Friday, December 18, 2015

My Personal Christmas Gift Ideas

Let me share my very personal Christmas gifts with you...

... I know you all have seen loads of Christmas gift inspiration posts made with fancy collages and pretty products coming straight from whatever companie's website. I do not want to say anything against these posts, but I definetly want to show you my Christmas gift ideas in a more personal post :) 

So here are some ideas for those of you, who are still missing some gifts and/or ideas for gifts.

There are a few things I always like to give as gifts and they do basically fit three categories:

1. Natural cosmetic products

Everyone uses cosmetics so everyone can use gifts that are related to cosmetics. I like to give products from nice brands such as Weleda, Love me Green, Dr. Hauschka, Lavera or even Primavera. Especially Weleda has great products for both women and men in a nice packaging (they also have gift boxes). Also for babys it is a great idea to give a natural baby oil or cream - every mother can use that :) 

2. Books

I love to gift books as a gift. I usually give books that I read myself and that either inspired me or that I found very beautiful. I rarely give novels but rather nonfiction books or illustrated books. This year I will give my favorite vegan cook book, an intersting illustrated book about non-organic and organic food in comparision, and a few other nonfiction books that inspired me throughout the year.

3. Food

I always like to give some kind of "special" foods. The Christmas pasta and the tea in the picture are just an example. I usually like to give herbs and special kinds of salts or pestos. Those kind of things that everyone can use in their kitchen and that last long. 
Of course I also like to give my homemade sweets, like filled dates, cookies, dried apple rings or similar. 

There is one other things on my picture that does not fit into these three categories but that I also like to give - when it comes to babys, I like to give clothes. High quality, organic clothes of course. Like pyjamas from Hess Natur, a body made from silk and wool or even a cute woolen hat.  Somehow its only when its about babys that I like to give clothes. I am probabably afraid of giving clothes to an adult because of the chance that s/he will not like it... like the gifts from the other three categories, they are basically things everone can use somehow. So the risk of giving something completely "wrong" is very limited :)

By the way, I also give loads of pictures as gifts to my family members. I either frame my favorite pictures that I made during the year, or/and I make calenders with the pictures I took. I find it important to make personal gifts to close friends or family members and not just to buy whatever it is. 

There is one more DIY gift that I made this year but I will not yet tell you what it is because I plan to make a post about it next week, so stay tuned ;) 

Do you also have "categories" of things you always like to give as Christmas gifts? Or do you give very different things every year? I would love to know! 

Have a wonderful weekend and a great third Advent Sunday :)


  1. What a cute stuff!


  2. Nice !


  3. Your personal gifts ideas is fantastic, I followed you in bloglovin and gfc, it would so nice if you could connect and follow me as well.

    Comfy Christmas X Banggood Wishlist ~ Styleccentric Fashion' | BLOGLOVIN

    XOXO Alyssa

  4. Lovely things...really like your cosmetic products! :)

  5. We share such similar interests that I feel like applauding every time I read your blog. Yes to all of these wonderful gift-ideas! It's great to spread goodness in the world.

  6. what a lovely post my dear
    amazing Christmas ideas
    lovely :)

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  7. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  8. Great ideas for gifts! The choice of gifts depends on personality of people which are on your list for gifts. So I adjust to that and that is my line of buying or preparing gifts.
    BUt must I would like to receive gifts from your list.
    Kiss, Silvy

  9. Nice post!

  10. I love books and natural cosmetics <3

    P.S.: your blog is soooo cute!


  11. I love getting/giving books too! My favorite ones are the interesting ones they have at Anthropology as coffee table flip books
    Carly--Dresses & Denim

  12. Personal gifts are all I love! Very thoughtful selection!

  13. Great items!!! I'm actually the kind of person who'd love to /receive/ books as gift so hey, we might get along!

    x Erika


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