Wednesday, May 6, 2015

In the woods

It's so absolutely awesome that I am able to go outside again...

... it was really difficult for me to stay inside for almost two weeks. However, I felt so weak and tired that I just wasnt able to go out. Since a week now, I feel a lot better and I am able to go for long walks every day. My husband and I try to go for walks together with our baby as often as we can - and when we do so, I take my camera with me to make some pictures for the blog :)

I am actually still wearing my maternity jeans here. My belly is still not gone completely since it takes some time until all the skin and the uterus forms back. I am wearing a rather old second hand blouse on top of my H&M maternity jeans.The bag I am caring with me here is one that I bought in Tanzania back in 2009. I dont use it much but that day I thought its time to give it a try again :)

The white flower that you can see in the background on these pictures, is actually wild garlic! We have soooo much of it in the woods around here. When you walk in the woods, it smells really strong but somehow good :)
In early April you will find a lot of people collecting the leaves to make pesto or salads with them. As soon as they start blooming you should no longer eat them but until then it tastes really good! I make a wild garlic pesto every year at least once :)

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far!? Enjoy the Spring weather!
Sending you all much love!


  1. Beautiful. :D

  2. You look amazing! How did you just give birth a few weeks ago?! So in love with that top and that location is gorgeous!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  3. You look so amazing!! If I didn't know I would say you didn't even give birth :) This place is just so stunning and I love how you captured it and showed us :)


  4. What a beautiful environment, I love woods, I also have one near my city, but I usually go there in the autumn to pick some mushrooms:) U look really pretty as always, have a nice evening:)

  5. Liebe Larissa, kaum zu glauben, dass Deine Entbindung gerade einmal vor zwei Wochen war, Du siehst schon wieder fantastisch aus! Dass Du Dich schwach gefühlt hast, ist mehr als verständlich und ich kann Deine Freude so gut nachvollziehen, dass Du wieder draußen sein kannst. Deine Bluse gefällt mir und sie steht Dir richtig gut. Und diese Unmengen von Bärlauch finde ich faszinierend. Obwohl ich nicht der hundertprozentige Fan von dem Knoblauch-Geschmack bin, komme ich auch nicht umhin, den um diese Jahreszeit dann doch zu genießen. Alles Liebe für Euch von Rena

  6. Fantastic woods :) Amazing photos.

  7. You look so fresh and radiant in all pics! Love the combination of outfit!

  8. I agree. There are collections of man which are maavilhosas and that would be perfectly for women also use.
    You're welcome. Thank you for always being around my blog. It is very important. :D

    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  9. stunning.that top looks awesome
    and that background is so beautiful

  10. Wow! Beautiful photos and place!

  11. Loving your laid back but fashionable outfit. During warmer months I really enjoy taking walks in nature and this place looks like it would be perfect to do so :) Congrats on the birth of your baby, you are looking great :)


  12. These photos are beautiful! How funny that it's wild garlic- I had no idea!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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