Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Wedding - Part II - the Day of the Ceremony

Here we go with the second part of the small "my wedding" series :) 

These pictures are all from the day of the ceremony... we divided our wedding into two - the day of the ceremony where we celebrated only with the close family and then a few days after the celebration day where we had huge party. For the day of the ceremony I did not wear any special dress but just my white and much loved lace dress from H&M.

The shoes of the bride and the groom

And the flower decoration in the registry office

On the pictures above you can see the transverse flute of my niece who played a song for us in the registry office and my husband and I exchanging the rings...

And here, my niece is giving me a congratulations hug and below - me walking to the nearby park with my much loved mum.
In the park then we had champagne and small snacks and we just enjoyed being together, celebrating our joy and love :)

Me with one of my beautiful bridesmaides and well yes, a picture of me having champagne... but actually, the champage in my hand is without alcohol, otherwise I would not have taken the whole bottle ;)

The happy bride and below the decoration on the car...

... that day really was special and wonderful. After the ceremony and after having champage in the park we went back and had cake and coffee and then we went for a beautiful walk in the afternoon sun. We have been so so lucky with the weather, since we had sunshine the entire day. 

For me it was the perfect wedding day and I would not have wished for anything better. 

I will share pictures from the celebrating day soon :) 

I hope you enjoyed this post!? What do you think about "simple" wedding ceremonies like this one? Do you need a huge dress for your ceremony or are you also okay with a simple one like I was wearing? 


  1. Everything was so perfect and you look so happy! Congrats!
    Fabrizia – Cosa Mi Metto???

  2. congrats!!! such a lovely wedding!!!
    gorgeous details,

  3. Lovely , Congrats!!!. Please you can visit my blog and join to my giveaway here Thanks

  4. congrats girl ,may you have a very happymarried life
    u look great in lace dress and i really liked the garden setp
    Keep in touch

  5. Everything looks like it came out perfect! You look stunning and I love all the flowers! Just gorgeous and congrats!

    <3 Shannon

  6. looks like a pretty and cozy wedding, love the flowers here!!! <3

  7. Aw congratulations on your wedding. Looks like it was such a lovely day. This is just want I want too, a nice simple day with just just close family and then a big party with all my friends :) xx

  8. rosa!!!
    You look so happy and radiant!!!
    I really really like your dress!
    I think that wedding day is the best in life! If you really love your man, and you share the same vision and values, well...a life together is waiting for you!!!! :)))))
    I'm soooo happy you share here this important moment of your life!

  9. When I first got engaged, I wanted to have a huge wedding. My husband wanted something small all along, and eventually I saw the smaller wedding as perfect for us. I have yet to hear someone say "I wish I had a bigger wedding". Congrats again to you and your hubby! These photos are so wonderful :)

  10. U look gorgeous n I am at a. Loss of words. Congtualtions once again.stay blessed.
    New post on my blog , do,drop in soon

  11. Thank you Larissa for sharing with us your beautiful wedding. You are a ravishing bride, your dress is very pretty and you wear it so well. I like small and intimate wedding with just family and very good friends.


  12. Lovely! Love your simple dress! Congrats!

    xo T.

  13. wow the photos are so lovely <3

  14. CONGRATS sweet Larissa! What an exciting time. It is SO interesting to see how people in other countries do wedding celebrations. It is apparent that you wore what you loved an felt comfortable in, and were surrounded by the most important people in your life! Now, you're going to share some couple photos right? You have to!! :)

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  15. Yummy treats!
    Your laced dress is so elegant too. Loved the flowers & bouquet.

    You had a woman priest?! So Cool!


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