Monday, May 4, 2015

My Pregnancy - Third Trimester

Here is a last post about my pregnancy...

The last three months of pregnancy are quite intense for most women - the belly is getting really heavy, its more and more difficult to breathe and many women experience problems with heartburn, nausea and fatigue.

For me it was first in the really end of my pregnancy that I began feeling very tired. I felt great in the 7th and 8th month and I had much more energy than I had in the beginning of my pregnancy. I drove my bicycle every day, I went to my yoga classes and I had the energy to go grocery shopping, going for long walks and to spend lots of time in the kitchen, cooking and baking :)

The last four weeks then became a little more tiring. I could no longer walk for more than maybe 30 minutes because the pressure on the pelvis got really strong in the last four weeks of pregnancy. Some days it was that painful that I could not walk at all (towards the last few days...). In the last four weeks I also had to throw up for the first time during the entire pregnancy (most women have these kind of problems in the first trimester but there I did not experience anything like this). It had severe heartburn every night and I found it more and more difficult to get a good rest at night, because of the huge belly, the heartburn and the baby moving around in the belly.

I spent a lot of time just sitting with friends (or with my husband) drinking tea, enjoying the Spring weather or staying on the sofa, reading or studying. I enjoyed these last weeks, even though it was a little difficult sometimes with all these small aches and pains. 

However, I also had to go to lots of doctors appointments, I had to go to the hospital several times and I was visiting different midwifes... in some sense the last few weeks were rather stressful, but I will make a post about all of this soon!  

During the third trimester, we also bought lots of stuff for the baby, we bought a beautiful prams, my husband made a baby changer, we bought lots of small things, such as woolen blankets, a lambskin to sleep on during the day and things for the bathroom. We changed around in the appartment and slowly everything got ready for the arrival of our little girl. Since we prepared the apartment step by step, our baby became more and more present step by step. 

In the end we felt sooooo ready for her to arrive and it was difficult to wait :) 


  1. Sweet!

    Fashion Blogger

  2. That stroller is so cute :) Thanks for sharing this with us. You look gorgeous in this photo!

    xo Azu

  3. Your pregnancy sounded pretty good, I heard lots of horrible pregnancy stories! Love that you could do all the things you wanted to do :) Also that stroller is very cute x Best wishes!


  4. so sorry to hear that yo u are not feeling very well, n=but happy to see the shopping progress, so are u super excited alreay !!
    do u have any bucket list of things u want to do before baby comes
    keep in touch

  5. Of course there's work and hardship during this period, but you'll look back on it with fondness in the future. Savor every day.

  6. The car is so cute ;)

  7. So glad you had such a wonderful pregnancy and third trimester! That stroller is seriously so gorgeous!!! What brand is it? I need one for when I have a baby haha!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  8. Woww estas ideal y que grande esta. Ya falta poco no?

  9. I love my glasses too :3

    Lovely post!!! I hope all goes well :D

    I apologize for not having understood that post to be in Portuguese. You must use the translator to understand. That post is a review of a book I read recently and that talks about how we humans see life.
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  10. Stimmt, man hört meist von Übelkeit im ersten Trimester - mist, dass es dich dann doch noch erwischt hatte!


  11. Oh my God, the stroller is so beautiful, so classy and I think it will be really convinient and comfortable because of its wheels, they are kind of small and I have heard that those kind of wheels are actually the best in strollers:) Have u gone for a walk with ur babygirl already? Have a great evening, hugs:)

  12. so amazing, I love color ! Best wishes!


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