Friday, December 5, 2014

(vegan) German food classics #2

Its been around a year that I posted something last in this column...

... you can find the #1 post HERE

Today, I want to share two more really typically German dishes. This is somehow a Winter edition of this column. In Germany people like to eat lots of cabbage/kale, potatoes and meat in Winter and most dishes are made with these three ingredients (however, there are soooo many different types of kale/cabbage so its not that things get too boring).

One very tradition dish are cabbage rolls which are typically stuffed with meat. I changed the recipe just a little bit ;-) 

What you need for my vegan style cabbage rolls:

Savoy cabbage
Red lentils (around 200 gram)
Two onions
Lemon juice (fresh)
Some sugar (to caramelize the onions)

What you need to do:

Boil the as many savoy caggge leaves as you want to make rolls for two minutes.
Boil the lentils
Cut the onion into small pieces and fry them in a pan, add sugar to caramelize them
Add lentils, some lemon juice and salt and pepper to the onions (season to taste)
You can also add small pieces of cabbage into the lentils-blend if you have some leftovers

Put the filling on a cabbage leave and roll, fix with a toothpick.

Bake in the oven for 15-20 Minutes

If you want to eat a sauce with it you can try this simple mustard sauce:
Just blend vegan cream (soy cream or other) with mustard, salt, pepper and some lemon :-)

This dish is just so German-Winter-like and I really like it. And of course its pretty healthy too, since cabbage is super duper healthy and lentils are great to get some extra proteins.

Another really typicall German dish you looks like this:

This may look boring, but I promise that this is soooo typically German - some kind of cabbage/kale (in this case red cabbage), potatoes and a piece of meat (OR a yummy soy-wheat schnitzel) and you have a typical German dish. Especially now in Winter, I feel like eating this kind of food quite often, so I enjoy my vegan version of it. 

By the way, I love to make my own red cabbage even though it takes lots of time. Maybe I share my recipe with you sometime soon :)

Have a most wonderful weekend everyone! Enjoy some good food and have a great time!


  1. Oh lecker Kohlrouladen :D
    Sieht sehr gut aus!

    Liebste Grüße. MS

  2. Yum! I love German food! This looks amazing!

    <3 Shannon

  3. Very interesting. I like German food but its heavy use of meat has caused me to avoid it recently. Replacing the meat with something healthier gives me reason to return to it. Thanks!

  4. It looks so delicious. :)...Thx for sharing..:-) xx

  5. Oh yeah, german food is really similar to polish dishes, we also love cabbage rolls:)

  6. Absolut! Ich bin in einer Kartoffel-und-Rotkohl-Phase und ess diese Kombi bestimmt zweimal die Woche! Die Kohlrouladen muss ich auch mal ausprobieren, die fand ich zu meiner Fleischesszeit immer total lecker...

    Euch ein tolles Wochenende!

  7. yummy!!

  8. Geil!!! Habe ich gefühlte 100 Jahre nicht mehr so gegessen :P

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