Saturday, May 23, 2015

Culottes and Stripes

How do you like Culottes?

I actually love them! 
I own this pair since a loooong time, long before culottes became in vogue again. I actually wore them nack in 2013 on my blog once, as you can see here

Well, anyway, I love culottes because they are super comfy, they look really cool and they are easy to style. And they are perfect for both almost-warm and really warm weather since they are somehow not too short but yet very wide so that the legs get plenty of air :) 

Next to the culottes I am wearing my Lands End top which I showed you in my last My Purchases Post. I really like this top and I wear it a lot now that it fit. Its made of a rather thick cotton fabric which I like for this not-yet-really-warm weather. And well, it has stripes and a pretty collar so how can I not love it? 

So, when thinking about it, this outfit is actually a two-favorite-pieces look! 

How do you like it? 

How is your weekend going? Are you having some nice plans? We have the weekend off (which means - NO guests for the first time in weeks!) so we basically spend plenty of time in bed and go for walks every now and then. The baby is doing really good and life with her is actually much more relaxed and easy than I thought :) 

Sending you all much love and wishing you a wonderful Pentecost!


  1. wow, those pants are so cool
    Happy Weekend

  2. Wow ,love the Culottes! You look super cute :)

  3. wow i love this look!
    Your blog great♥
    welcome to my blog♥
    Заходите в гости ♥

  4. I' ve got almost the same tee :)
    Love this outfit, the pants are so amazing!
    Wish you a lovely weekend as well :)

  5. das sieht super aus, ein wenig maritim, find ich klasse.
    liebe gruesse!

  6. I think they are special and nice!) Yet, this design will look nice for not many women, as for me)

  7. Such an elegant look! The striped top is perfect styled with black midi skirt! Adorable!

  8. yaiyy I love culottes either! But haven't get to find the 'perfect' one. Ha!
    I haven't visited Philippine as well, but it would probably as crowded as main busy district in Indonesia :)


  9. Wow, this is extraordinary! Both pieces are impressive and they work together like a team. Love the culottes -- they create a shape and silhouette I've never seen before. Very impressive visually.

  10. You look great! <3
    Love this outfit!

  11. To tell the truth, I don't like culottes. Such kind of clothing is not at all to my taste, but tastes differ. These culottes which you wear look so original and interesting, indeed.
    Sending you all much love as well, take care!

  12. You look great dear!

    Please click on the link on my post

  13. Liebe Larissa, das ist ein richtig schöner, klassischer Look und dann haben wir offenbar unsere Liebe für Culottes gemeinsam und haben sie auch gleich lange :) Denn ich habe meine liebste Jeans-Culotte auch schon seit 2013! Euch noch schöne Pfingsten!
    Liebe Grüße von Rena

  14. I love your look, especially blouse is great,cos I love the stripes, but I have to tell you i havent seen culottes before! They look really nice and comfy on you though:) And you know what, we dont have a long weekend, even though we celebrate Pentecost. Monday is a normal day for us, bur we had such a looooong weekend at the beginning of May (there were national hoildays) that I think it's enough of free days already:P Have a lovely cozy day at home with your hubby and your lovely baby girl, hugs:)


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