Monday, April 4, 2016

Pencil Skirt and Dark Blue Blouse

Happy Monday Everybody!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, a fun and nice April fools day and a lot of Spring vibes coming around your corner of the world!?

I enjoyed loads of sunshine this weekend and I truely inauguarted (can I actually say this in this context?) our balcony. I spent most of my week out there, enjoying the sun, smoothies, time with my daughter, breakfast, lunch, dinner, hot chocolate (yes hot chocolate on a mild Spring night is as good as it is on a cold Winter night on the couch ;)), etc. etc. etc. in between I went to the playground for an hour or two and then back to the balcony. It was a perfect weeken!

But now to my look! Bare legs! Yesses! My first bare legs of the year on April 4th - I think this is a new record of mine. I really wanted to wear a skirt today and I really did NOT want to wear tights. So bare legs it was. With my pencil skirt from H&M (from last Spring) I am wearing a maternity blouse (but noone can tell, can you?) and my very last "bad" purchase - last year in August when I already had decided to buy second hand or fair only, I went for a very last time to ZARA and got this jacket. I feel very good about my new shopping behaviour but I do not regret that I bought this jacket ;) 

How do you like this look? 

Have a most beautiful week everyone out there!
Sending loads of love and sunshine to all of you!


  1. love that "professional " look!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! We had nice weather, and it was wonderful. Love this chic pencil skirt on you!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. Oh very gorgeous style and beautiful blouse
    lovelies pics

  4. Nice look love the coat

  5. This pencil skirt is looking very elegant on you :)


  6. Cute outfit. And bare legs! It's still a little too cold here for that yet.

  7. You're looking lovely! I had my bare legs out the other day, but it was not quite warm enough and I froze. Oh well it won't be much longer before my legs are showing every day. Your balcony sounds like such a nice relaxing spot!

  8. Beautiful outfit!! I love the dark blue blouse!!


  9. You look so classy. This combo of colors is amazing! xx

  10. Bei uns war es leider am ersten Aprilwochenende noch nicht ganz so warm. Der Wetterbericht hat uns ein bisschen angelogen und hier an den Bergen war es eher trüb, teilweise sogar recht kühl.
    Der Frühling kam dann erst gestern (perfekt zum Beginn der neuen Arbeitswoche... da hat man ja dann so viel Zeit ihn zu genießen) an. ;)

    Japan hat mich immer schon sehr fasziniert. Es war auch wirklich, mal davon abgesehen diesen Ort zu besuchen, eine sehr interessante Reise. Ich glaube es gibt nicht mehr viele moderne Ländern, in denen man wirklich einen Kulturschock bekommt.

  11. thanks a lot dear friend :D

    just in love with your coat. love this kind of boho print :D

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    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  12. Nice casual outfit,i like it! :)

  13. Hi darling! So lovely outfit you wear!
    I love your blouse, so romantic! *-*
    Have a nide day!

  14. Great look, I really love your coat. Gemma x

  15. I really like your blouse and of course your shooes, cos I really adore flats like those ones:) Spending time on your balcony seems great! Talking about balcony: I have a very small one, but tomorrow I will try to plant my own salad and spinach there, hope it will work:) Thank you so much for your wedding wishes, I wish it would be such a beautiful weather like today, but I read that it's going to be a bit rainy... But it doesnt really matter, it will be beautiful anyway! Have a wonderful week, hugs:)))

  16. I love your shoes!!! Amazing outfit :)

  17. I love how timeless a pencil skirt is and how you can dress it up and down for a polished look. That jacket is so pretty! You really have a great eye for style. xx :)

  18. Awesome classy look! You look so pretty in this combination!

    Aly In Wanderland | BLOGLOVIN | GFC

    xo, Alyssa

  19. Congratulations on baring your legs. We know it has become a thing. Its really hot here right now.
    I love ur coat, looks very refined, and expensive. How is the little one ?sorry I forgot to ask her name. Hope she has started walking by now ?

  20. You look fantastic!


  21. I love the backdrop and navy and grey is one of my fav combos, u look great in that pencil!

  22. Liebe Larissa, da freue ich mich gleich mit Dir, dass Du Euren Balkon so intensiv eingeweiht hast und schon so wunderbare Stunden dort genossen hast! Ich kenne das, im Sommer ist unsere Terrasse auch plötzlich unser 2. Wohnzimmer (oder eher das 1.) und wir verbringen praktisch die ganze Zeit draußen. Du siehst gut aus und ich verstehe dass Du Deinen letzten "bad" Einkauf nicht bereust und den selben Rock wie Du habe ich ja auch ... und liebe ihn nach wie vor.
    xx Rena

  23. Perfect combo! lovely outfit!


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