Friday, June 5, 2015

More from the thrift shop

So here I am wearing some of my latest purchases...

...from the next door thrift shop where I went the other day :) 

Both the jacket/blazer/vest (how would you call this thing?) and the jeans are second hand and I really love both pieces. I got them for 2euro each and I am pretty much amazed but the price and the pieces! 

My tote bag is actually from Cork in Ireland and its new in my huge tote bag collection. I wear tote bags a lot (instead of purses) since they are so handy and they go with almost every outfit ;)

That day the weather was really good and I actually felt pretty hot wearing this vest on top of my shirt. Today its supposed to be around 30°C and tomorrow even 34°C. So we are taking our baby girl on trips to the park where we spend most of the day in the shade underneath a tree. And we also want to go to the lake with her tomorrow. All these things, that we used to do so naturally before, become small adventures now that we do them for the first time with the baby. We never know how the day will turn out because we never know how she will like what we are doing. But actually, most of the time, she is just happy, looks around and sleeps aloooooot :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Sending you all much love!


  1. Me encanta el look, es ideal, cómodo y estiloso,

  2. Great look!!! Love this kind of bags :D

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  3. Your outfit as a whole is gorgeous.
    kisses! Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Lovely look) it's also very hot here, but you never know, when the rain starts!

  5. I've been watching, you have a great blog I invite you on my blog :)

  6. Nice photos! It's great <3

    Welcome to my blog ( new post for you )

  7. So in love with this laid back look!! Those boyfriend jeans are too cute! PS if I'm ever in Germany I'm definitely hitting you up so you can cook for me! ;)

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  8. Liebe Larissa,
    wenn ich Dich so anschaue, in Deinem gelungenen und stylishen Outfit, dann frage ich mich echt, warum für "neue" Sachen viel Geld ausgeben :) Vor allem, weil auch diese "Second-Hand" Sachen ganz offensichtlich nicht sehr oft getragen wurden ... Bei uns ist es auch echt heiß, so richtig schön sommerlich!
    Wünsche Euch von Herzen ein tolles Wochenende.
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  9. Amazing post!

  10. Hui, das waren ja mal echte Schnäppchen! 2 €...unglaublich!


  11. Ciao!!

    Thanks for your visit!

    Noce look, great shoes!



  12. Fantastic look, love the shoes ;)

  13. Stunning pieces and thank you so much for your support!! I deeply appreciate it ;)
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  14. Love your look.
    Have a nice day.

  15. such a cool, casual outfit! love it :D xoxo

  16. As always you look great!I love your sunglasses:) And what a coinsidence again - today we went to the lake too, it was great, water is very warm already:) About rhubarb - I love it too, and i really love this polish classic which is rhubarb "kompot" - "kompot "is basically a drink that you make from summer fruits, water and sugar:) Of course I will be happy to share this recipe with you, especially that tit's very forgiving and "to taste" recipe:) you will need:

    few sticks of rhubarb (for 3-4 glasses, you will need 4-5 sticks, depends on a thickness and length),
    few glasses of water (start with 3-4),
    sugar or any sweetener of your choice - to taste

    Dice the rhubarb in 1cm pieces. Boil the water, add sugar and rhubarb. Boil all together for about 20 minutes, until he rhubarb is soft and easy to mush. It should have a lovely light pink color. If you think it's too sour add more sweetner or water. If its too watery , add more rhubarb. Pour it through the fine strainer and mush the rhubarb on it just to get every litlle drop of this drink. It should be sour and sweet, perfect for the summer. Chill and enjoy:)

    If you will make it, pls tell me did you like it:) Hugs:)

  17. You look so lovely dear.


  18. 30°C is considered to be good weather for you? As for me it's hellfire! I don't like hot weather at all, I'm always feel like a potato when the weather is more than 28°C. (even in shade it sucks). I'm so envious of people who have tolerance of heat:(
    No more complains. I can't but mention that I do like the way you look, the outfit is so original, yet effortless and relaxed, which s really great.


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