Monday, November 16, 2015

Renovating and Moving (plus getting energy from Voelkel)

Happy Monday!

For me it is the first day in my new apartment. The last two weeks were crazy - so busy with renovating and moving. We are not completly done yet but as I am writing this, I am sitting on the sofa in my new living room and I am so so happy about this! But let me take you back a few days when we first got the keys for the new apartment and we began renovating it. This apartment is somehow special for us since it is our first "family apartment". We are moving in here as a family, we will soon celebrate our first Christmas here as a family, our little one will learn talking, walking and dancing in here, and we will (hopefully) open our own business in our office here. Its a big change for us and we are excited. This is why we take some time to make this place really pretty. We began by painting the wall in the bedroom in light blue. How do you like this color?

During the days of renovating, we were very happy to have some delicious Vegan To Go Drinks with us. These drinks are made with quiona and, depending on which one, loads and loads of other super healthy ingredients. They are more like a soup than like a juice or smoothie - very creamy and filling. Just perfect to get some energy when painting a bedroom :)

There are six super tasty blends available:

Quinoa + Baobab
Quinoa + Matcha
Quinoa + Cocoa
Quinoa + Almond
Quinoa + Kurkuma
Quinoa + Chili    

Difficult to say which one is best. I love the Quiona and Baobab one, which is somehow sweet and fruity but the Quiona and Kurkuma one is also soooo good. Its like this sweetest, nicest Asian curry soup. However, the one with Matcha is also insane! Well, they are all really good!  

Some of the Vegan To Go Drinks we actually had while painting, but we saved two for our break on the balcony. One of the reasons why we moved is that we want to have a balcony. A sunny balcony! We want to spend as much time outside as possible with our little one and since we are living in the city, its not easy (and not cheap) to find a place with a garden. In our new house we have a very pretty and green backyard where the little one can play when she gets older, plus we have big balcony where we can spend loads of time together. Even now that its getting colder, its so beautiful to sit outside, wrapped in a blanket and enjyo some Fall sun together with my husband and my baby :) 
By the way, I cannot wait for Spring and Summer and for all the flowers and plants we will have on the balcony :) 

When we were enjoying the sun on the balcony, we had the Almond and the Cocoa drink from the Vegan To Go series and thoese two are definetly also favorites (as I said above its difficult to tell which one is best since they are all very different... but these two are sweet and nutrients and creamy and I just love almond and I just love cocoa and I just love these drinks :)!) 

These small energizers have really been the perfect company for our few days of renovation works and we were very happy to have them! They really gave us the energy we needed and it was great to have these healthy options when we got hungry and tired from painting the whole day. 

I shared something about the brand Voelkel almost a month ago (namely here) and I am happy to be able to share more about this brand which is so worth to support. Not only do they produce all those incredibly yummy and healthy juices, smoothies, kind-of soups, lemonades, and syrups but also are they very into sustainability, environmental protection and fair trade, plus they put a lot of effort in helping refugees here in Germany. You can read more about their commitments here and those of you coming from Germany, please feel free to read more about Voelkels commitments towards refugees in Germany here.

So, here we are, in a new week, in a new apartment - but on the old sofa with the same red woolen blanket wrapped around my legs ;) Now I will go a get a cup of tea and maybe some filled dates (oh, did I write filled dates? Hmm... maybe I will share more about this soon ... :)) and enjoy this first Monday night in my new home while the baby is sleeping and my husband is still working in the kitchen, trying to install the sink and the dishwasher :) 

How is your Monday? I hope you are all doing good - and in case you need some fast, yummy, and healthy energy, you now know where to find it :) 

Sending much love!


  1. Yay! It's so fun to create a new home, especially for a family like yours. Glad all's going well.

  2. So, I want to see your new decoration :D
    You're welcome :D

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  3. Ooo I love healthy drinks - and these look divine!! I have a juicer but it doesn't work properly - I tried to make this delicious mix of veggies a while ago and it wouldn't extract the juice it just mushed it up and made it stuck with the blades! sniff sniff. That's why things like this are invented I think ;)

  4. Ui, na da wünsche ich euch viel, viel Kraft für die bevorstehenden Arbeiten!
    Aber mit dem Drink kann ja nichts schiefgehen... :-)


  5. i like the color you used on the wall, drinks look really refreshing
    keep in touch

  6. Good luck with the move! That is so exciting! These look so tasty!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  7. Moving can be so stressful! Glad the worst is over for you. I love seeing that OK tee! Your drinks sound like the perfect fuel.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. Congratulations on the new apartment! And I really like the color you chose.. Because it looks like almost the exact same shade we painted OUR bedroom! I like how calming and peaceful it is. Those drinks sounds really great, I need to shop around and see if I can find anything similar in the stores near me.

  9. woaa good luck for your moving thingy! I had to help my boyfie moving to his new place too in the past few days, yet still haven't done. Hahaa.


  10. Lovely post....thx for sharing!
    Have a great week! xx

  11. Love the wall colour, so pretty!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  12. Good luck with everything. These look so good as well :)


  13. Great post dear1


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