Monday, November 23, 2015

Favorite Smoothies for Fall and Winter

Its getting cold...

... very coold acutally! We had the first snow of the season yesterday and I am layering bunches of sweaters and cardigans on top of each other these days. In this weather, I like to treat myself with yummy smoothies (okay, to be honest, I like to treat myself with yummy smoothies in every weather and in every season ;)). 

Here are my favorite smoothies for Fall and Winter.

One reason for why I love the cold season is - KALE IS BACK! I looooove kale in my smoothies and now its so easy (and cheap) to get organic kale everywhere. I add kale to almost every smoothie I make. One that I love is made with the ingredients above: kale, apples, pumpkin (yes, you can eat pumpkin raw and it is really good actually!), cinnamon and dates... loads of dates to make it very sweet and yummy :)

Two other fruits that are back now that it is getting cold are khaki and oranges. And they make the PERFECT match! I like to add kale and some superfood powder from Greenic (this one here is with goji, rosehip, barley grass, grape seed and hibiscus - how does this sound to you?) to this smoothie, but its also absolutely great and delicicous to just blend up khaki and orange with some water. You can also add cinnamon to the smoothie. I actually add cinnamon to almost every smoothie in the colder time of the year :) 
By the way, Greenic makes those really great superfood blends 100% organic, vegan of course and all natural. They produce in Germany and so far their website is in German only, but those of you who know German, you should totally check them out here.

Another delicious one is a blend of cinnamon, physalis, dates and banana. Okay, banana is not at all anything typical for Fall or Winter, but since they are easily available all year round, and they are imported anyway, no matter if Summer or Winter, I like to add them here too. Bananas are great in any smoothie, they are sweet, they make the smoothie more creamy and they are super healthy. I also like to add some superfood powder from Greenic here. This one here is maca, cocoa, guarana, lucuma, hemp and wheat grass and it goes very well with this smoothie (and most other smoothies ;)).

My current favorite is a very simple one - apples, dates, cinnamon and almonds... hmmm! I have it for breakfast every day these days and I love it! You need a good blender when you use cinnamon sticks instead of the grinded one, but its totally worth buying your cinnamon in sticks rather than in powder, since the taste is much better. To get a nice date and almond milk you also need a really powerful high speed blender, since both dates and almonds are hard to blend up to a very very fine consistency. But you will get an equally good result by just using ready made almond milk and date syrup instead. 

Now thats about it for my favorite smoothies for Fall and Winter. I make a few others too, here and there, depending on what I have in the house. Like today I had a banana-apple-kale one. But I guess these four here are my favorites and I can totally recommend trying them :)  

What are your favorite smoothies for the cold season? I would love to know!

Sending much love! 


  1. Yum!


  2. Great post and amazing pictures :)...thx for sharing!

  3. Der letzter klingt richtig gut, den würd ich jetzt auch gerne trinken :)

    Liebste Grüße ♥
    Mai von Sparkle&Sand

  4. I've never heard of some of these fruits, but I love smoothies. Good idea to use seasonal items. I too enjoy putting kale in smoothies.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. I love cinnamon and apple tarts)))

  6. These sound so great! I am really interested in the last one, I have never thought to grind up real cinnamon sticks, but I am loving that idea!!

  7. The apple and cinnamon one sounds so yummy! I might have to try this one soon!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  8. I love smoothies!!
    am am :3
    kisss honey <3

  9. Smoothies are my favorite..yum yum!!

  10. Absolutely delicious, love smoothies no matter the season!
    Fashion Soup

  11. These are some great ideas that I haven't thought of, actually. Thank you for sharing this post :))

  12. Yes smoothies!! I love them!! And dates are my fav ingedient! *-*

  13. These sound delicious!

    Love it!

    xo Lauren

  14. yummy! :)

  15. Thanks a lot for your words dear friend!!! You're so so nice <3

    Seems to be so declicious! I want to try :D

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  16. Oooh, great ideas!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  17. This is really great!

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  18. These do look perfect for Fall. I'd add them to my list of smoothies :)

    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche - Fossil Watches

  19. Oh Gosh, that is so healthy and yummy, I should do more kale smoothies those days! I once made orange-kale smoothie and it was really good. Now we still have a lot of winter apples, so I was making apple cinnamon "kompot" (this polish juice) all the time, we love it:) Actually I've never eaten raw pumpkin - I will definitely give it a try! And about your last comment - I will definitely search for your wedding posts, cos I need some inspirations and we havent followed each other then. Today we went to the priest, but unfortunatley he wasnt there. We have to go there once again on Friday. Hope everything will be great as on your wedding day:) Have a lovely day, hugs:)))


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