Friday, September 4, 2015

(Vegan) pancakes and jam

From time to time I like to have pancakes for breakfast...

...who does not ;)? I think we all do. 

Of course I make vegan pancakes and I make them with whole grain flour. My recipe is as easy as it can be:

Flour (whole grain spelt or wheat...)
Some Baking Powder

(You can always add salt or sugar if you like - or cinnamon or vanilla or fruits... :))

Mix it all together (make sure the dough is not too firm) and make your pancakes! 

I like to eat my pancakes with jam - especially with the Vita Frucht from Jomu. This jam is more than 80% fruit, plus a little bit of barley grass. Nothing artificial in there - nature only! The jam consists of 24% raspberries, 14% cherries, 13% strawberries, 12% blackberries, 10% red currant and 10% black currant. Then there is a little bit of brown sugar in there and apple pectin to jellify. All natural, all good :) 
I love the sweet yet natural taste of it and we actually finished it in two days (we were three persons though). Isnt it the best when something tastes sweet, amazing and somehow like a sweet little sin - and is still really healthy and good for you? I think it is!

Feel free to find out more about the jam and other healthy products from Jomu here.

Whats your favorite way to eat pancakes? And what is your favorite recipe?

Wishing you all a great weekend and sending much love!


  1. Yummy, I really like pancakes, last time I made some with banana:) And this jam looks delicius, I also have organic jams - from fruits from our garden - strawberry, rasperry, plum and apricot, very tasty:) Have a wonderful weekend, hugs:)))

  2. Ich liebe das ja besonders mit zermanschten Bananen...
    Pancakes sind super!!


  3. It looks so delicious. :)Lovely post, have a beautiful weekend! <3

  4. That looks great indeed. Greetings!

  5. Yummy! I will have to try this weekend!

    Happy Weekend!
    With love, Suzy ♥


  6. yum!

    perfect look

  7. Gosh I haven't had pancakes in such a long time - this looks amazing! Your photographs really do add such a class.

    I usually put lemon juice and cinnamon with my pancakes. Really simple but delicious :)

  8. I love pancakes, usually I eat with jam too, but am cutting on sugar so trying ketchup .thats weird but I know.
    I am gonna try the way u made, and probably with jam next time.
    Jomu is a brand I have never heard, will look for more info on them in the link u gave ;)
    happy weekend .

  9. really love pancakes, so delicious!

  10. Happy Sunday to you!! Wow what an interesting way to eat pancakes, with jam and in vegan style! I have not heard of this before. Love coming to your blog and learning things I hadn't known previously :)


  11. och it looks delicious ! :)
    please follow my blog : THE COLORFUL THOUGHTS

  12. It looks delicious, Larissa, I am sure it will taste yummy yummy yum.

  13. I've never put jam on my pancakes, but I bet it's great! These look good.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  14. Neat post and really cute!!
    Check out my recent post: 3 Ways To Style

  15. Yum! This looks amazing! I don't think I have ever ate pancakes with jam! But that sounds so good!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  16. horray for another recipe! I'm currently baking too! and I just made my own cookies. Heheee
    please write another one which easy and yummy!


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  18. I love having pancakes with fruits in the morning, sometimes a dash of syrup will also do.



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