Monday, January 4, 2016

November and December Purchases

I am beginning the new year with a look back...

... back on my purchases from November and December 2015. I am very happy with my purchases from those two months since I bought almost exclusively second hand with the exception of one top from an ethical brand (Hess Natur). Hence, before the year came to an end, I managed to meet my goal not to buy from any "bad brand" but only second hand or from sustainable brands. Yes! A good end of the year :) 

So here is what I bought in November and December:

A grey jeans and a grey coat both from Esprit, both second hand. I am afraid that I forgot how much exactly I paid but I think it was 30 for both pieces. 
I wore both pieces A LOT. A lot means that I am wearing the coat almost every day and the jeans became one of my favorite one. I wear it around once a week. I wore both pieces on the blog here

A high waist skinny jeans from Pull and Bear. I didnt know the brand before, I got the jeans second hand for 10 euro. I wore it a lot since, but somehoe it did not yet make it on the blog - I am sure this will change soon :) 

I bought loads of cardigans in November and December... like really a lot! They are all second hand and I paid between 10 and 20 euro for each of them (80 euro in total for 4 cardigans and 1 woolen sweater dress). They are all H&M except for the white and black one on the top picture to the right which is from Zara. I wore all of them a lot, am wearing one right now actually, and two of them made it on the blog: here and here

The sweater dress became one of my favorite ones too. I forgot to take a picture of it but I wore it one the blog here and I wear it a lot with leggings only when I do feel like wearing something comfy and cozy :)  

This one was a sale found. I got the blue top from Hess Natur on sale for 40 euro. It is made from silk and hemp and I did not wear it yet because it obviously is a piece to be worn in Summer. I love the material and the oversized shape and I am looking forward to wear this special top when its getting warmer again. 

I spent a total of 160 € which is slightly more than my average (looking back at the past 12 months). However, I think 80 euro per months is still good. For 2016 I may have to go down a little since there is quite some travelling planned which needs to be paid. And travel always goes before clothes! At least this is how I handle things ;) 

When I now look back at all my purchases from 2015 I have to say that my shopping behaviour really improved throughout the year. In the beginning of the year I bought quite a few pieces that I rarely wear and that are not ethical, however later in the year this changed and I bought more and more conscious and sustainable. I am happy about these posts since they really helped me improving my behaviour as a consumer in this world where we all vote with our dollars.

Are you happy with your shopping behaviour 2015? Are you happy with everything you bought and with the amount you spent? I would love to know!

Sending much love! 


  1. Great choices! I really like the coat (so my style) and I love skinny jeans, I love jeans in general, but skinny ones are my favourites:) When it comes to shopping, I really dont spend much on clothes, I think in the last 6 months I bought stuff only in second hands like some comfortable, cute sweaters or summer tops and skirts. For sure I spent more on cosmetics, some jewellery and most important - books and good food:) That's true that its a bit weird after Christmas, suddenly is so calm:P But on Wednesday we have another catholic holiday, so its one more free day:) Have a wonderful week, hugs:)))

  2. So many great garments; I love the jeans!
    Happy new year.<3

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheesePapas

  3. Love those jeans! Nice post!
    Happy new year ! Noora//

  4. nice!

    Fashion & makeup

  5. You got some great things! I especially like the grey jeans and sweater and that cream sweater with the detail.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. Very nice items, do you make also some outfits with those?
    Darling, would you like to follow each other? I will follow back!

    Pearl in Fashion

  7. I always lvoe how you mix such a relaxed items!

  8. Beautiful purchases, I especially love the Espirit coat and jeans.

    Adi xx

  9. Just lovin' those knits! SOOOO Fabulous babe! Happy Happy NEW YEAR!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  10. Such a beautiful items, my dear *_*



  11. I love that coat!!! *-*
    And these cardigans are so amazing!! I also want to buy a couple taking advantage of sales! ^-^

  12. Beautiful haul, Larissa. Happy 2016!!

  13. Love these winter cool garments - so many outfits can come out of them :))

  14. Love your approach to shopping! I have so much to learn still! Thank you so much for this post! Happy New Year!

  15. That grey coat is pure perfection!!


  16. Hi dear, great post, I really like your blog. I think that you are an awesome blogger, well done! <3 On my blog is giveaway, you can participate. :*

  17. These are such lovely finds! I have been hoping to come across a nice sweater dress, they do look super cozy. I think last year, most of my clothing purchases were from thrift stores, which feels really great to say. One thing I would like to do this year is become more familiar with brands that are ethical, because I don't really know many right now.

  18. Amazing items! Look like an amazing haul! Happy new year gorgeous! I wish you all the best! Be healthy, happy and inspired!

  19. Wow, super Einkäufe :-) Ich mag besonders die hellblaue Jeans!
    Liebst, Melina

  20. Liebe Larissa,
    Du kannst wirklich sehr stolz auf Dich sein, Du hast Dir super schöne Sachen für wirklich absolut vernünftiges Geld gekauft und außerdem noch Deine Vorsätze eingehalten. Mir gefällt alles sehr gut - mein Favorit ist der Mantel und ich wundere mich gar nicht, dass Du ihn so oft trägst.
    Viele liebe Grüße von Rena
    International Time-Related Giveaway: Bad News and More

  21. It's such a thoughtful thing to do and u can save as well as help the planet! Win win! I wish I can do this sometime soon!

  22. This is truly awesome! Thanks for sharing. :)

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  23. Happy New Year! I really love the relaxed and calming colour palette in the pieces that you bought. Enjoy the weekend. /Madison


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