Friday, October 23, 2015

Iran - my Outfit

Let me share my Iran outfit with you...

... I was wearing this most of the time during our stay because I did not really have a variety of clothes. I bought one dress before we left but it was not really practical so I ended up wearing this yellow and blue outfit with the blouse/coat that I borrowed from my friend.

Before going to Iran I thought that I have to cover myself much more and I was afraid that I will not get my visa when the officers will see a single hair of mine on arrival. So I only brought wide pants with me and one huge shirt dress (which is cute when worn with a belt but I left the belt at home because I thought it would be way to sexy to wear it with a belt ;)). Well it turned out that rules are actually not that strict - its important to cover your behind and its important to have a scarf somewhere on your head. Thats it. Most of the women I saw wore skinny jeans with formfitting dresses on top. Plus they used loads of make up! Most of them were actually much more styled than the women here in Germany!

Of course you do also see loads of women covered completly in huge black clothes, but you mainly see old women doing this. I saw just a few young ones who were completly covered, whereas most of the younger once were very fashionable. 

What I found intersting to hear is that Iran is one of the countries with the most plastic surgeries per person. I saw a lot of women with plasters on their noses and I found out that these women just got a new nose. We discussed why so many women make plastic surgery and we came out with two hypothesis: one is that because they cannot wear the clothes they want and because they have to cover their body, their face is even more important to them so they put more emphasis on a perfect face. The second is that the young people believe that they cannot get a job even though they study hard so they focus more on outer appearance than on anything intellectual (because so many of the well educated people in Iran are jobless). Maybe its also a mix of the two or maybe its something totally different :) 

When I got to know new young people the first thing they did was showing me pictures of themselves in pretty dresses from weddings or other parties. To me this was somehow strange but also intersting, as it seemed like they really identify themselves to a large extent through their outer appearance. In Germany, quite in contrast, many young people identitfy themselves rather through their career/the internships they made/their grades at uni/their work experiences or even their salary (I do not say this is better in any sense - I have problems with both!) 

As you may notice from what I wrote, my stay in Iran gave with loads of food for thought. I was and am thinking about many differences between my country and Iran, loads of things I liked much better there and some things I like much better here. I love it when I come back from a holiday and I look at my country and the society I live in, from a completly different angle (and after evey vacation from a different one).

I will leave you with this for today and I wish you a most wonderful weekend! Do you have any nice plans? Well if not, take your time to think about what you think you identify yourself through and share your thoughts with me - is it outer appearance? Or skills? Or intellect? Or love? 

Sending you all much love! Happy weekend!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, very interesting thoughts. I would never guess that plastic sugeries are so popular out there! Actually I'm not really into that, I prefer natural beauty, instead of surgery, but everyone has a choice I guess. And hmm.. about my own indentification I think its a mix of a look and intellect, but the most important for me is love and family - if I have this, I feel myself:) Look will never be the most important, but its not irrelevant either - for example I love my long, straight hair and my red nails - its just me and I dont think I will ever change it:P Have a wonderful weekend, hugs:)))

  2. And I'm so sorry to hear you're sick - I wish you will feel better soon, and of course I would bring you my cake:P But you know what? Actually just a minute ago I took a new cake from the oven - this time it's fig and walnut cake, enjoy;P

  3. So interesting to hear about the dress and rules. I am glad you found it more relaxed than you thought. Very interesting about the plastic surgery. I guess you are right about the face becoming very important. Your dress has such a pretty pattern.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. I'm surprised about the high number of plastic surgery cases. It's so sad that well educated people can't find good jobs. I like the yellow dress! Have a great weekend!


  5. You look pretty!! Gorgeous outfit <3

    P.S: International giveaway on my blog, do check it out! :)

  6. Wow I never would've guessed that there was so much plastic surgery there either! It's strange how we form opinions of people and places and then discover how different they can really be. You look wonderful though and are working this look really well :) xx

  7. Must of been an awesome time! I am loving this look :)


  8. Such a wonderful outfit dear :) You look great.


  9. Happy to read your post
    Your are absolutely chic!

    Happy we


  10. Such a cute dress :)

    The Cutielicious

  11. nice picks! and wow, I'm amaze with the story, because I do thought Iran is strict in clothes rules as well. Hahaaa.


  12. wow, one of the best dear, I love the coat!

  13. lovely pictures my dear ♥
    I love your blog, I started to follow you on gfc ♥
    Bisous from France ♥

  14. Wow, looks really lovely! Yellow is sure your shade!

  15. You look fantastic,i love the top
    Great look dear

  16. Gefällt mir echt gut :)

    Allerliebste Grüße,

  17. Fascinating post -- I love learning about cultural differences. It seems that, at core, young women share certain desires yet, on the surface, they express them in different ways in different places. In countries like Iran, there are strong societal pressures against some kinds of expression so those impulses go to other places. The impulses don't disappear, they're just expressed differently. Lots of food for thought here. Great post!

  18. Liebe Larissa, vielen lieben Dank auch für diesen schönen Post! Du siehst toll in der Bluse Deiner Freundin aus, diese blau-gelb Kombination steht Dir so klasse. Das mit den Schönheitsoperationen habe ich auch schon oft gelesen und ich könnte mir vorstellen, Ihr habt recht mit Euren Theorien für die Gründe. Was meine Identität ausmacht? Hm, ich lasse Leute, die ich nicht so kenne, gerne erst mal viel reden und dann erzähle ich das von mir, was ich mir denke, das könnte das passende, was diese interessiert. Aber ehrlich gesagt, macht es mich oft verlegen, von mir selber direkt zu erzählen und wenn ich so nachdenke, erzähle ich zwar gerne Geschichten, aber viel seltener Details über meine Berufe und noch viel viel seltener meinen Muttterstatus oder dass ich doch glatt einen Blog habe :)
    Viele liebe Grüße von Rena

  19. I have always been intrigued to visit the middle east, and experience their culture. I must admit, I would have no idea how to dress! It's interesting to hear about your time there, I can't wait to read more!


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