and I don't have a vocation now, but when I'm off or having free time I'm going to the countryside by train, it takes something about 25-30 min:) So that is why I'm trying to spend almost all my spare time in the countryside, living in our little summer cottage.

  21. I really agree! Wish you all the best dear!

  22. I am still kind of in a phase where I am figuring out where I want my life to go. I used to want to be a PhD biologist, but then I changed my mind, and decided I would be much happier with a job that required less dedication and time. I used to think crafts and things like that were silly, and I shouldn't waste my time with such things, but now here I am with an Etsy shop making jewelry and hoping to be able to do it full time one day. Good for you for following your dreams and going with something you love!


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