Sunday, May 10, 2015

The story of how to give birth...

Today I want to share with you some thoughts on the whole topic of giving birth...

...there is a reason for why I am doing this post - I was not able to give birth the way I wanted to and it was not easy for me in the beginning to accept this. In the end I think its all good the way it went and maybe there are women out there who will experience the same as I did (or who already did) and for whom it will be helpful to read my thoughts on this. And since today is mothers day, I thought its a good day to share this story of mine :)

For me it was always very very important to give birth naturally. It was THE MOST important for me. There was nothing I was more afraid of than a c-section! My pregnancy went really well, as some of you know, so there was no reason to believe that I will need a c-section in the end. The baby was healthy, I was healthy and so I was getting all prepared to give natural birth - I took yoga classes to train the body parts I would need during delivery, I drank lots of rasberry leaf tea to prepare the uterus, I learned how to breath during delivery and I tried some meditation. I was all ready. 

And then I got to know that my baby did not want to turn its head downwards. It was in breech presentation since week 26 of my pregnancy and around week 34 the doctor told me that I should prepare myself for a possible c-section. I thought "NO WAY!" and I began a marathon to different mid wifes, hospitals and doctors... the midwifes tried to make my baby turn downwards with alternative methods, such as homeopathy and acupuncture, the doctors tried to turn my baby around from the outside and in the hospital I made a MRI scan to check if my basin was wide enough to deliver from breech presentation (it was not). It was stressful and exhausting and nothing helped! 

Some days I thought its stupid to make all of these efforts, because if my baby wants to turn, it will and if it does not want to it will not, and I should accept and respect her decision. But I also thought that if I would not try everything I could, I would regret it afterwards and I would reproach myself. 
Two weeks before the actual birth of my baby, there was no more doubt about that I would need a c-section - and I was frustrated! But in the end it turned out that this c-section was excatly what my baby wanted and that there was a reason for why it did not turn its head downwards; its umbilical cord was very short so it wasnt able to turn. If I would have tried to give natural birth, terrible things could have happend...I do not even want to think about all of what could have happend! So in the end it turned out that it was just right the way it went and there was a good reason for everything.

This whole story made me realize once again that we should trust in how things goes and that we should just accept things the way they go, instead of trying to make everything work the way WE think is the best.

Today, I am fine with the fact that I got a c-section and my baby is so happy, quiet and wonderful that I feel like she is okay with it too. I wrote about the whole process about how we tried to make her turn around and all the thoughts we had during this time, in her baby-diary (which I write for her since the beginning of pregnancy) so that later, when she is older and she asks why she was not born naturally, she will be able to understand. 

How do you think about the whole story of how to give birth? Can you understand that it was difficult for me to accept a c-section or do you think its fine to give birth this way?


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this story Larissa:) I think the idea of baby diary is so great, what a fantastic surprise for her when she will be older:) And of course natural birth is the best, but if the c-section was better in ur case, good u had that option and everything went well:) Have a great evening, sending many kisses to ur lovely baby girl:))

  2. Danke, dass du uns hier so einen Einblick gibst. Recht hast du, Biologie lässt sich nicht überlisten, und oft haben die Sachen schon einen Grund.
    Zum Glück ist alles gut gelaufen!


  3. Actually we r celebrating Mother's Day very much here in Poland, but it's on 26th May:) I have already bought a bracelet for my Mom, but I havent found anything for my future mother in law yet. For sure I will also give them my homemade chocolates:) Have a great meal, you deserve it since you are a mom, hugs:)))

  4. Really interesting...thx for sharing!
    Wish you all the best!

  5. Wow, what a story. Like you, I prefer natural things and would avoid a C-section if possible but there are always exceptions. And your case is a classic example of nature doing things right even if we don't understand it. Thanks for sharing your personal story.

  6. I am so sorry that your birth didn't go as planned but also glad to hear that everything went smoothly and baby is healthy! I would rather have a natural birth but its always what is best for the baby. Grateful to hear your story!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  7. loved reading it :-)

  8. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't able to give birth the way you wanted to, but I don't think there's anything wrong with a c-section. (Based on how TV portrays birth, a c-section almost sounds preferable.) The most important thing is that your baby was able to be delivered in a healthy way, and it sounds like that was able to happen.

  9. its really nice getting to read your style
    so inspiring,am glad to hear you have accepted it now

  10. and glad to hear that you are well too

  11. I hope you are fine.

  12. congratulations. I had c-section too, that also after being in labor for 11 hrs. But its the end that matters. Enjoy ur precious moment. My luv to u all.

  13. Aw bless you, I think everyone would prefer to have a natural birth if they had the choice but sometimes these things are out of your hands and as long as both you and the baby are happy and healthy that's all that matters :) xx

  14. Wonderful story, thanks for sharing! I can definitely understand your frustration, it's difficult when things don't go according to plan! But at least you and the baby are happy and healthy!

  15. Congrats and thanks for sharing you wonderful story@
    and thank you so much for your support!! I deeply appreciate it ;)
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  16. Liebe Larissa, vielen Dank, dass Du hier so ehrlich über Deine Erfahrungen schreibst! Doch ich verstehe es, dass es für Dich so wichtig war, Dein Baby auf natürlichem Wege zur Welt zu bringen - umso toller finde ich es, dass Du hier so offen darüber schreibst, dass letztendlich mit dem Kaiserschnitt alles gut gelaufen ist. Ich denke, so eine Erfahrung ist grundsätzlich wichtig, denn es gibt Dinge, die wir letztendlich nicht beeinflussen können und die einen anderen Weg gehen, als wir es uns ursprünglich erhofft haben. Ich selber kann über das Thema Geburt nicht mitreden, denn unsere beiden Kindern habe ich angenommen als sie noch sehr klein waren und ihre Mutter auf Grund einer tödlichen Krebserkrankung verloren haben. Du, liebe Larissa, bist auf jeden Fall auf dem richtigen Weg und ich freue mich so für Euch beide, dass am Ende alles so gut geklappt hat und Ihr beide gesund und munter seid. Ich wünsche Euch von ganzem Herzen, dass es Euch weiterhin so gut geht.
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  17. I always thought that it's very dangerous if baby it's not turn downwards. So was there any troubles after birth? And about birth I just think that you need to do what is the safest option for the baby. And is totally understandable that you didn't want a c-section it's pretty scary but I'm happy that the baby is OK and you're happy:)

  18. Congratulations, Larissa! Having a c-section is one thing I dread the most, however if it was a case of the baby's life being in danger, I wouldn't think twice about it. Two of my sisters have had c-section birth, and they both seem to have accepted it afterwards. I'm hoping for a natural birth (in the future) but who knows.

    Take care



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